Interview with Brian Larson of Mettaverse – Music, Metaphysics, Meditation, Wanderers, UFOs || EP 153

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If you listened to any other episodes of the reality revolution then you have heard the music of Mettaverse.

The first time I tried to interview Brian I messed up and about 45 minutes did not get recorded. If you listened to any other episodes of the reality revolution then you have heard the music of Mettaverse.

The first time I tried to interview Brian I messed up and about 45 minutes did not get recorded. We tried to rerecord it but it was never the same.

Since then I have grown to really adore Brian’s music and I wanted to talk to him some more.

What resulted was one of the best interviews on the Reality Revolution!

You seriously have to check out all of Mettaverse. Brian’s music is incredible.

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Welcome to the reality revolution today we got Brian Larson back again and I’m excited because last time if you get a chance to watch that interview, we were, something happened in the middle of it and we had some really cool conversations. Probably about 45 minutes of that interview didn’t get recorded. And then we went back and we tried to rerecord art. But that never works. You can’t rerecord a conversation. Um, so if anybody has listened to any thing other than interviews on my channel, then you’ve listened to metaverse. And that’s Brian Larson. This is Brian’s music and it’s really awesome to talk to Brian. Um, the music has touched me. It’s touched so many people. It’s timeless, it’s Epic, it’s infinite, it’s incredible. It’s spiritual. But on the, on the same level, Brian and I definitely have a bond on so many topics. If you follow just, if you’re a friend on Facebook and he posts stuff, he’s deeply spiritual and has and brings hardcore knowledge beyond just the music. So there’s so many things we can talk about. Last time that I don’t think ended up in the interview was the, uh, that the alien event or it wasn’t the same the way you described that. I definitely want to talk about that. We could talk about what, what is it, you know, the concept of Wanderers cause you’ve mentioned that and we can, some of your own philosophies. We’ll just let it riff. Yeah. Welcome. Welcome to the reality revolution. And thank you again for the music so much, man. Oh yeah, it’s, it’s uh, I’m so happy and honored to be able to share it with people and I just, I’m astounded by the response it’s been getting. I’m really, you know, I’m so grateful. I just, I, you know, it’s what I’ve always, I’ve always wanted to share music. Um, and, and, and my old format was a little different, you know, a little more structured pop songs, rock and roll songs. But then after my whole, you know, dark night of the soul, spiritual awakening, whatever you want to call it, it shifted in this and then it’s like, Oh, okay, this is what all that stuff led up to. All that stuff happened for, for this. So yeah. What people, what is amazing about your music is as you explained last time, that you can see the colors of music. Yeah. There’s this synesthesia that’s occurring with you and in particular for meditation, music, if people listened to the music and they wonder why is that resonates so much because you can see it, here’s a visual quality to your music. And so we had talked about that last time. Tell me a little more about, about that and how that influences your writing. Yeah. Um, you know, it’s kinda like a painting, you know, it’s just, it’s just, it’s, it’s, and that’s what makes the creative process so fun. You know, I just, I, um, I sit with the, and I come up with sounds and you know, I find samples and I just kind of like assemble things until they start to tell. The colors start to match and the textures start to match. It’s like everything has color or shape and texture and it, and it just kind of, it’s like a three-dimensional paintings sort of your eyes closed or do you see it, how does visually, I just ask as an NLP or when you’re in the creative process, is it like an image that you’re playing with or is it one that you’ve always had that you’re trying to re-enact or you’re creating it on the phone? Why? I’d sort of on the, yeah. Yeah. No, it does. It’s sort of on the fly, you know? It’s like, um, yeah, uh, you know, it, it just, and it’s in my, it’s in my mind’s eye. Um, so it’s really, it’s like really real to me. It’s not maybe visually like with your eyes, it’s not like you can see it with your eyes, but it’s, you’re in your mind’s eye, right? So do you have songs that you see that you, that you haven’t got down yet, that or that you know, that you have, you’re going to come right back around to that, that you remember them. Bye. Bye. Yes. Yes, there are some really weird, um, there’s some weird things like, you know, I’ll be thinking about, you know, I’ll be playing with the idea of like, Oh, I want to use this instrument, or I want to introduce this element into a song. And I just kind of put it on the back shelf and then all of a sudden something happens where, you know, I find access to this instrument or I find that something happens where it all just like comes together and it just, you know, I, it’s like I put that idea out there and then it comes back to me when it’s supposed to come back. It’s amazing. It’s weird. It’s, it’s, it reminds me when I, when I first started getting into painting. Yeah. And the whole world just becomes different because when I see the tree now I’m looking at the texture of the green and the shadow that’s coming off the light. It’s a different experience. It’s, it’s, everything is wonderful to me. The pictures of the rocks, when before it was just kind of a part of the background. And so I was thinking about it from a musical version. Every sound becomes a weapon that you can use for your [inaudible] in your arsenal or use other terms for it. Like, yeah, yeah, yeah. So you start experiment. So how much do you play around just as personal, unrelated question with gang stuff backwards. Oh yeah. You see, you heard some of that? No, I mean I’m really, really big into that [inaudible] and sometimes it becomes this entirely different things. So I wanted to get your take on that. I do, I do play things backwards. Um, when I’m in, uh, going transitioning from segment to segment within a song, sometimes it’ll be nice to kind of throw in a little backwards variation of a sample or of a, I’ll be keyboard, keyboard part. Um, so I love doing that stuff. And then I have this, uh, tool, uh, that actually can, any audio files is construction on 800 times if you want it to. Um, so I’ll have, uh, you know, one song I, I, I recorded my daughters, um, little musical seahorse. It’s like a little night and play lullabies, ordered it. And I stretched it like a hundred times that turned into this really heavenly kind of melody. You know, where it was cause yeah, it was like, Oh my gosh. Wow. Yeah. So I and I, the other day I had recorded just the crickets. Yeah. And then then drew out the cricket sound and it was, so the whole time, if they’re listening at a different rate of speed, there’s symphonies outside that we don’t even know about there. They’re prying to each other. These, right. It’s exactly it. It’s amazing. So a lot of time is an element. So music becomes a, uh, almost a geometric structure of the universe. So a lot of people say, Hey, you know, they don’t know how to blend that spirituality and music is spirituality. It is at its very core pulling you into the moment and which is so, um, and it saved your life. Right. So it did. Yeah. Yeah. It, yeah. Um, you know, I see, you know, everything is kind of like a frozen music, frozen light, solid, solid music is light. Yeah. Music is light vibrating light right. In our, in our density, if you will, our, you know, our solid state is frozen music, right. In a way I guess. I mean basically there’s seven octaves and you can, we’re going through octaves just like we are going through densities that the similarity there arrangement. So it’s like a lot of times what I mentioned that craziest thing. Of course, as I’m playing music from my meditation, I experiment with your music. Yeah. And it’s, uh, I can take one of your songs and I can drop almost any of your other songs in the middle at any point in time. Yeah. Late at the same time. And then it sounds like it’s another song that was meant to be in that form. I can, I can drop a third song and it’s theirs. It’s because you have this structure, it’s like a lock and a key. Like you use stuff like the language of, right. But there’s something going on there. There’s a coordination with those elements that is this timeless man. That’s awesome to hear. I mean, I’m, I’m amazed. Does that make sense? Do you understand what I’m saying? It does make sense. Yeah, it does make sense in when, when I hear hear your work and I hear the way you combine the music, I’m like, how did he, that’s just amazing because that’s just, it’s one that I’ve reused a couple of times. I have no idea where that came from. It felt like it came from somewhere else. Like you’re like a, sometimes with your music and my meditation is, I feel like I was meant to hear your music and use your music for a purpose. I think that your music has a higher purpose beyond just the vibe and the joy of it that has a particular purpose in helping people raise their frequency on all levels. Do you get that feeling yet that that’s, that’s what it’s all about for me. That’s why I’m, that’s why, why I do it. Right. So I wanted to, I don’t know why, but we, we’ve talked about it and you mentioned that you, you have this idea and you mentioned in your videos, you don’t feel like you’re supposed to be here. Like you’re here, right? It’s like you don’t feel like you don’t, you feel like you’re supposed to be from somewhere else. I wanted to get your perspective of that because I resonate with that. I think a lot of people listening to the challenge do. Sure, sure. Yeah. Um, I’ve, I’ve always felt that like, since I was a kid, you know, it just, I thought, well, okay, I’m here. This whole place is weird. It’s just always felt foreign. It felt even, even now, you know, I just, I see the way sometimes in the, in the working world and the business world, I’m just, I see some of that and I’m like, at, for awhile I was really just frustrated and kind of full of angst and like, Earl, why do you have to be that way? And now I kind of find a sort of a calm, accepting kind of humor to it. Like not, not like, Oh, I’m here, I’m, I’m gonna, you know, just go by the status quo now and just go along to get along. But now I kinda realize why I’m here. And I just kind of like, it’s like, it’s like, um, it’s like we’re part of a simulation in a way, for lack of a better word, you know? And I know that’s a really impersonal sort of term, but I agree with, you know, but, you know, but I’ve always felt I was from just somewhere else. I don’t know, like, you know, I’ve always thought about doing like past life regressions or whatever reality, but I, I’ve been curious, but at the same time there’s, there’s sort of that fear, well, there’s that kind of, I guess maybe that skeptical side where I’m like, I know it’s real, right? But then what if, how can I be sure it’s real? So for me, there’s, it’s like there’s a part of me that said, well, I’m free. I forgot for a reason. There’s a part of me that knows that I forgot for a reason. So me going back, I think goes against what I did. I purposely came here to forget. I’ve had the same thing. I have a past life regression episode. So yeah. And uh, but I have not done my own meditation. I’ve done that and I ha and I’ve gone, I don’t know why. I think there’s a part of me that’s saying it’ll not right now. It’s not important. You have some other stuff that’s more important for you to be doing. You don’t need to worry about that. I’m just, I’m exactly that way cause I, I don’t feel it’s like really pressing and I kind of feel that I just feel directly connected to, to source or creator. When, when did you feel like that things were changing? Like your, your environment, people you were meeting the world, you know what I’m saying? Like that the planet itself, when did you start to feel there’s something changing? Oh boy. Um, you know, it can, I think it kind of started, like I’ve always been curious about sort of the paranormal and the, you know, you have foes, I remember as a kid watching X files, you know, and then, and then it started to evolve and I certainly to listen to podcasts and learn about, you know, different, uh, you know, military insiders who are saying, you know, Hey, there is this real and I, and that I kind of went through down deep in the rabbit hole for years. Oh yeah, it is easy to do. Right? Oh my gosh. It was, yeah, it was, it was wild. Um, and then I think 2010 I started to, there was a part of me that I just was afraid to face a certain part of me. And so I started drinking heavily and, uh, you know, in turn to turn to that turned to substance abuse. And, um, and during that whole process, it was like I kind of, I was breaking down, everything was sort of breaking down, you know, but, but then I started to watch myself go through that breakdown, you know? And it was, it was weird. It was like, um, I remember one night it was, it was so bad. I just, it’s like I just kind of all of a sudden separated into the awareness and Brian going through this problem at the same time. Yeah. And, uh, and it was, it was, I think it was, it was a really tough, and I don’t know if I want to call it an awakening cause that’s kind of a broad term, but, but I, I, for lack of a better term, I’ll call it sort of a spiritual, they change a change. A change. Yeah. I think that’s least we can call it that. Yeah. Change is more, is less a production. It’s, I guess, you know, I, I could call it a spiritual awakening too, but, but it was definitely a change. And then, um, I went through the process of becoming sober and that was a tough, that was a tough journey. But then I had my son and then I got sober and I’m about five years now. But then once I, once I got sober, that’s when like things started to kind of stabilize. Like when I was using, it was like this sort of hypermanic spirituality and mixed with depression and mixed with super, uh, you know, it was really kind of a scary roller coaster ride. Cause I mean, when I was, I, it’s been two years for me when I was drinking, I was still meditating. When I was drinking. I was, I was separate part of me over here. I’m like, yeah, I’m not, I’m still think I’m spiritually like this, but there’s a huge change. Do you decide for me it was, it was a physical. Yeah, yeah, yeah, definitely. Um, you know, and I thought for a long time I was like, well, I’ll just turn to cannabis, you know, and, and, uh, and, and that was, I thought, Oh, this is great. I’m high and I feel really spiritual and I don’t want to knock it cause I, you know, I think there, there are people out there who enjoy it and I definitely don’t want to sound like a teetotaler or anything. But for me, the what I, I had to just cut all that out and now it’s like, I feel like this like a natural high, you know, where it’s like, it’s like that’s possible. I never thought that was possible being sober in feeling high. Yeah. But it’s like, yeah, I explain it like it’s like when you, when you used to drink and you’d get that perfect buzz and then you try to carry that buzz, right? The first mistake, you always try to keep the buzz cause you hit that perfect little buzz and then you try to keep it and then it’s straight down Hill. Right. You can reach the feeling of the perfect buzz when you’re truly sober as w w with certain, you know, when you reach a certain state, um, that’s the thing I tell people, you know, and that is, that’s that perfect buzz. We all want that. Perfect. Because deep down you don’t want that. And so some people find it through sobriety. It’s one of those things. Yeah. And I think that it makes me wonder like why, what, what’s in us that makes us want that? Is it something that we remember at different natural natural database lists we’re not experiencing now. Yeah. And we, we we lose touch with that. We are, we’re currently, you know, temporarily separated from source. Now you had mentioned something, um, Dolores cannon, I had mentioned on another episode, she’s an old hypnotherapist and she interview do past life progressions and she started getting, if you, if you’d gone down the rabbit hole you wrote on her books, she has a consultative universe and some really interesting, she’s out of nowhere talk to people in her deep, um, past life regressions that are from other planets. And then a lot of this stuff would intermix and she has recordings of other people saying this, but they would all be consistent. All the stories that she was getting, it wasn’t like they contradicted or people were just sitting there making it up. Right. They were all consistent. It all built into this overall mythology. And she says that, uh, several of us, several people in the higher densities or in a higher plane of existence came back to help raise the vibration of this planet. And you, and I think I made a comment on Facebook. So, and you said you believe you’re in the second group now and on the first group it was like in the sixties or seventies and then, and then the second group people are kind of like, um, it doesn’t sound like there were superheros or I say weirs, cause sometimes I think it’s, we are sometimes I’m don’t, like today I was thinking maybe it’s just that I’m being raised by, by, by the all of the wonders that are around us. Like how could I not, you know, there’s a part of me that says it doesn’t matter if I am or not. It’s not like a lot of my identity. Right? Yeah. But I feel like an affinity to the idea, if there are wonders, how awesome would that is? Oh my gosh. Yeah. It’s really fun to consider. It’s fun to think about. Yeah. And I kind of have I, yeah. And that’s the thing, like I don’t find it, it’s super important for me to know for sure. Right. It’s not my identity. Right. What I resonate with the information. There’s something interesting about that. That’s, yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly. And I, and I think as far as like identity, um, what, where I’ve, where I’ve landed or where I am right now is just, there’s kind of this I sort of lack of self lack of identities sort of identity like, right. Just like just that it’s just so hard to put into words. You know, that the true identity is no identity. That’s our [inaudible]. Yeah, exactly. And once, once you, once you start to learn that, then there’s really no words to describe it. I mean, there’s so many different, it’s almost like if there’s a, like a group of living two dimensional beings on a piece of paper. Yeah. And you see that they, Hey, they might go three dimensional. They look like they’re on the, they’re about to become like create solid and move up in mass. Yeah. I’ll go back and be second dimensional for a, for a little bit and I’ll try to help people push people up. Does that, does that analogy, I think it’s like that crazy of a sacrifice to go back to, uh, not just a, people think of it all there. It’s similar to where we’re at. No, you’re talking about a different dimension that they’re coming back from. So imagine if that, you’d have to go back to a second for us to understand that. Yep. Yeah, that’s exactly it. And I do think, um, there’s, there’s sort of a, um, you know, I think there’s like a vibrational, vibrational density. This is where music comes in too, cause everything’s frequency. Right? And I think, um, um, other, other aspects, other dimensions if you will, other frequency levels are all around us. Right? And I think that includes what, what people refer to as sort of an Ascension or, you know, the upcoming sort of Ascension that a lot of people talk about. And I was always like, okay, yeah, that, that intuitively feels like, yeah, there’s something I always, I always knew that, uh, I just wasn’t able to put my finger on it. Um, but then I think for me the best way I can, I can, uh, make sense of all that stuff that’s so mysterious and so out there is just make music and raise vibrations. And so like I just, it’s like I was way out there and just like went down the rabbit hole and, um, and now I’m like, you know what? Okay, just be, just be, I am like your like your meditation today. Great. And that’s, you know, and just just write music and just be you and just be, yeah. Try to try to raise vibrations. So drove back to what feels right. Feels good. Don’t let it overwhelm you because it can, all that stuff can be kind of overwhelming. So you actually have seen a UFO. So this time I want to get like more detail and we’ll talk about that. So yeah, tell me your story again. Okay. Okay. So, um, physio, you know, I drink with coil, like it’s going out of style. Straight Minnesota right there, man. Oh, it’s the best. I’m all, yep. I’m all Minnesota boy. That’s right. Tater tot hot dish. Oh yeah. My sister lives in or lived in little Canada. I think she’s right around there, so, Oh great. Right, right. Yeah. Awesome. Yeah. Okay. So it’s cold there right now, right? Oh my gosh, it’s freezing. Yeah. I’ve got my whole like make shift a studio downstairs. Oh, it’s in the basement. So it’s ice cold, but I like it. It keeps me alert. Right. That’s cool. So yeah. Uh, we were, so, uh, I was driving, uh, my, uh, person, um, I, I should probably check with them to see if it’s okay to start to talk about that. Uh, but they, um, had, they had some pretty high level security clearance back in the day. Um, and, and a person I’m pretty close to and we were, we were driving, um, down, I would have been one 69 and we crossed over the Mississippi and then he looked off into the, into the, you know, into over the water and he’s like, Hey, that’s weird. Those helicopters are flying kind of low. And they were like, like three sort of Amber lights just kind of hovering there. And I’m like, yeah, that’s bizarre. And then the more I was trying to drive, but the more he looked at it, the more he’s like, those, I don’t think those are helicopters. Um, and so it was like a triangular formation, three Amber lights. And so I, I pulled over and to get a closer look and once we were, we were in the parking lot kind of at the shore or the back of the river and then we looked up and they were just three Amber orbs. Orbs. Yeah, just try in a triangular formation. Uh, he seems to think, um, that it was like a, like a, like Delta, like a tier three B kind of thing. Right. But I seen ration, yeah. A formation, but I thought, Oh, maybe they’re just three orbs in a farm. I don’t know. Right. But it was the most bizarre thing. It was like, it was just, it was like time stood still. When, when was this? Uh, boy, this was 10? No, this was over 10 years ago. Over 10 years ago? Yeah. Right. In a NOCCA. Right. Right. Over, uh, Mississippi river. Mississippi river. Okay. Champ. Uh, yeah. No. Can chaplain, um, and then how late at night was it? Was it how late at night? Ah, boy, it was about probably nine 30. So it’s, yeah. Okay. Yeah, it was, it was actually an unknown November. It was like a, you know, this month, you know, it’s like, and it was, it, was it moving or stationary when you started? It was stationary for awhile. My dad is nice. Cool. Hey, we can, can we say pop here? Um, yeah, so it was, um, it was just hovering there. And then when, when I, when we, when we stopped and looked at it, it started to kind of raise [inaudible] and just each light just sort of flickered out and it just was gone. And, uh, um, and then I, at that time I was doing enough research where I’m like, Oh, I’ve heard of Moofawn. Yeah, okay, I’ll, I’ll report this to move on. Right. So you just see what happens. Um, and so I reported it, it’s probably in their record database. Um, but then, um, so I got a call from an investigator. We met with him. Oh wow. Um, like how did they, how did they act? They act like it was a normal thing or normal thing. Uh, but he said that, um, these kind of sightings around water are really interesting and especially like the, uh, I think that the three that trained you or Amber orbs, that’s a pretty common thing. Oh, yeah. Um, and then, uh, so it was a great meeting. I mean, but here he told me like, man, you’d be amazed at the things that I hear from people. And uh, then, um, I got a call, a different call from somebody from, uh, Bigelow aerospace, which, um, they, at the time they had like this, the advanced aerospace research something. Um, that’s a billionaire that owns, there’s like some, he’s also into like UFO is right. He was on 60 minutes. Right. He makes the blow up things for he’s selling for like space habitats. Yeah. Yeah. All right. Um, so I thought it was fascinating. Um, I checked, I recently just check with the investigator from there where he’s at now. He left it alone somewhere else. Have I thought about getting a hold of him and asking him a little more in detail, but um, so then they were like, yeah, we’re really interested in this. Probably because of the person I was with has some stories of the zone about, about finding the, um, certain files in a filing cabinet that he had to be debriefed on. Oh wow. Yeah. This is crazy. So, so the, the law of one, you, I think you heard my episode on that. So the law of one in the, in the loved one raw says when they ask him that they talk about the um, you know, Wanderers are more likely in some cases to see, um, unidentified flying objects, would they, these kinds of situations. And, and it’s the purpose is to raise your vibration to make you aware of infant. Like, uh, so, so it’s interesting that you had that happen. Um, and sometimes that’s the, the, they asked, well why would they show up? It’s just because by them showing up in your near area. Yeah. It’s a total consciousness thing. I think that’s the thing that people are missing in their science fiction is that that space is consciousness. It is all of the galaxies or consciousness. The sons are living, living, separate, living thinking beings. Yep. We wonder if there are these mighty gods. We see them in the, in the skies, the sun and the moon. And so that’s, you’re not considering it. We just look at the science. We’re not considering it. What’s really going on the eye. I saw something, right, the article. Yeah, I saw some article by what is science something, some sort of mainstream science publication. And they were like, we’re searching for the, the, the thing that holds everything together, whether it be dark matter or whatever. And I’m just like, you guys come to this consciousness there. I saw that for you. Take, we are can hear all if we are truly all one thought by if there is one infinite one creator, then we’re not figuring that in to exactly. Figuring that into the science and you have, you follow G, you know, that’s become a very sort of nuts and bolts. Well it was a lot more nuts and bolts 10 15 years ago. Um, and, and uh, but now people are finding out that, you know, graduate level euphology is studying consciousness. That’s what it’s all about, you know? Right. Which I don’t know. I don’t know if, if the law of one is correct. I’m always hesitant to accept anything like the ring makers and [inaudible]. I don’t know why, but, um, I still, it’s information I want to have, want to be able to have the information so that I can choose to evaluate it because it does feel like we’re on a larger playing field. Like we live for such short periods of time that, that, um, that we are working on a larger plane, something bigger is going on so much more than we can understand and balance in all of this. Right? Well, exactly. And what I think I’m, you know what, I think this is one idea, I guess do some things that I’ve, I’ve thought about is that maybe right now in this flesh and blood reality, we’re just one aspect, right? Who we are and other aspects higher above, right? So we’re just like, uh, an echo or a shadow of other aspects of us that are [inaudible]. I’ve had that thought much higher. We don’t understand that it’s, we think of as locality, but like if we’re talking about dimensions, then we could be right. We, we could be, yeah. You know? Yeah. Whether it be spatial dimensions or vibrational densities or, right. So one of those dimensions has to be time. So there has to be a version of us at some point that transcends time and naturally, Oh, naturally we would be able to look back and want to help ourselves, but we wouldn’t force it on ourselves. Right. We would, we would be like, if you want help yet, you know, if you have free will, I remember how it went. You know, I’ll help you. That’s exactly what we do. Like do you ever feel like you’re interacting with some other being that is you from, from with more knowledge a hire like [inaudible] herself. Like I’m talking about you. So tell me about your experience with higher self and it’s a tough question. Just what, what comes to mind when you, have you communicated with the higher self? Is it a thought? What does it for you? Um, yeah, it’s kind of a knowing like, uh, like it’s something that I, that you like kind of feel that you, it’s sort of annoying, right? It’s a security blanket almost. Like it’s like, you know, everything’s okay. Yeah. She’s like, I don’t, I can’t put it into words either. The sort of, the feeling of a sensing presence, you know, sensing a presence around you and like, um, you know, or, or like being out in nature and, and sensing the presence of, of, of the energies. Maybe it’s a sensing the presence of energies. It could cause I, yeah, cause I do, you know, I, there’s just a sort of knowing where, where I’m part of some sort of, uh, Oh my gosh, it’s hard to talk about this without sounding like I’m just, no, I want, that’s why we can talk about this stuff right now. People that are watching this comment, that w that are having similar experiences. This is not just you and I, what you’re saying resonates with me. So keep going. You were, it’s at, what was it? What were you saying? Yeah. You know, it’s just, it feels like there’s, there’s a part of me that’s there that I’m part of, some sort of, uh, some sort of other group. A collective. Yeah, exactly. And, and I’m just going based on sort of intuitive knowing like, like, um, I just, you know, going back to the past life thing, I’d run like, dude, did I, did I have past lives, maybe I’m just here, you know, maybe I just am here. Maybe some of them or I might’ve, I might not have, it doesn’t matter I guess, but it just feels like I just am directly tied in with, uh, kind of a collective group. Right? I don’t know. That’s what Rob RA’s talking about, the social memory complex densities and on some levels. Yeah. The only way, and the reason that the negative polarity, the service to self has such a hard time is that ultimately in the seventh density you have to be a social memory complex. So there’s probably a real point where your soul is like, I’m going to give up a part of me. And that’s scary, right? It’s like a kind of a death. I wonder if it’s, I mean, I just giving my memories to the social memory complex and then that becomes something. So there’s probably, there’s this, this, this, this that’s part of the battle or struggle or understanding of what it is. Yeah. You have up your conscious, that’s the thought I keep on having. So, exactly. I’m like, there’s probably a struggle with your soul. Like what point are you gonna accept the collective, but you give up a little bit of your awareness and you’re right. Well, I think, I think that’s where, um, you know, uh, our, our ego identity comes in. Um, and, and I think ego is something that ties us into this, this, this three dimensional reality, this world that keeps us kind of grounded in a way, but it can, it can, it wants to run the show. And then, uh, it’s, it’s almost like when, when ego fades away and dissolves away, there’s only awareness and there’s really no, no beginning. There’s really no beginning to where I began and where I am compared to where somebody else begins or ends there. There’s just, there just is, and there’s just one. There’s just one, you know, and, and um, you know, I, I reminds me of when I was a kid, I remember the movie powder came out. Um, and the moment when he ran out in the field and got struck by lightning and then he just disappeared. And the, the, and, and seeing the moment where he kind of swayed with the trees where he was like one with all that and I was a kid and I’m like, Oh my gosh, that’s what it’s all about. And I didn’t really know enough. I didn’t have in a lot of context enough to know. Um, but then I saw that and that made an impression cause it’s like, that is me like that is it swaying with the harmony of infinite? I just, I do agree that there is this harmony that when we tap into, when we let our ego in herself go, yeah. You know, the longer that I could be there, the better. It’s just incredible things. There’s no doubt about it. Yeah, exactly. And yeah, exactly. And I think, uh, you know, ego can be kind of a, a valuable tool. Yeah. If we, if we treat it as such as a, as a tool, so. Right. Yeah. Yeah. Very cool. Yeah. So going back, just it’s a question I haven’t asked. Do you have of your songs on your channel, do you have a favorite song that you’re most proud of? Oh man. Um, Oh boy. I dunno. You know, I think like the newer ones, um, the language of right, that yeah. You know, the language of light was really fun to make. Yeah. You know, kind of with that arpeggiated uh, sound, I’m experimenting with some arpeggio cause I’ve really been into like, um, I remember I was really into air for awhile, that French pop. I remember air pop band, you know, and I’ve kind of, you know, and I, I want to kind of go into a direction where there’s a little more more drum rhythm. Um, but then again I’m like, you know, I’m trying to establish what the channel, what the channel is, progresses. Um, cause I just go with you go with whatever your flow is because remember you got another song and so just go with your flow, man. I think that, you know, you made some masterpieces. It’s, yeah. Has anybody ever asked you to soundtrack? Like a movie or film or anything like that? I haven’t been asked anything. Okay. Hollywood, somebody out there is listening to this. I’m telling you right now, I’m not kidding. Go and look at return to source is a classic movie song, right? Like so many great songs that you could make into a sound track that I just think that you’d like right now you got some blade runner style. You, you have every single style. There’s so many different variations that are available with your music. And think about it. There’s people that are creating soundtracks that worked for three years on a soundtrack or a year, you know, that would be like, right. And you’re creating these every week. That’s what I’m saying is you’re creating soundtrack level symphonies every week. Think about that. If this just a channel that you come across and then it’s not your normal meditation channel. It’s amazing, dude, what you’re doing. So I mean, I once a week is, is a huge, huge production. So yeah. Is there an instrument that you want to like add in or figure in that you kind of have that your eyes on that you want to maybe figure it out? Sure. Um, you know, uh, I saw a recently, I invested in some, um, some plugins, so, uh, cause I’m using, uh, I’m using my synth with the, with the contact platform, right. And, um, and so I invested in some plugins. One of them has a really sort of really realistic sounding string strings ensemble. Um, and then I also invested in a really cool piano with some, uh, piano plugin and then heart motors with that. Yeah. You know? Yeah. And so, and one thing I might actually get is a, is a S uh, a steel drum, like a, like a tank drum. Um, I, I was looking at some different brands and like there’s a lot of people that are selling and I’m like, I just want to bang on that thing and like, just do it. I’d like to see Brian and guitar center man, one of those. Oh, dude. Yeah. That would be so awesome. Yeah. Um, but you know, and, and I think, I don’t know what you just, uh, I’ve been, I was talking to a friend, an old friend who was, who was musician buddy yesterday and he was kinda giving me ideas too, like different kinds of, Oh, so you have a Patrion account. I put it in almost all my videos. So you guys need to hook Brian up. Then you guys need to hook him up so he can get some new instruments that you guys have. Meditate with chiller tunes, man. You know. Yeah. Rob, you know, and that’s, that’s another thing I really want to build out the Patrion uh, channel two and I want to offer some things. So I’ve gotten a lot of ideas, you know. Well we can offer some of the soundtracks I’ve made, I’ve sent to you for that. I’ve done for the meditation. You could offer those as extras for Patrion members. Oh my gosh. Right? Because that amazing. I think you should do that. I’ve sent you a couple, I can send you whenever you want a sound cause. Yeah. Cause the great thing is I want to your music so good. I don’t want to just play one song. So I find myself sampling all of them, all of them. Because there’s so many good ones. It’s, you know, it’s hard to, it’s a hard choice. So many good ones. You know, there are there, do you have do, I mean there’s like some songs that I’ve kind of put in the back of my head and, and then I listened to you playing one of them in one of your, one of your videos. And I’m like, this sounds so much cooler with like a narration and a meditation going and like, like the blade runner one. I love that you have used that one. And I’m like, that is not, this gives it on all the different, yeah. I’m like, he just gives the song a whole different dimension. Yeah. So absolutely. And you use, you use sounds and background sounds that just adds to the sharpness. Yeah. Yeah. It’s pretty cool man. It’s pretty cool stuff. So is I, there’s a, there’s some songs, there’s any songs that I might have not played that you thought, you know, he should probably play that one in a meditation cause you have like a hundred. How many like hundred songs? Um, right now there are, I have a 50, like 55, 55. Yeah. I mean there’s some, you know, I wanna I, and I’ve listened to, to all the songs, a couple of them just maybe once there’s that one that I want to play that has pretty heavy drums that you did early on. Yes. Awesome. With backward sounding guitar thrown out. Yeah. So good man. And I should’ve put it on the walking meditation. That one is so good. There’s, did you have any others that I might have? Throat shocker one is such a classic. When you go back and listen to that, the inspiration creativity one 70, 68. It’s amazing when you do that, you really found something there. So yeah, that was, that was, um, and then, and I remember I sent you one. Uh, I’m still waiting to see that. And uh, I know I got to finish that one because when you, when you mentioned a walking meditation, that’s what inspired it. I’m like, okay, I’m gonna and then so I found, um, yeah, I just kind of combined some sounds and created some, what we should do is w w one of these days we won’t just put it on YouTube, we’ll make it special and we’ll, I’ll send you a meditation, the audio portion, and then you can soundtrack my meditation if you want to. I’ll send it to you and then you’ll know the spacing or the timing of it. And then you could like do whatever you want. We can see if we can do something like that. I think that’d be good. I’m all about, what I really want to do is a, is create somewhere, just a website or create a channel that reality revolution in the metaverse. And then we can play like meditations and then your songs like, like a radio channel, like serious. When you tune in, you’ll get interviews, but then you’ll also get straight metaverse tunes as a channel. And anybody else we can think of that can add to that meditation I think would be the coolest idea. You know, it’s crazy that you mentioned that because that’s exactly what I’m thinking about. Right? And, and I’m, I’m so, you know, you got a partner here, we could definitely all contribute and we can, we could find people or like mine, but you have so many songs to have it on in like a, in a channel format, something. Whenever I click on it, it might be in the middle or past, but it’s like I’m listening to the radio something. If I was on Sirius XM I could bust on and it would be like a combination meditation, music. Yes. Also some talk show interviews in medications and guided meditation. I think it would be awesome that, Oh my gosh, let’s just talk about coincidence. I mean that’s crazy cause that, you know, I’ve been thinking next steps and I think one thing I’m, I’m working on right now is, um, I want to start streaming, um, on YouTube. Just do it, you know, 24, seven hours streaming, streaming can just a streaming channel of just all the, just kind of throwing some mixes and just let it stream. Heck yeah. Um, and, but, but that’s the thing I want to have. We have all those soundtracks that I’ve done. Four, I’ve saved a soundtrack for every episode I’ve used your music for, so we can use all of that. You know what I mean? That would be amazing. And, and also, I mean there’s, there’s other artists out there that absolutely just absolutely blow my mind. I mean, I know that the, you know, a lot of artists out there that I started to listen to before I started creating this stuff. It was just such a so inspirational. Right. Um, and it would be a cool way to give them a platform yeah. And get access to hang out with some of these guys. Cause there’s some of cool. Yeah. You got my, um, last time you won the award for best meditation music. You’ve got my own albums. And some of those were some of those where I thought you might not have heard. So you heard like a what? What was I sent you? There’s a soundtrack that I mentioned to you with that, with the movie, with Tom cruise. Which one did I say? Um, it’s not, um, oblivion oblivious sounds that, did you get a chance to hear oblivion? I did. All right. I, I have heard it. Um, are you there? Yeah, I’m here. You hear me? Okay. Mood immunity here. Wait, I still hear everything. We’re good. You do? Okay. Okay. Yeah. I tried to send you some in the same with the same vibe like you, like, so, and then once you sent over, you sent stars of the lid. Stars. The lid is, I’m like, that’s what I was going to say that I’m a huge fan of stars in the lid. Do you know anything about those guys put out these crazy like albums that are so some of them are completely insane, but I, Oh yeah. I’ve always wondered, like behind the scenes what it’s like a gutted Daniel Johnston vibe almost, even though I’m not saying the music’s the same diff, the energy of it is like that. Yeah, it is. Do you know when, when they first, uh, back? I don’t think they’ve made any recent stuff. I don’t, I don’t, uh, but you know, when they were sort of making all their music, I really got into that stuff a long time ago. Drone, I guess you’d call it drone. Yeah. Ambient drone. Um, and I would just listen to that for hours and just wait a while. I was sleeping and it was amazing. Um, and I think that probably there’s some influences of that. Yeah. That’s why I heard a little bit of that in your years, but more because you have so much other stuff going on. It’s amazing. Yeah. Yeah. And it’s, and it’s for, it’s an exploration process, you know, it’s, and it’s a learning process. Um, and I just, you know, it’s just, I liked the idea of doing a song a week. I’d like to do more eventually. Um, but what I love is just that treating it as sort of a stream of consciousness, like, like this is coming together here and now, and it’s kind of like an a, like a, like a quick, uh, impressionist painting. Like, you know, where it’s, it’s, it’s molded over, but just enough. You don’t, you don’t go back and tinker with it a bunch and we’re work on it too much or sometimes, yeah, sometimes I do [inaudible] but then, then sometimes I just know that it’s meant to be imperfect. Right. You know, and that, that it was a, it was, it was capturing the energy of the, of, of what it was. And so that’s, that’s the thing I try to, I try to capture the energy when it’s there and created that you do capture the energy for sure, man. Yeah. Cool. That’s amazing. So you, your meditative practice, uh, you, you meditate every day, you meditate and you, um, so do you have a morning routine or do you meditate in the evening? How do you meditate? Uh, in the evening? Um, usually mornings are pretty, uh, you know, I should meditate in the morning actually. Um, I’m starting to do it more in the evening too. I imagine my goal to do it in the morning about it. I don’t know. Yeah. You know, I, and I started when I was first starting to get sober. Um, that’s when I really started to meditate. And, um, and I found a, um, a, uh, Buddhist monastery actually right up in the Northern burbs in, uh, in a little town called [inaudible]. And it was just like this, uh, uh, Teravata Buddhist monastery. Um, and they had this, these meditation classes on Sundays. Yeah. And, uh, so I started going and was like, it was amazing. What kind of kind of meditation? Uh, just basic mindfulness meditation. Um, you know, we’re just kinda the loving kindness. We’d recite the loving kindness, Metta prayer, which gave, which gives metaverse kind of, it’s, it’s a deeper meaning for me, you know, where we would say the loving kindness prayer. And, um, but it was just, I learned the basics and, and the monks were there and they would meditate with us and then they’d bring out, um, just this amazing food. And, uh, we’d sit and, and eventually, um, you know, I was asked to start leading some meditations, you know, and, and, uh, and that was an honor, you know, and, uh, but schedule wise, you know, with, with two small kids, it’s been tough to get back there, but my heart’s still there. And, uh, and so that kind of, that helped give me that foundation. And uh, and I, and I do keep up the meditation practice the evening, but at the same time, for me, it’s kind of a, just an every, every moment of every day kind of just checking in with the now. And so eventually, I mean, there’s, there’s the practice itself and then there’s just the state of, yeah, I’ve had this lately where I don’t need to meditate right now. I’m in a state of deep meditation right now. And there’s a part of me that says, well, you should be meditating. And it’s like I’ve been meditating all day long. Yeah. Yeah. Does that make sense? Like, makes total part of me that says, Hey, you should be mad. I don’t know. So here’s a statement that we’re wanting to capture and sometimes we don’t have it. I don’t know. Sometimes it’s, I don’t know. It’s interesting. Yeah. No, I know exactly what you mean. Um, I, I think sometimes, yeah. And when I do actually sit down and I just, uh, meditate, even if it’s just 20 minutes, half hour, um, there’s that, there is that added benefit, just the perfect stillness or just that, just, just being in that quiet moment where your thoughts do their thing and you’re watching them and you don’t, you know? Um, so it’s different kinds of meditation I think. But yeah, like, like my day to day is just someday I’m going to put out, it’s going to be the perfect guided meditation and it’s gonna be straight silence. There’s going to be, you know, some day somebody’s going to do that. Right. Okay, great. That’s my next video. I’m going to try. I have my beginner meditation and I said, I really want to have just silence here, but I can’t. So I just recorded the outside backyard just cause I was as close as I could get. But you know, that’s awesome. I don’t know. Love that. Well, and that’s, that’s what uh, I mean that’s what when you, when you’re meditating, I mean there’s always the background noise and I think, uh, you know, I heard this one story of these, um, there was this meditation center that was like right on the busy corner in, uh, some sort of city and it was really loud and people were like, what? You know, what’s going on here? Can you close the door and close the windows or something? And meditation instructor was like, no, it’s, it’s, it’s better this way with, yeah, it’s better this way. You know, Allen watt had something amazing when he said the beginning parts of meditation is understanding that we name every sound. So we, here we have this part of our brain that has to name it. You’re the car engine go. When we say car engine, we hear the plane, we say playing. So if you can reach a point where it’s not a name anymore, that was a big lesson for me. The sounds became a part of my lesson, sir. Yeah. And then I have to all, yeah. With names and then I’m like, okay, don’t pay attention to the color of what that is, or the texture of what that, that’s not as squiggly line going across the, you know, the, the sky, you know, there’s a lot of, there’s a lot of stimuli. Yeah. And right. So we talked last time when you’re meditating. Yeah. Um, what do you see? Oh boy. Sometimes, um, the, the visuals I have in my videos is similar. Sometimes it is, yeah. Sometimes. But then sometimes it’s just, you’re just kind of like, all of a sudden everything is just like, you’re in this four techs of just emptiness, you know, in a good way, in a good kind of emptiness. And it’s just, and it’s kind of like you’re bathed in the white light, you know, you’re just, you’re just there. And I remember a few times I’d be meditating and then I’ll, all of a sudden I’d be behind myself. I’d be like, woo. And I’d be behind myself. They’re like, Oh, this was new. So that’s okay. Then I have a theory for that cause I have an episode where I, one of the most scientifically effective meditations when I want, I looked it up and I said, what is the scientific like what? Which ones when they’ve looked at the brain waves? Yeah, yeah. If you imagine an a presence behind you, wow. Can you imagine a presence? And I’ve said that to people who are just right now, you might feel a prickle on your back to the comment. So if you can hold it for like five to 10 minutes, and so then the more I read about it and I started talking to people, they’re claiming that their higher self is usually in that location. If you want to identify a physical location, your higher self is usually going to be there. A lot of times the energies we have coming in are in the back are not collapsed more or more wave than particles. So yes, that’s the part where the matrix is deciding what we want to do. As you know when we talk about the Platte and stuff so that behind us all around, I mean and even in in you look back and they’re not going to be there. Right, right, right, right. There’s something my gosh that’s crazy. So yeah, it’s so, so ironic that you said that. Wow, that’s amazing. Right, so well and so you may have been actually entering into the state of your higher self temporarily when you did that, when you went backwards, that was your, you were just becoming higher self in that moment. That might have a moment. That might’ve been it according to RA in the law of one. And it’s an exciting idea. If it’s true, when you get to six and a half density and entity becomes six and a half density, we, once you reach that state, you go back in time and you are your higher self for all your previous incarnations can be like six, 7 million years from now. That version of you and everybody has a six and a half density higher self that you know, I mean th that that would make sense to me. Right. That makes sense to me now, like you said, not the, or think the higher self or not understand the concept of it sort of reminds me of the movie interstellar. It does, it does in a way an aspect of that too. There sort of is in a way, in a black hole, that part a little bit. Yeah, yeah, exactly. Yeah. So you know, I don’t know the interstellar, that was one of those, uh, it was the last movie I saw with, with my dad before he passed away. And yeah. And then, um, and it just has this special meaning to me cause, uh, cause I just, you know, for a long time, I just imagined him on the other side of the book, kept the bookcase. Right. You know, and, uh, there was one time, like about maybe four weeks after he passed that I, that I felt, okay, this is weird. I, I could’ve sworn it was him tapping me on my shoulder saying, go hit your son. He’s crying upstairs, you know, like it was, it was insane. It’s like, it was just, it was so real and I literally felt a tap on my shoulder. It was just crazy. Wow. I don’t doubt it. It was just nuts. Right. So God was making sure that you were okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So it’s amazing. Yeah. Wow. So, um, so how does it all work? Let’s, let’s, let’s, let’s, let’s ask the deepest question. Like, if we wanted to create a model for the university, we are connected musically on some level, on vibrational level, the whole entire universe is like this complicated geometric design that is, um, so going back, the big bang is, is, is that a single thought? What is your theory on the, on the big bang? Right, right. Um, you know, I wonder, to me it the big bang there’s, there’s something probably that um, it’s an unfolding and a folding back in. It’s kinda like how, how, how a Taurus kinda goes in and out and in and out. It’s like this constant flowing of out-breath and breath. And I says, yeah, and I think everything we are is everything that is, is a Taurus, you know, the universe is, that is just foolish. Don’t, I had this dream cause I was loved one dream and I was a, these once a, a, some entities are just so powerful. They can’t think the O is your thing. If they, in my dream that was that, that was the thing that I, yeah, there’s that, that if they thought they had a single thought, it would explode into a big bang and it would destroy the universe so long as they possibly can. They become a son because they’re trying as hard as they can, not to think. And then they explode into a black hole where they can finally think freely to dream. Like, Oh my gosh, I don’t know. You know, they, they, they can like use the, I don’t know what love dreams. I love drinks like that. I had a dream. Yeah. It reminds me I had a dream once of, um, all these, okay, this was weird. Like the, like planets had personalities and faces and then all the inhabited, uh, habitats reflected that personality personality. Right. And it was, it was, it was just weird. It was like the visuals of it was just crazy and like, but what’s going on. Yeah. Yeah. Right. And I think that’s, that’s what, uh, you know what’s really interesting about your dream is when, when, uh, being thinks, and I think this is part of a higher, higher dimensionalities is your man, you manifest, right, manifest everything you think everything. Cause I think in a sense we are, we’re manifesting the world around us, you know, but it’s happening faster. That’s part of the traffic course. Exactly. Why the world is crazier because we did is we are, we are, our thoughts are becoming things faster and faster. Right. And so I don’t know if I, I do think it’s going to be gradual. It may be in her lifetime it’s going to get a little crazy. You crazy or we might not see the really crazy, yeah. I don’t know. But it feels like it’s the beginning. It’s, we feels like it. It does. Um, it feels, um, yeah, you know, I’ve been, uh, since maybe 10 years, um, reading and learning about Ascension and going through the whole 2012, uh, [inaudible] well, yeah, the 2012 thing is, is what RA is talking about with Deloitte. Cannon is talking about, I don’t know, like it was a big let down for a lot of people because they didn’t understand it, didn’t understand it. And it was, it was getting of something that, you know, how just how nature works. It’s not going to be, we’re going the explode and do something. Yeah. It was the best letdown I ever had. Cause it was a leading up to it. It was like, Oh, Oh this, this, something’s gonna happen. I don’t know, maybe, maybe not. And then nothing. It just kind of like was just another day. And I’m like, right now I look back, I’m like, this is, this is amazing. This is all amazing cause it’s all here now. You know, this whole Ascension, this whole event, you know, it’s, it’s all occurring in the present moment and the now every moment in the infinite potentiality of, of, of the now, which is like a star gate, if you will, you know? Right. So like, uh, it’s like we’re a certain kind of light that’s been vibrated into a certain kind of density, and then it’s changing the light. The nature of the density in light is changing. And we were just having to deal with it. It’s like this thing that happens, it’s reminds me really, have you ever read the book childhood’s end by, you know what I’m talking about? [inaudible] and it was also a movie. So the idea, um, Arthur Clark wrote childhood’s end is for people that are watching. It’s, uh, the same guy that wrote 2001. And so these aliens come down and say, Oh, stuff’s about to happen, but we’re going to, everything’s good. We’re going to take care of you. And then the kids just start transforming and they don’t even understand it. They just, the planet turns into this thing, right. And they just take all the humans away. And that’s how it is. So, right. Um, but, but I think ultimately, um, and this, this ties into like people who get really wrapped up in, um, you know, T coming down and helping save our world. And, and, uh, you know, just, just come down and make sense out of things. But we’re, we are that, that’s why we’re here. You know, we’re, we’re, you know, and once we, once we realize who we really are, like as divine aspects of the creator, you know, we’re, that we’re rescuing ourselves. We are that ITI coming down and rescuing the society here is a powerful negative polarity like it or not, that is, that is active and effective and you don’t want to get caught up in it, but it’s, it’s something to consider. And I, and I want to see it in everything cause you see people, they go down that path yet I’m looking yeah. [inaudible] theorists. Yeah. Easy to do. Right. And as easy to thank, uh, cause I, I was down that rabbit hole too. Right. You know, and, and just how, how dark, uh, the, the things that I learned and then saw, um, I, I, I’m like, okay, I was for full disclosure of everything that’s been going on in this world. But after I saw some and learned about some things, I’m like, Oh my gosh, I don’t think people can handle this. You know, I really don’t. [inaudible] Oh boy. Oh, that’s cool. Yeah. Um, you know, I or, well I think for instance, just, um, uh, you know what, um, the, the Epstein Island I think, right, right. Stuff like that. Yeah. Yeah. I don’t know if YouTube is going to flag us for saying certain words, but, um, but how dark some it, cause a lot of that is, goes into like this really, um, um, esoteric cult ritual kind of stuff. Dark roads, uh, called means just hidden because there can be a light slob is talking about that, that there is a, there’s another polarity, polarity towards self and they’re being taught rituals. And so the thing is, I think we can have the same power yes. In dedicating, um, service to others. Yes. That they do. We just don’t know it. It’s our, our powers are being used against us. If we can come out and understand that we have the same power, what they’re doing is just a ritualized form of creating intelligent infinity. And if we are, once we understand that, you know, a lot of times it’s one person who truly understands that it’s none of it’s real, and then he’s tricking people into allowing intelligent infinity. Right? But that one person is just doing the same thing that we can do on our own now without having any ritual just yet. It’s that simple. Yeah, exactly. We’re being, we’re being tricked into creating our own limited reality, right. With [inaudible] because they wanted to create a, they, they, we have a reality all around us. Yeah. It’s reminding us, Oh, this is how it’s supposed to be. So, and once we realize that we can have a revolution and completely just change our civilization, we totally just completely, we could become like a, I think that I feel intuitively that there’s a battle going on, that there’s, that there’s a, we have potential to become like this incredible civilization that can move densities much faster than other ones and they’re scared to death. If we became rational of our power in our creation. So there’s forces that are constantly trying to undermine us and he doesn’t let that make sense or am I completely insane? [inaudible] that makes total sense. I think. I think in, in a way we’ve been, uh, we’ve been farmed humanity here. This is under, I hate the term harvest. Yeah. I just, sometimes it has a negative impact. That’s a, they use that in love. One note that I heard somebody else say that, that, that the channeler that was a vocabulary she used, she had come from a Christian background. So then when the entity is using the language, they’re using the language that she associates with that. So it may not be harvest, but I don’t want to be harvested. No, I know that word. And I think, I think there, you know, there’s, there are people who say that, that they’re literally are other realities, other entities, other energies that actually get their sustenance off of our fear right off of our, our, our pain and our turmoil. They call off those energies, right? Yeah. And they call it Lucia. Um, that’s one, one thing I’ve heard, um, and you know, that the, I mean, the more, the longer I’m in this whole sort of new way of thinking, the more I’m like, yeah, you know what, that could definitely be a very real possibility. I think there’s a high probability, right? All of that goes away once we have just individuals creating an incredible stuff right. Now, all that people have been thinking that they have some secret. Right. That’s the whole, it sounds like a system of the negative is to make them think, Oh, I’m giving you this special secret power that nobody else has because guess what? Everybody has it. Yes. So once that starts to happen, everything’s going to change. Yup. Everything’s going to change. Exactly. Yeah. No, I don’t think, you know, in the negative polarity, I don’t think they know how to truly create, they don’t know how to create it. Right. So then what they do is they siphoned off who are defined, they take energy from others. Right. And they create rituals so that they don’t have to find love. They try to circumvent love and you unity. Yeah. The thing is the, the universe, I’m sorry. It’s designed to favor those that favor that, that are in service to others and the power of it. That’s what I’m saying. The power of it is the same. Um, absolutely. What happened and so you came down and said, Hey man, if I play some music, maybe I can get people to realize their power. That’s all it is. We can just, you can just teach that. I think that that the really only thing we can do on this incarnation is to teach people to find their power. The long yeah, and exactly. That’s exactly it. That’s because that is the best, um, you know, spiritual advice a person could give is to, is to say, you know what the these answers you’re looking for, you know, they’re already within you. They’re right. They’re already inside of you. You are more powerful than you than you could possibly imagine. You don’t need to have Baphomet in your basement. You know, you don’t exactly know. Somebody is taking away your power by doing that. That you may think you’re getting power, but if there’s a way they’re siphoning off your power and they’re giving you the illusion of some sort of ability or, or power the illusion of power, it’s not true. It’s not true source derived according to Tara in the loved one, just just the presence of unconditional love. If somebody feels like they’re being loved, one of these negative entities, they lose their polarity. They lose their power. So they don’t, they’re not going to manipulate with, like you and I, I go out there, I have friends that think that there’s negative entities and of course I have Christian friends that think that everything, demons are in everything. You know what I’m saying? That background. And so it’s easy to do that. It’s easy to have this mindset that there is demons. Oh man. Bryan, you’re bringing up demons when you do yoga. Right? Right. I’ve heard [inaudible] I’ve heard that many times. So, uh, uh, so it’s interesting because it’s almost like they’re using black magic against you when they do that. Right? When they accuse you of that. Oh, that, that, that meditation music. It’s just going to bring on the demons. Yup. It’s, it’s a, it’s how voodoo works, right? It’s like you convince somebody to the point where they believe 100%, that one and that creates the, it’s there’s a loop, there’s a feedback, but it creates the negative entity in some cases. I believe there’s these negative entities. If we can find a place of unconditional love that we can, we immediately just banish them away. And it’s like we’re on the tip of becoming so powerful. Yeah. That the polarities will be irrelevant. So right now the polarities are in control because of money and media, but we right now just do a few meditations, listen to some music, just follow your heart, link your heart up with your mind, and we can overcome the negative polarity. Right? It’s all about the heart. Exactly. And that’s exactly it. It’s all about being in the heart right now. Oh, and when you say that, it’s not just the shock group, right? It’s more so when you, and you have a meditation, awakening, the energetic heart. So I want to get your perspectives of the heart. When we mentioned that in lining with our heart, I think it’s our, our singular, um, our one singular shocker. Um, cause you hear that all the shock was system like, but spreads out. But just what we, who are our unity self, our unity, um, I don’t even know how to, cause I’m going off of, uh, you know, just my intuitive, uh, sensing, you know, it’s just, um, the energetic heart is kind of the singularity of us. It’s like the very core of the tourists that, that tourists have energy that goes around us like this. It’s the very, it’s the, it’s, it’s the star gate in the very center almost. It’s God enters, I don’t know where he enters or maybe through our third eye or maybe through our heart, but that’s where he ends up and he’s just hanging out, chilling. Sadly, he doesn’t, he’s not going to intervene. He’s, he, he’s interested. What are good or bad? It just chilling out. Yeah. And that’s the thing inside of us right now. We have the power of God. We don’t, we’re just like, we don’t even know it. We’re walking around with this super power that’s right there. If you just need to like get in contact, amazing. If people just realize what’s inside of them in there. Perfect. That’s exactly it. And I think, and I think it’s a having that, that, that power of God inside of us. I think it’s, it’s a, it’s we’re limited by our vocabulary cause you know, I think that’s true. Yeah, exactly. And that’s such a great way to describe it. And another way to describe it I think is that we, God is playing hide and seek with himself through us. Right. You know, we’re like, okay, we’re going to forget about our higher aspects for a little while. It’s like hide and seek, you know, God’s playing peekaboo with himself. Like, like maybe that’s why babies are so fascinated by Pete play peekaboo. It’s like, you know, it’s, it’s that, it’s that temporary separation from the whole temporary separation from the, the heart of God. I remember when I was younger and I had written a story, I have to find it, but I keep on coming back to it because it was the, if God is infinite, truly infinite, that’s a long damn time. Right. So there’s a point that he might’ve been like, okay, I give up, man. I’m not down. Can somebody, nobody can kill me. Oh no. I don’t know how to stop. I don’t know how to end it. I don’t know how to end it. Oh, let you just forget for a little while. I can forget for a little while. Maybe I can make it so I can stretch it out a little bit longer because I got a lot of time. Right. It’s gotta be, yeah. I mean, that’s fine because the time is, we’re outside of time. But there’s something about that that I think, I think, and that’s what I think makes, uh, where we are so beautiful is the mystery of it is like, it’s important that we can accomplish more with the mystery. Yeah. It’s what, it’s what helps creativity. It’s what, it’s why we’re here, you know? And I think thinking of these concepts in, in our own way of, of trying to figure them out. That’s the beauty of it all. It’s fun to play with a poker game. You know, we didn’t know the cards and not knowing the cards is part of it. Yeah, exactly. And it’s, and it’s all part of self discovery, you know, cause it’s like you can’t, um, you can’t just tell somebody how to, uh, wake awakened spiritual, you know, you, somebody couldn’t just tell me when I was going through my struggles because I wasn’t able to receive certain things at that moment in time. And that’s what’s so hard because for a long time I, th I, I’m such an empath. I take people’s feelings on, I feel exactly what other people are feeling. Um, but then I have to realize that everybody’s going through their own personal journey. You’ve been feeling this more and more lately, like really super empathic. Like if I, if I go to a party, so now it’s harder for me because I can feel, I went to the movies the other day and I was in tears and there was no reason. I, I clearly knew that. I was like, I could feel the feelings of everybody in the room. And this is a recent, like in the last a year or six months, is it, am I right? Yeah. Okay. That’s no dude. That’s, I mean, that’s, that’s part of it. That’s part of what this, this is right now, where are the raising energies? And it’s just people, people waking up to this, you know, you’re, you’re waking up to this and it’s, and it’s tough for me to be around go and parties. And I think that’s why when I was in social settings, I think that’s why I started drinking so much because I’m like, I got to get away from this and, and uh, you know, but when your heart is open, that’s, it’s one of those things. Everything is not perfect. You’re, you’re walking into a whole other world. So, yeah. And like, and when I make, when I make this music and I hear and I read comments, some of some of the comments just touch me. Like, just, just reach into my soul and I’m young and I just want to crawl through that monitor and hug people. I just want to like, amen. And I just want to talk to each and every person commenting and just, yeah, if just big cosmetic hugs, you know, like, but it, and it’s, and it’s [inaudible] a certain point. I need to realize that I’m limited to, you know, you know, I have my, my three-dimensional life and time is limiting. Um, and that’s what gets frustrating sometimes I think for a while, you know, like over the month I w I was kinda going through a frustrating period where I’m like, ah, you know, it’s definitely, I’m going through a transition period between finding my true passion and wanting to put more time into investing and growing that as opposed to practical, uh, real life. So people, more people to watch metaverse so that Brian can make more music and have more time to do that. So I’ll just watch his videos, listen to watch it. [inaudible] offer mine always can offer my music for free. Yeah. So somebody wants to pay. That’s great. And we’ll be offering some meditations on my website that you can get and let’s pray for ’em that are yours. I, I’m sure we can figure out a way to do that. And you have some music coming out soon. Yeah. And we had talked already about wanting to do a retreat and we were getting combined so that you could play some music. I could do some meditations and some teachings. Uh, we’ll see if we can gather some more. But we began, we’ve had the beginnings of this and I’m super excited about it. I think that we can have fun, maybe find a cool location and we can really get in touch deep with our souls and figure out what that our best path and how we can improve the world and find our inner bliss man in so many different ways we can do this. That’d be amazing. Yeah. I think. Alright. So it’s a, for sure it’s going to happen for sure. Now in this, we’ve already created in this wonderful interview, we’ve created a channel. We have, we have a retreat coming. We’re going to start offering some different meditations and it’s very exciting. Thank you so much for the opportunity to let me work with some of your music. Oh man, pleasure everybody. Thank you so much for helping us find that moment to help us find that place to help us connect to that higher place that, that we all are striving to go back to. And then in many different ways, I’m just, um, I’m just happy to be of service and thank you man. Appreciate it. And so we will do this again soon when you have, uh, an album come out, but that’s awesome. I think we made it a more legit interview and ate it all recorded rig

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