Interview with Bootsy Greenwood – Teacher and Narrator of Reality Transurfing and Tufti The Priestess || EP 82

Bootsy Greenwood is the awesome narrator of the audiobooks for Reality Transurfing, Tufti the Priestess and several other books. He has a fantastic youtube channel where breaks down each chapter of reality transurfing. If you have studied reality transurfing in any capacity you are likely aware of his work.

This interview was so much fun, we talked about how he got into reality transurfing, his explanation of the plait, his experiences doing stand up comedy, his morning routine and his favorite books and movies. I learned a lot and it was a great joy to get a chance to talk to him.

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Welcome to the reality revolution. I’m your host, Brian Scott, and this is dedicated to all those spirits out there who believe life is meant to be magical and fun. Here we’ve ventured to share the very mysteries of self and reality. My purpose is to help light that spark inside of you to reawaken your sense of fascination and awe towards the world. I’m going to try to help you hack reality and unleash your potential and open unlimited possibilities of wealth, health, and relationships in your life. Incredibly excited to have [inaudible] Greenwood, Owen hunt on the reality revolution. If you are a subscriber to my channel, you have to know booty Greenwood. If you don’t, I’m very surprised if you’ve listened to reality. Trans Surfing in the, the book on Youtube has an incredible job of narrating. The book also does a great job of narrating to the prince princess key. I’m a big fan of his, of his narration, but if you look at his channel, he has got multiple videos that go chapter by Chapter Explaining Reality Tran Surfing. And to top it all off, he’s a fan of Robert Anton Wilson. So I just was really excited to get a chance to talk to you, get an idea, Talk About Trans Surfing and all kinds of stuff. So welcome. Thank you so much man. It’s, it’s truly my pleasure to be chatting with you. Thank you so much for reaching out. I really do appreciate it. Awesome. So I remember going back, I don’t remember actually reading reality transferring long time ago because it was related to another book. You know, it was one of those on Amazon where it said if you like this then you should. And I was going in some of it cause it wasn’t the original translation and it was a little bit, so there was a, so I remember going out, it’s interesting, but somethings, and then it kind of just, uh, stayed in the ether for me. And then I remember listening to the Youtube when you did the narration and it changed its way. I accessed it way differently. Uh, I’ve slept listening to it. I’ve, I’ve listened to it in the gym. I’ve listened to you on four or five times speed. And it’s really, really helped me to understand what is kind of seemingly a very complicated subject. And so first I wanted to figure out, when did you first get exposed to reality transfer? How did you get opportunities to narrate? Well, my mom taught me a very valuable lesson from a young age forgiveness, not permission. Um, and that’s how I got the opportunity to read the book because I did try to reach out to the publisher and see if, you know, we could work something out. But I think because like the way that Russian servers are and all that kind of stuff, I did not have any success. I can only get in touch with people on Youtube. So, um, and then that was even after I had started, started posting. Did they, uh, even send anything to me or I, I don’t know. Anyway, I, it’s been so long ago, I don’t really remember. But, um, yeah, I got into Reality Trans Surfing because it was the only book that really brought all of these different pieces of information that, you know, really tied them all together. Um, you know, like I was a huge nerd of course, like reading anything I could find like all in a Polian hills book, outwitting the devil, uh, all his books. Um, and uh, really a big, big fan of rob, uh, of a self-reliance essay, um, by Emerson. Um, and uh, and those are probably my two other than maybe the Kabbalah, Ian. Um, those are, those are probably my three biggest books other than Trans Surfing. And Trans serving really takes all those ideas and smashes them together, plus adds a bunch of stuff. So when I found it, I was like, well, I’ve been reading all these different books and this, I’m dedicating myself to this practice. This is what I’m doing. I believe in this. It brings all these ideas together and I need, and instead of having like little pieces of this and that and all these different little self-help exercises, cause there’s tons of self help books. I mean, I’ve read, I’ve read at least a thousand cell phones and that’s because I was just so depressed, you know, when I decided that I needed to turn my life around. So I just started reading as many self help books that I could and then a reality serving was just presented to me at the perfect time. And so once I found it, I honestly started reading the book. Um, maybe even for my own good, right, like to just brainwash myself. And I had narrated a couple of books and I’d been an audio engineer for a while, so it made sense to me to do that and to post it and to see just kind of how it would do. Like at the Time Reality Trans Surfing in English, it was available in every other language on youtube, but in English it was this awful computer voice. And to me it was really antagonistic and also so was the weird music that was creepy behind it. So I just didn’t like the way it was presented anyway. And if you’ll go back and listen and you will even hear me, like slurping a straw on the first one and like just like really casually recording it. And, uh, and I haven’t even updated those first three chapters, but once people were excited and wanted me to do more, they started commenting and I was like, oh, you guys like this? Well, I’m going to keep doing it because there’s demand and I, you know, it’s a good way for me to learn the principles of the book because I need to saturate in the information, you know. Um, but uh, but yeah, so then you’ll notice the fourth chapter on, you know, I stepped up my game production wise and it sounds a lot better and clear and I was recording it at our studio at that point. Cool. I thought the production was great all the way through route and listen audible, if you’re out there, there’s a great narrator I’m talking to you right now. You need to use them for other books. You can also listen, you have, I, I’ve listened to you do the chameleon you have on Gumroad and you’d use some other stuff, some great meditations on there. And so you have a real talent. It’s hard, you know, just in, just outside of trans serving, just narrating a book like that, you have the perfect pace and speed. I think it’s really brought it to the millions to the masses and it’s really helped a lot of people get in touch with this material. And so I’m grateful for it. Thank you so much. Just them. I’m, I’m glad. I’m grateful to, uh, to everyone. Uh, it’s, it’s truly humbling man. Like so many people have reached out to me and sent me messages and stuff and I’m a cancer too. I just had my chart read today and so like, you know, been crying all day. It’s also my birthday. So, you know, just like, thank you. I appreciate it. Uh, in fact, yeah. Like we’re like, we just passed the, the time and everything has had to look that up on my birth certificate. But, um, but yeah, so, you know, I’m always humbled and grateful when people say such nice things and uh, you know, it’s a, I get squeamish and like I’m self conscious to, you know, and I just started making videos and all that, like my face in front of the camera, which I was very reluctant to do, but really whatever it is what it is and I’m just happy to get the message out. Ultimately, I don’t really care. It’s not about me, it’s about the message. I’ve got my own things that I’m trying to pursue as a human being, as an individual, um, my own goals and stuff. So if anything that I can contribute to this knowledge system or to the world at large, I know it’s just going to come back in spades. So, you know, I haven’t done anything other than like creative patrion where you can see like me being weird and, and doing standup. Well, I don’t have a whole lot of standup on there. I’m not going to release too much of that, but like, uh, but like I did that, I ran to not a excursion on there and there’s like my comedy Carpool podcast where I talked to my nerdy comedy friends and just, you know, different things like that. Um, I’m just trying to like, you know, uh, put as much out as I can. But these principles are truly life changing. I mean, once you start implementing these ideas and redeems book, like you’re gonna see results. If you can hold out long enough to wait to see the results, like you’ve got to keep you gotta, you gotta stay vigilant, but you will see the results. Well, the, the really incredible thing about it is I can go back anytime, open up the book to any section. And even though I’ve read it many times, something’s still leap out to me that I don’t remember that touches me in that particular, it’s one of those kinds of books. So my question just now that you’ve had access to this material and really gone deep in it, do you think that, that, that, that he channeled this or do you think that, I mean, it seems like it came from, it’s like a, as I’ve said in other pockets, it’s almost like I knew this beforehand, but it’s knowledge that I had and it’s like I’m being told this information that I already knew and that’s why it seemed to be so profound. Yeah. I don’t know the answer to that question. Uh, that’s really hard to what’s interesting. I don’t know, but it’s just, I’m speculating. Right. Well what I think is really interesting is that like the way Tiffany’s written, right? Like it’s written from the goddesses perspective and, and as if he channeled it, but it’s not a real goddess. So I love that. Like there’s, so I’m obsessed with comedy. I have some friends writing great writing and like Jessa read, uh, reached out to me and I’ve been able to talk with her and she’s awesome. I highly recommend checking out her stand up as well. But she’s had a couple of near death experiences and, uh, came back and read reality. Transurban confirmed a bunch of stuff for her after death. So like as far as what you’re saying, like a lot of this stuff I think is innate. Like we just, we understand it somewhere deep down inside of us. And I can think of other books that have spoken to me beyond my mind, like maybe even the power of now by EQ toll, um, where I read the book. And like, honestly, it just felt like it went past my, my brain. And, um, I feel the same way about Reality Trans Surfing and, you know, as far as the method, I don’t know what, you know, at that point the argument becomes what don’t we channel, right? Like, I mean, I do improv comedy, like that’s just channeling that the idea is to just be completely surrendering to the moment, to the group mind or whatever. And you know, those are just micro versions of what the macro is as we know, like, above, so below. So, um, so that’s a good question. You know, um, I think that most the majority of people in the world are probably, you know, not channeling, they’re probably just mindless, you know, and it’s almost like channeling and mindlessness are almost kinda similar in a way. One’s just on the other side. Uh, and the other’s on another where basically I guess pendulums are thinking you and, and, and working you over as opposed to like opening up to some other sort of, uh, maybe some other sort of pendulum or maybe some other sort of entity or who knows. Like, I don’t really speculate as far as all that goes, but, but yeah, I mean it is so deep and so profound and prolific. And what’s great about it is, is you can start out with the very basic concepts. Like you can read the first three chapters and do it. And, you know, I can’t say that for a lot of other books, especially the esoteric books, because it’s just becomes this race to gather in and, you know, uh, more techniques and amass as many techniques and what’s next and what’s the next book? Well, once I get this down, you know, just focus on the fundamentals, you know? And that’s, that’s where we need to start. And at that point, take it from there and go as deep as you want, but like, you don’t have to like, I don’t know, you don’t have to reach enlightenment, you know what I mean? Or whatever. To meet your goals is their, just their goals and, and I think it’s practical and it’s written from a perspective that’s not like super cheesy woo too. You know, it’s like, and also know, speaking of like Robert Anton Wilson stuff like that guy is so smart. Like, I’m nowhere near, you know, I’m never going to have the brain power, the brilliance that that man has or if the deans, but I can understand that the basics and we all can, no matter how dumb or ignorant we are. Right. Uh, you know, I’ve been, the thing that’s been crossing my mind lately as I continue to learn this material is the very word Trans Surfing. It didn’t mean as much before, it’s just kind of worked. But there we are surfing almost transdimensionally. There’s a surfing metaphor that’s built into a lot of these chapters where you’re balancing your, it’s literally like you’re on a surfboard and you get the energy to pull up and as the wave comes in, you jump on and you balance and it’s literally telling you all the things that are going to knock you off that surfboard and that scene. I keep, keep on coming back to that. I wanted to get your reflection on, on, on that. Yeah. I, uh, I thought a lot about it too. I don’t know really what it means. My first guess is like transcendental surfing, you know, I guess like that’s the best that I’ve been able to come up with because it’s a translation from Russian. So how accurate could it be? I don’t know anything about Russian. Uh, you know, I don’t know anything about Russian mysticism. I don’t know anything about Russian history other than like watching Chernobyl, you know what I mean? Like that’s the extent of my knowledge. Um, so it’s, it’s really hard to know, but I think it’s very accurate. I think that maybe it’s a little bit of a synchronicity there that it’s translated like that. Um, but I would imagine that it’s gotta be, you know, uh, pretty, pretty closely tied together as far as the original version goes. It’s interesting on your, on your last podcast, you had talked that, um, doctor where the, that had done the translation and, and also have a dean says this, that he did not come up with that word, that the, this trans surfing has been around for a long time. And I find that kind of an interesting idea that this is something that’s been around for a long time. Yeah. I think a lot of the stuff that we talk about now has been around for a long time. I think that there are tons of, there’s tons of information, ancient information that’s literally etched in stone that we don’t have access to that’s been around for a very long time. And I think, um, you know, I think that’s in a lot of ways of shame, but um, but if we can access, you know, the source of that information, we don’t need this stone tablets. So it’s interesting to me that, that they do exist in that form. And it’s even more interesting to me that over half of them remain on translated, which is why we don’t see transurban copyrighted. He’s saying it’s not mine to copyright, which is interesting, dude, that guy’s a piece of work man. Like I, have you ever communicated with him by email or any way, shape or form? I have not. Now. Renee, she’s a, she’s a head of Trans Urban North America and the Trans Surfing TV channel she has, so has Dr uh, [inaudible] who has met with on the podcast and they of course have glowing things to say. Of course he’s like the coolest dude and he looks so cool, right? Like it looks like a character in a matrix. Like it looks kinda like neo’s uncle or something. But he’s been in the background with his sunglasses in an overcoat. Any sort of like recognition. He doesn’t want any glory. He doesn’t want any of that. He just wants to, to, to convey the message. And I think that is just credibility point with the book itself, because you start dealing with publishers and businesses and lawyers and all this kinds of stuff. And no matter what books say, you know, I don’t know who, you know, like insert your guru here. Um, they’re, they’re going to have a legal team and a publisher and all this kind of stuff is gonna come into hunt you down no matter what. Right. Um, and so, you know, uh, as far as the transforming TV and stuff goes and the email list and all that, it’s like they’re encouraging people to listen to the book and as well as by the book on kindle, it’s like a dollar or something. Right? Right. Made the price so cheap for people, you know, like, so last night he was like, I had to pay like a hundred hundred bucks, $1 million for the book because it was so rare and hard to find and now they’re trying to just make it, which is great because it’s just gonna make the world, um, you know, a a better place, you know, it’s going to help people to raise their consciousness levels and all that kind of stuff. Um, yeah. Which brings me to like, I was listening to your interview with Shlomo and uh, I had to like disagree with him even though he’s a brilliant man. He’s talking to you or you guys are talking about like, you know, there were some things I disagreed with too. I was like, man, am I allowed to use profanity on your course? So I was like, that’s bullshit man. Like he’s talking about how, how you, Oh, you know, this balance as the remain. Yeah, the balance has to remain, but how many bad pieces of shit people are there in the world? Like way less than a third and a third. Right. Probably less than 10% 50% not 50%. So that’s not the balance. And um, now there’s a lot of stupid people. There’s a lot of ignorant people, but there’s not a lot of bad people. Most people are just doing the best they can. They’re just being manipulated by mass media, pendulums, et cetera. And, and they’re just doing the best that they can. They’re actually good hearted kind people. So I think that God is self actualizing. And if we take robbery and Tom Wilson’s model at the eight circuits of consciousness, we can literally see the pattern because circuit one is the maternal, right? If we go back into our, uh, you know, whatever version of humanity that we’re in right now, the beginning of it that’s been kept record. You’ve got women walking around giving birth, nobody knows where these babies are coming from. They’re just fallen out of women’s Vaginas. And so we’re like, well, praise the praise, the feminine, right? Like that’s, that’s what’s going on. So, and then we become a agricultural society and we start putting all these laws in place. We’ve come paternal and the patriarchy. And all of this and dominant and all that kind of stuff. But then we start getting into the semantic circuit, which is a technocratic, which is where we’re at now. So as much as I hate technocracy, it is a building block to the next level, which is the adolescent stage. So we haven’t even gotten as right as a people to the adolescent adolescent stage, the emotional developing stage of our existence as a, as, as a species going after that we can access the higher levels of consciousness. I think God is climbing the ladder through us. Right. That that would be, and you know, like, I think [inaudible] was a brilliant man. What the hell does he care? What I think? Right? But I’m going to disagree with that particular thing. The rest of that interview was brilliant and I think he’s an amazing, uh, um, but I had to, I just had to pick on that. Yeah. It was one of those, you know, in an interview I could, I didn’t know if I should argue with him, but you’re so literally the radiology revolution is really the name of my podcast. That’s what it’s about. I see us moving up that circuit. I, and I see it, all the bad stuff that’s happening in the world is an example of it. We’re seeing our fears actualize faster. We’re, I just see it on so many levels. It’s a reality revolution. And I think that reality, Trans Surfing is a part of that. I think that we’re all becoming more aware in accessing these higher levels of consciousness. And it’s moving faster. It’s like a snowball going down the hill. It’s getting bigger and faster. And I, and everybody I talked to, people that are not even spiritual, are starting to notice synchronicities and things. And, and I think there’s a revolution happening. I think it’s a reality revolution. I really do. And I do think that we can raise our consciousness and our vibration as a whole. And it, now that we know about this, we can create a pendulum cause there’s no way to completely avoid, but we, we, now that we can, we can, um, consciously create a pendulum that can access this. So, yeah, that’s like pendulums are getting a bad rap. And that’s something that I’m trans serving directly. We’re going to talk about, but like my [inaudible] and so like to just go back to that point about awakening or whatever, look at the mind civilization. We don’t know what happened. Maybe God became self aware and just vanished into whatever, you know [inaudible] etc. And so like videos do get a bad rap though. Like pendulums, literally keep nature balance. Um, now like when people know how to use and manipulate pendulums of course, like there’s a lot of disruptive ones out there. But here’s a good example that I learned from Rene Cause I’m learning a ton from her right now. We’re doing a series called Trans Surf and chill and it’s like a date with the space of variations, you know, a date with opinions and all this kind of stuff. Uh, but she’s literally just pouring it out. I got to sit at her feet and I get to listen and learn all of the stuff that she’s been learning for the past five years. But basically as far as videos go, it’s how you engage with opinion. You have to manage how you engage with it. Are you getting more from it then it’s taking from you? Is it at least equal? Cool. Because if you’re, let’s say, okay, go with a media example. Let’s say you’re a newscaster. Well you want that pendulum to light you up. But if you’re an every day citizen who freaks out and is, you know, neurotic, then you can’t be watching CNN more than 10 minutes a day because it’s going to turn you into a nervous wreck. But again, if you’re the newscast or be the anchor, will you want that to be popular because it’s going to lift you up. So that’s kind of, you know, pendulums getting a bad rap because like all penguins are bad. No, that’s not true. All pendulums are not bad. All opinions are pendulums and they are completely indifferent. Um, so, you know, it’s not, it’s not anything that we, it’s, it’s how we interact with opinion and that makes it, uh, destructive or, or not. And if we interact with it and we give it our energy and it takes our energy away, then yeah, it’s disruptive. But if we know how to glide across pendulums, like a lot of comedians and other people do, and then they can light us up, you know, once we become aware of the dynamics of the pendulum consciously, we can start to create pendulums that can actually serve as, as for the better. Good. At least that’s my belief. I agree. Oh, you’re right. I believe you’re right. Um, you know, I won’t say anything definitively, but I believe, I believe you’re right. Renee would agree. I believe in the Dean would agree the reality transurban camp as a whole would agree because she even shared with me that like, at one point, like some, one of the instructors was like, oh, well all opinions are bad. And you’re like, no, no, no, no, no. They had to kind of correct that turn things around. And within that, whatever class that was, you know, like a one day thing and they were like, nope, that’s not actually true. Um, let’s, let’s actually break this down. So, you know, like it’s, it’s easy to fall into that camp once you figure out what goals are. It’s like, but it’s not, there’s no big bad wolf out there. This is, this is, this is ancient knowledge. It’s been around for who knows how many iterations of humankind, you know. So when I started before reality tripping, I was completely fascinated by quantum physics and I had had some Mandela effect personal type of experiences about parallel reality is. So I want to ask you, and there’s not a right answer, but it felt like when I first read it, he’s talking about parallel realities, or at least the many worlds theory model, but you can argue both sides of it. You could be just the information field has information about the parallel realities. What is your opinion on pure parallel realities and reality? Tran surfing? Well, based on what he talks about in the book, but there’s, he’s, he’s putting evidence forth for the parallel realities theory. That’s a multi-verse. There’s Rick and Morty kind of stuff happening within what he’s talking about, right? Like, and a, and then two 50 or tufty. Damn, I can’t believe I mispronounced that entire book. Is it Platte or plain? Oh, I don’t know. I’m going to stop. I’m going to stop pronouncing anything. I’m just going like, no, the thing that you’re spiritual limp, but, um, no, uh, you know, in, in tufty he talks about at the end of the book or she does, um, that like this phenomenon that happened with a bunch of passengers on a train in Italy who went through a cave and wound up in Mexico like x amount of years, uh, in, I can’t remember if it was the future or the past, but I mean, if we’re talking about ripples and reality like that, then Bernstein, Barnes, Dean Berenstein bears, I, who knows dude, potato, tomato. I mean, they’re infinite spoons. So more as possible than we think, you know. Right. I think it opens up the, no, no, I’m interrupting you. I apologize. Um, you’re too, I get feeling that, that, that, that’s the parallel realities. Once you accept that idea, the idea of infinite possibilities becomes more realistic. It’s easier for you to accept that you can do that and you can accomplish that. People, I meet a lot of people that are just like, that’s impossible and it’s not [inaudible]. That’s one thing that the acceptance of this parallel reality, literally every possibility is out there and if you access it the right way and you surf into that reality, um, that’s one thing it does. Even if you don’t believe in the parallelity, if you accept the possibility of at least the information of it, it does allow you to part of your heart and mind to open up to the possibility, which is part of the that process. So yeah, you’re exactly right. See That’s what Sets Trans surfing apart from all the other models. Cause then like Western self-help, we have to create this thing and I’m so sick of the word manifest. Ugh. It makes me want to, Ugh, I don’t even want to say like, I just like, I guess it’s probably technically accurate too, but I just feel like it’s, it’s like the hotel California of of terminology and this spiritual movement. Like, if I hear this one more time, I’m going to go home and see how many guns I can fit in my mouth anyway. Um, that’s not the thing, that’s not how it works, right? Like what you’re saying is exactly accurate. On the other side of the mirror, there are infinite variations. There are infinite possibilities on the other side of the mirror when we learned to choose, then we can have whichever one of those, because in the information space, in that vault, whatever that is, a treasure chest, however you visualize that, every single possibility exists. There are infinite spoons in the matrix when the kid’s like, there is no food. That’s not true. There are infinite spoons. That’s why it’s bending. Your perception is what is bending from reality to reality. So it looks like the spoons bending, but it’s just in a different place. Um, so, so like thinking of it that way, it makes all of these possibilities so much accessible, whatever that thing is that you didn’t think you could do because you blah, blah, blah, x, y or Z. And like not even, not everybody’s a great singer for instance. So like not every, you know, like whatever that is. Um, but for the most part, like every single thing that you could access it all, it does exist somewhere. It might be further away, right? Like if you can’t carry a tune in your tone debt, then in this reality, you’re probably not going to be a singer. But it does exist within the space of variations on what that means. Bob Dylan became a, right, there you go. Like Janell Johnston is one of the most prolific songwriters ever of all time. And he can’t sing a lick nor plays the guitar. He’s a good piano player. But that’s about it. But, um, but yeah, like thinking of it that way, it’s a huge shift because it’s like thinking about like miracles that have happened and things like that. It’s like, well, instead of him turning water into wine, well why? It’s so much more feasible to think about, to try and, you know, to try and wrap our head around it, which is impossible, but it makes a lot more sense to think, oh, he just transitioned from a reality where barrels were filled with water to a reality where barrels were line. So that’s a much easier thing for our mind to accept and it’s a much easier thing for us to implement in our own life so that we can have the outcome that we want. Right. Like again, there are certain realities that are further away. It’s like I’m not going to become a brain surgeon. That’s just not, that’s just not, it’s too far away. That wave is going too fast. That board, it’s not going to catch up to that way, but it’s still there. You need somebody who, exactly. It’s still there. You know, like, I’m not going to be the emperor of a country because that’s not even possible at all in this reality. Now is, is there a film roll with that on it? Sure. But we can’t, we can’t navigate to there. You know what I’m saying? So there are some things that are limited, but as far, but honestly like if people can hop on a train in Italy and lineup in Mexico sometime in the future or past, well I think that there’s a lot more possible than we give credit for. Now the word supernatural is a little loaded, but I want to ask, have you ever had anything supernatural, especially since you’ve learned this happened to you? I always like to ask that question. That’s a good question. Um, since I’ve been practicing this, um, I wouldn’t call any of the experiences that I’ve had supernatural. I’ve had some pretty miraculous things happen. Um, but when I was a kid, uh, you know, I got into the Pentecostal church when I was like 16, 17 years old and I’ve literally seen people healed of certain things. I’ve seen limbs grow back. I’ve seen people legitimately get out of, uh, like wheelchairs and stuff. And I saw that when I was in the church. And I always wondered how those things happen. Like, cause then, cause I felt because I back slid like I’m a backslidden Pentecostal or whatever. Um, but like I was still puzzled constantly. Like that always plagued me. Even when I went through my, like super objectivist sort of everything must make sense, you know, scientific phase. Um, I was like, damn, I mean, I saw, I saw some crazy, some crazy things happen in the church, you know, I don’t know how to, I don’t know how to quantify that. But now that I’ve Read Trans Surfing, I’m like, Oh, you know what? It’s not, it’s not, it’s not the, it’s not the ritual. It’s not the laying on of hands. It’s not the prayer. It’s the belief. So regardless of what you practice, whether it be hermetic or Christian or whatever, and it doesn’t matter. What’s Great About Trans Surfing is it fits in with any of those paradigms. You can be a Muslim, you can be a Buddhist, you can be any, any belief system that you choose or as, as Robert Anton Wilson calls them, bs is, um, or none at all. And you can, um, and you can implement the principles and Trans Surfing because it’s natural law. It’s just natural law, like, like in the Kabbalah. But it’s just, it’s just a much more accessible roadmap. One of the coolest metaphors that you kind of talked about on one of your videos was the idea of the raindrop. And I just, you know, that, and I, you know, always comes to mind, I don’t know, I’m just, it completely unrelated, but the idea that the cloud forms this raindrop and we’re just this raindrop that’s falling down. I think I might’ve even mentioned that on Shlomo his interview was that in the book? Yeah, that’s in the book. He’s just one of us or a particle got, or maybe it’s in a 78 days or something like that. Um, but yeah, it makes a lot of sense because look around us. Uh, no snowflakes are the same. No fingerprints are the same. No cloud is the same. Sky will never look in this moment like it, like it does ever again, ever. That’s a lot of variation. There’s a lot of different possibilities within that. So, yeah. So the idea, and I think, you know, if you talk to someone who’s had an Nde, which I’m admittedly kind of obsessed with indies, um, they would tell you that, you know, when you escaped this meat suit that you, you know, you’ve had it up into whatever, this hole, this, this ocean of consciousness. And when you come back, everything’s a joke at that point. Like it’s not even fathomable that anything’s important. Even pain, any of that. Not to say that I don’t fear pain, you know, like I don’t want to feel pain, but like at the same time, somebody who’s somebody who’s ejected, I don’t want to these things, uh, they come back and they’re like, it’s just a video game dude. Right. So interesting because with a lot of self help books, they talk about meditation and he doesn’t really, you know, meditation is not mentioned in Reality Trans Surfing. So I was wondering to get your, because you have some interesting meditations on your Gumroad and so you, you meditate or, um, so what, where do you, they merge, you can obviously do it without meditation. Do you think meditation can enhance or help reality? Trans surfing consciousness is that attention. That’s all consciousness is. So all meditation is, and I’ve come a long way since those meditations, to be honest, like I had a very profound experience that inspired me to make those meditations and I stand by them. That’s why they’re still on the site. But, um, you know, uh, I don’t actually meditate per se anymore. Uh, since I read tufty and also within the past couple of years, meditation became this tool for me to escape from. It became really, uh, an escape. It did because I would focus my attention during my meditation and then I would just like a chronic marijuana user. So I’d just be wrecked all day, you know, so I’d just be like high all day, not paying attention and then attentive for 15 minutes a day. Right. And so I’m not going to say I’m completely sober at the moment, but like, I’m not going to say what people should or shouldn’t do, that, that has nothing to do with me and I don’t grace or don’t care. But, um, but you know, for me, I had to, uh, that was something that I needed to balance and I needed to shift and change in my own life so that I could be more attentive all the time and sharper, especially doing comedy and stuff like that. Like I have to be two steps ahead of an audience if I’m doing comedy, whether it be Improv or standup or whatever. So I don’t want to be slow and move and brain dead because that’s not going to help me. So that was something that I chose to change in my life. And part of that shift was that I stopped meditating as well and I started to try and focus on the awareness center, um, as opposed to the outer screen or the inner screen. So that’s kind of where I stand on it. Um, and whatever practice works for you. Like if you, if you like to meditate, then that’s great. If you don’t, then you don’t have to. The point is that consciousness is attention and whatever your attention is focusing on, that’s you. That’s, that’s what’s happening. So folk so, so understand, understand that, um, understand that whatever it is, where attention goes, energy flows, like everything that you are paying attention to is, is, is, is what you’re putting into. So whether that’d be positive and negative, you know, brainless, mindlessness, you know, whatever and make your own, make your own choices of course. But, um, but yeah, I think meditation’s a great tool. Uh, I think it can be like anything else, anything is a tool. It’s just dependent on how we use it. So it can be very beneficial or it can actually hurt you if you’re not careful. Because like I said, I did it for five years. Uh, I did yoga for two years. I’m probably going to start back doing yoga, but I don’t think that I’m going to start back with meditation, at least not in the way that I, uh, I was doing it because I don’t know, like there was a balance. Maybe I do start back with it. I don’t know. I don’t think get far offerings, you know, but at the moment I’m trying stay focused on my personal awareness center, which I find right here in the middle of my chest between my stomach and my heart sort of. And that’s kind of like what I’ve been working on and practicing and I’ll always like, or not always, but and as often as possible, like check my breath, you know, like Oh, okay, yeah, okay, I’m in control of my breath. I’m not being breathed. Right? So tufty or [inaudible] what is an amazing book? It was like a very, very different than reality train surfing. And I was completely fascinated by these, this idea of the plot. And I almost immediately started asking my friends, wherever you heard this before, you know, I knew that there’s the Bindu Shakara. Had you ever heard of a reference of an energy senator or anything similar to the plat before you read that book? Because you’d read a lot of self help books like me, right? I have, but I never heard anything like that. Now, the closest thing that I could find after the fact, someone presented me with Carlos Keston Natus fire within and he does talk about it in there. And then I was talking to my friend the other day and he was like, you know, a close customer does hopes ride like he, he’s a hoax. And I was like, okay, who told you that? You know, like, I don’t know one way or the other, but that’s the only, uh, that’s the only reference that I personally know of. Um, now, uh, I was messaging on Instagram with a good friend of mine and he was telling me that his guru, um, and he literally used that word, which I’m like Anti Guru. I don’t believe him, but, um, but he was saying that his guru focused on instead of mental, instead of focusing on, on the mind and the wrinkle of the brow, right? Like, which is the inner intention as we know, um, that the focus would be behind the head. Um, so there it is again in another form and another idea. And when I’ve talked to Jessa, uh, who’s like an amazing creature, dude, if you can get her on your show, I recommend doing it. Um, and I’ll send you her link to like a, her comedy too, cause like she’s, uh, she’s a hilarious comedian. She’s got quite a story, but um, but she helped me a lot with this particular idea. Um, and I think it was, I spoke with Karen timescale as well about this, uh, in pretty, in pretty good depth and who I’d also recommend as a great guest and also a great comedian. Um, or comedian, I just read her posts a day and she likes comedian, so comedian it is so, but um, she just sort of like the star wars appendage, right? Like this thing that comes off the bat like sticker shock right here, right? Or like the Daniel Johnson photos where it, that top of the head’s just chopped off and energy shooting out. She says that when she activates it, it’s like the star wars sort of ponytail. It comes down to between her shoulder blades and then when she focuses on it and activates it, then it actually comes up on like up above her head, which I’ve been using that particular visual because that’s in my head. But as I’ve talked to a lot of other people, they have their own sort of version, their own sort of a way to visualize it, which I think is good. I think, I think everyone is different and we all need to tune in to, you know, how we experience this phantom limb, this, this plate or Plat or braid or whatever it’s called. Um, and, and really feel it in our own way now because she told it to me that way and drew me a weird picture that she sent me via Facebook messenger or whatever. That’s kind of how I see it now. Um, but you know, however it is that you experience it, that sacred and that’s between you and you know, infinity or the universe or God or whatever term you want to use for something you cannot put in the box. Right. Carlos Cassidy did mention the umbrage point and that’s what yet and yet, but the, uh, the interesting thing when you sit back and think about it, he talks about in one of his other non translated books, I’ve got a bad trends that he talks about how the matrix is a real thing. And you think about it is, could this really be that there’s some memory in our past of us being plugged in. I mean, that the implications of that doesn’t necessarily mean that, but it could mean maybe there’s some re-incarnated memory that we have that we were plugged in and we were experiencing reality because of that. And now, now that we’re outside of our work, maybe there were an Avatar, who knows? But there’s an implication behind the idea of the plate. It’s really amazing because of course I feel it now and I experienced it. I literally feel it before I read the book. I didn’t, but now, and I want, you know, it mean creating this. But it’s fascinating. I’m completely fascinated by this huge new change in my own reality from understanding the Plat or plate. Yeah, it’s, it’s uh, it’s, it’s super curious. Right. Um, well what’s, what’s interesting about it is she or he says in the book, uh, of Tufting that that’s what is pushing us around, right? Like we’re being led around by that particular appendage when we’re not aware of it, when we’re not at accessing it, when we’re not using it, which is super interesting. And uh, yeah, and, and yeah, so like becoming aware of it. It’s like, it’s huge and you’ll probably notice that when you’re out in public and you activate it and then people will look at you a little bit funny. Yes, yes. I have noticed this. Just be in walking and just in the grocery store line just thought comes to my head and then people will turn over and look at me. He even mentions once you become aware that people, you’ll light up a little bit. People notice you. He said he even mentions that in the book. I’ve experienced that. Like I was at Starbucks talking to a friend of mine and it just got a little bit weird. Like, I felt like I was in a cage or something. Like what are we do? Like are we hamsters or something? Like why are you guys staring so hard? You know? Um, so yeah, I’ve had the too and it’s honest. So have you activated it on stage? Um, man, I’m still kind of getting a little bit better on stage. I, there’s so much to focus on when I’m on stage to be honest. Like I’m still trying to focus just on my awareness center when I’m on stage. And it sort of depends like in what capacity I’m performing, right? Like I have a different approach for Improv than I do for standup comedy because they’re basically, and I was talking to someone today actually, uh, Victoria, Vicky, some Sumner who works for the BBC. She interviewed me about comedy writing, uh, this morning, which was super cool. And it had so much fun talking about that. I don’t get to, you know, I don’t get to talk about that too much publicly. Um, I get to talk with, you know, with my friends about it and stuff. But she was asking me, uh, about that today and they’re just so different that like literally could not be more polar opposites. Like it is literally like one gender and another gender. Like it couldn’t be any different than, uh, then those two things because when you do Improv, you’re at the, you’re at the mercy of the scene and you basically need to surrender. Now if you surrender on stage as a standup comic, I mean you are going to get eaten alive up there. You have to, you have to generate all the emotion because it’s so fake. You have to generate all the emotions. I don’t know why I keep doing it, but I can’t. I just can’t stop. But um, you know, you have to generate and create this whole world for people like, and it needs to seem like it’s genuine and you’re just now coming up with it off the top of your head, even though you’ve practiced it 400 times. Whereas Improv, you’re literally making up everything on the top of your, off the top of your head. And, and, and it’s easier for me to do that because I can, I can feel the energy of what’s being created on stage. Whereas in stand up I feel the energy of the audience basically sitting on the edge of their seats and being like, okay buddy, make me laugh. You know, so it’s a little bit more, um, I don’t know, aggressive as far as the audience’s expectations go and I’m really sensitive to the energy so I’m still kind of getting all those things together. And now that, uh, a pretty extensive background doing music, so I’m not like mortified onstage but still doing, doing stand up comedy versus any other style performance. Uh, I don’t think it’s comparable. Well I mean, as an old public speaking teacher, I’m fascinated when I get to talk to a comedian and I always like tell me about the first time, almost like when you talk to somebody about the first time that they had sex the first time you got up and did comedy. I just love to hear about it just to, just to get the sensory cause cause it’s fascinating. I know I probably would blow it my first time, but I know that the, the physical kinesthetic feeling of it had got, is probably in, you’re locked in your memory pretty, pretty profoundly that, especially that first time. And you’re like, I’m going to go up and I’m, I don’t know what the hell is going happen. I’m going to try to make people laugh. So I love to hear like your experience with that. Sure. The first time actually did okay. I should have pretty good. And um, you know, uh, I lost, I lost my train of thought about three minutes and I did five minutes. Like most people do five minutes first set about three minute, first three minutes went pretty well, and then I kind of forgot some stuff for whatever reason. Like I forget punchlines. Like I’m so good at just like hammering on my point. Like I could have been probably a decent debater, but like for whatever reason, like so often I forget punchlines, which is like probably the worst Achilles heel to have. But, um, but you know, it’s just part of like what I need to improve upon. And I, and I’ve got some new techniques and ideas for that, but it just wasn’t, I’d say that standup comedy is not what you think it is. Like no matter who you are before you get involved in it, it’s just not ever gonna match your expectations in most things in life. Don’t match what our expectations are. Before, like I thought the first time I had scuba diving and I was going to fall in love with scuba diving and I was ready to become a scuba dive instructor. Then I went down and I knows that if I came up and I had a headache and I was like, I’m not doing this anymore. But, um, but yeah, like the, it’s the first time I did stand up. Like I said, I had written something so I had it memorized. I mean, I did it hundreds of times. Like I did that five minutes, 120 130 times realistically before I went up. And I still got lost three minutes in because of the overwhelming energy of the audience. And like I said, that I’m just like, really, I’m basically a woman. And know, I don’t mean any offense by that, but you know, I just had my chart read today by this awesome lady. Um, my friend Emmy. Um, and she’s like, she’s basically, she was like, I’m basically a man, a gay man in a woman’s body, and she’s like, you’re a woman in a man’s body and it’s, it couldn’t be closer to the truth as far as like what we perceive of as feminine basically is what she’s saying. She’s saying that I’m very feminine. That has nothing to do with physical gender. Right. I understand. I know you do. But just to clarify for everyone a trolling, come on. I need haters. I don’t have enough. Um, but like, yeah, like, so I’m really sensitive. So for me, that’s why I’m better at Improv. And so I’ve got to figure out how to relegate that and put those two worlds together so that I don’t get distracted by the energy of the audience. And I can still hammer a in Tomahawk chop forward with my standup set. But I also want to bring in the ability to work the crowd as well. And when you’re doing five minute open mikes with six people in the room, it’s Kinda hard to do crowd work. But you know, as I continue to improve and you know, just time and repetition, then I think that I’ll get to the point where I’m comfortable on stage and then I’ll have a better answer for what it’s like because you know, it’s, it’s like a, it’s like, I don’t know, like so much information coming at you from out here, but you’re trying like hell just to hold on to what you know you’re supposed to bring to the table in here. So it’s basically like, um, it’s basically like trying to hit a baseball, but you have a 150 pitchers pitching at you. That’s how I would stand up comedy to anybody who has ever tried it. Well, it’s fun. It’s a fascinating art forum and I’m definitely aware it’s completely different than what I could imagine. I, I have so much respect for anybody that does it. Even if they blow it, I still have respect. I just, anybody that wants to get up and make people laugh, I think it’s awesome. So I have the most perspective for the audience that comes out and subject themselves to it because a man, like there’s some bad sets out there. I’ve, I’m personally responsible for some of that. So PR God bless the audiences that come out, you know, cause you never know you’re going to get at a stand up show, especially in open like, so I asked this question on, on every interview. Uh, especially since you have, you use rarely reality trends surfing. Do you have a morning routine that you’ve evolved or used? I mean, I collect morning routines and if you don’t have one that’s great too. I just would love to know what your particular morning routine is. So it just depends on the day. For me, I don’t really have a routine. Um, uh, routines really don’t work for me. I’m not like a very regimented type of person. Now I do have activities that I do in the morning. Um, I try not to look at my phone, which I’m getting not that great at. Um, I try not to look at my phone for the first at least hour that I’m awake. And then I also will do morning pages every day. So, um, if you’re not familiar, it’s from a book called the artist’s way. Uh, and it’s a great book. And the idea of that is that you basically, I guess channel for lack of better way to say it, you just sit down on the computer or your journal however you write, and then you just free write. It’s creative writing. You know, as soon as you wake up because you’re coming from the dream space and you’re not in your rational mind, so you’re very likely to stumble upon some golden nuggets that way. And that’s a philosophy. I’m doing it immediately, first thing in the morning. And uh, and then, you know, you just, you just rewrite for 30 minutes or 45 minutes or an hour. And I found it to be an incredibly beneficial practice because when I sit down and intentionally write, it just kind of comes right out, you know, and I don’t have to worry so much. You know, he talks a lot about in the book about, uh, creativity and how to create something and to build a layer and then to um, come back, like take a step away and then come back and build another layer and then step away, come back and [inaudible] the stand up comedy is exactly that. And I, and I think that most art forms are as well, like songwriting was for me, very, very similar. Every once in a while sit down and write a song in one sitting, but 99% of the time, even if I did that, I’d still come back and tweak something. You know what I mean? So, so that’s my biggest thing is, um, morning pages. I just do, I do morning pages, not every day, but uh, I try to do them as many days as possible. It was my birthday, so just kind of like went and had a Bagel with a friend instead of doing and uh, and that opt in on like, oh, I don’t know. You’re like the fourth person that I’ve talked to today. So I’m really grateful to be able to chat with so many amazing people and connect today. Cause I, I’ve, I’m an introvert, extrovert, introverted, but also very much loud. I like to collaborate and work with people. So, you know, I’m honored like this. I couldn’t ask for a better birthday, so I’m going to go and have dinner, I’m going to go have dinner with my friend after this and see some folks and hug their necks and drink some soda water or whatever and uh, and just kind of have a, have a nice chill evening after, you know, working and, and, uh, creating content all day and staring at my computer screen. And Dan, you’re going cross, you know. Well, I don’t have any, any books that you’d recommend for the reality Revolution Other Than Reality Trans Surfing. Of course they could be fiction books. It’s all good. Just any books that you recommend. Yeah. Um, I recommend outwitting the devil that is the second one. Heal yet by Napoleon hill. That’s a second best book I’ve ever read in my life. Uh, reality transurban being number one. I also recommend a self-reliance essay by Ralph Waldo Emerson, which you can find on my youtube channel as well as on Gumroad. And I also really like, uh, the cabal Yoan as well. It’s a little bit esoteric and, and harder to understand, but I really like, uh, I really like all three of those books in this particular vein. Um, nonfiction, I don’t know, I don’t honestly read a lot of nonfiction or I haven’t in a long time really like chuck Paul in his work and like Cormac McCarthy and you know, like a lot of those style of authors. But, uh, yeah, I mean, I’d say, I’d say if you haven’t read outwitting the devil, then you absolutely should. If you’re listening to this podcast, then you’re going to love that book. People don’t know about it. They love Napoleon Hill. I’ll talk to him. Abbey, red outwitting the devil. No, it’s pretty awesome. It’s pretty amazing. So, so, so good. And if you’re, and if you’re a, um, uh, you know, if you’re a, if you’re a guy out there, I, do you know who David Data is? The data? Oh my gosh, no, I don’t. Maybe. Cool. So he, um, he’s, he’s kind of a, he teaches like dynamics between couples and, and come to Leni and you know, Tantra and stuff like that. It’s d, e I d a, he wrote a book called the way of the superior man that I very, very, very seen that book. Yeah. It’s excellent. So as far as like, he talks about it as well, he’s talking about masculine energy particularly, right? It’s written to a masculine person, whether that whatever their gender is, but to that masculine aspect and it, it’s basically like, don’t be a worse, but don’t be an asshole. You know what I mean? It’s like finding that middle ground between, between those two poles because like a lot of us have become beaten down by society to just surrender to whatever, like whatever you think, uh, versus like, you know, the asshole who gets a lot of attract attractive attention from women. But you know, he’s a misogynist so you don’t have to be one or the other. There is a middle ground where you can still be masculine and, and, and body. Those characteristics of a cowboy without, you know, uh, offending people and, and all that kind of stuff. So if you’re, if you’re a masculine person or, or a female, it doesn’t matter. Just to understand those energies and how those polarities work together. Male or female, it doesn’t matter. It’s a great book and a highly recommend that book to folks to the way of the barrier by David Data. Yeah, that’s good. And then one other, uh, I’m a huge movie buff and I love movies. So would you recommend a movie that I might not have heard of? Is there a movie out there that, that you’d recommend that I might not have heard of? Well, uh, my favorite movie is Spartacus, um, right through brick movie. I’m sure you’ve heard of that one. Oh yeah. Oh, that movie. Uh, to me that’s the story of, of, you know, a classic, you know, being human and, and, and I love that movie a lot. I’ve been watching a lot of like, uh, these series now because I think it’s cool. We can work on the, or I have worked in the past, at least in film production. So I worked for Netflix and MGM and all that. Kind of the way things have changed now is like if you have a script for a movie, nobody’s buying it because you know what, how it used to be was there’s a limited amount of film and so you could try to film a book in two hours, but how long does it take to sit down and read a book? Well, you need that amount of time to show what happens in the book. Well, now that there’s these series on Netflix and Hulu and all that, all the streaming platforms, you can actually tell the story of an entire book. It’s a glorious time. So that’d be in the case. I really like it. The only way to finish that. And then I watched the new episode, the new season of stranger things. And uh, yeah, that’s, that’s really, really good. And I’ll watch like a bunch of goofy stuff. Uh, I watch a lot of standup comedy. Um, and there’s some cool apps that I’ve found. Um, like I found this one called popcorn flicks. It’s like popcorn comedy that you can download if you have like a Roku or something like that. And uh, all both of Steve Martin’s NBC specials are on there. Oh Wow. Highly recommend. Both of those are both sketch, sketch, uh, mostly sketch so it’s not his stand up now. Stand ups. Great. If you can find that. But the sketches are so good and absurdist and I just love, I love his nature. He’s so gentle, you know, and so funny. And then when he does break characters it’s even better. But um, but they’re really goofy and Zany specials and you can find them on there. It’s absolutely a free ask them a bunch of other different uh, comics specials and stuff on there as well. But those are some hidden gems that I’d highly recommend any comedy, sweets, you know, masterclass has a class by Steve Martin talking about how to write comedy. Yeah, pretty, pretty awesome. Yeah, I was pretty impressed by it. Yeah. Did you watch that at towels as well? Oh yeah. There’s some really good classes in the masterclass. I recommend it for anybody as well. I mean, here’s a bargain. It’s worth it. Yeah. Easy with the people that are spending $500 for classes and then the master class is amazing. So happy birthday. I just want to thank you for being so gracious with your time. It meant so much. I learned so much. We just getting started. I hope that we can talk again and go even deeper with this stuff and please, if anybody’s listening, this is one of the best book narrators and, and I hope that I hear some more books with your sweet golden voice. Keep it up, keep it up and look for you. Oh, and hunt for, um, Improv and Bootsy, Greenwood. Patrion slap forward slash Bootsie Greenwood and Gumroad for slash Bootsy Greenwood. And also you’ve got the trend surfing podcast and your, your youtube channel is amazing. Every single episode you’re, you’re breaking down these chapters in ways that I’m learning something every time. It doesn’t matter if you’ve read this material 20 times, you’re bringing unique knowledge to this stuff and it really means a lot. You really made my life better with your contribution, and I want to thank you because it means a lot too, and thank you for being allowing me to talk with you today, dude. Come on, man. Thank you so much. I really, really, really appreciate it and I’m super grateful for the time. I’ve also learned a tremendous amount. I really like your show and I look forward to many, many more episodes of what you’re putting out there. Thank you so much for sharing your message. So go out and enjoy your birthday. All right. All right. I’ll do it, man. So bottomless soda waters. Here we

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