Interview with Aaron Abke

I am a huge fan of Aaron Abke, he has a tremendous channel where he talks about his spiritual awakening, the law of attraction, the law of one, the course in miracles and a whole lot more.

You can check out his channel here

I am particularly fascinated by the law of one which we discuss for a large part of this podcast. Aaron does an outstanding job of explaining this fascinating teaching. You can see it here

Aaron was gracious to let me interview him and we talked about everything from the law of attraction to the course in miracles. One of my favorite topics is the law of one. The law of one is a profound metaphysical work that Aaron has deep knowledge about.

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Welcome to the reality revolution. I’m so incredibly excited to have Aaron [inaudible] with me today. He has a phenomenal YouTube channel that discusses everything from law of attraction to spiritual awakening and the law of one and many other topics. I’ve been trying to get a chance to talk to Aaron. I finally got a chance and I just can’t wait. So welcome Erin. How’s it going? Thank you for having me, Brian. I’m super pumped, man. Um, so first of all, just to get an idea for people that may not have seen your channel, I just wanted to have you tell us a little bit about your experience and where you came, how you came to this point where you wanted to share your message and your spiritual awakening. Cool. Yeah. Well, I started my channel, um, little over a year ago because I’d had a couple of friends, one in particular who was, we just kept saying, man, you’ve got to start a channel, like a YouTube channel or something. And I’d never really considered it before and I sloughed it off a few times and then it kind of caught my attention like, Oh, that might be fun. Why not? So I made a couple of videos on law of attraction and uh, you know, nobody watched him. Uh, I didn’t have any subscribers yet, but I had a lot of fun with it. And so I was like, you know, I’m just going to do this for me cause I like it. And so after about eight months of just posting a video or two week, I was getting more and more into it. I was going out and filming like in nature with drones and all kinds of fun stuff. Uh, then all of a sudden one of my videos went viral, um, how to talk to the universe, I think it was, and I was just getting like a thousand subscribers a day and people were saying, this is amazing. I’ve never heard this before. And so I was as shocked as anybody. Like I didn’t think I had anything particularly novel to say, but people tended to think I did. So from that point on, I just had been having a blast with it ever since. And I teach on a very wide variety of topics is that’s fun for me. And I like teaching about different stuff you talk about on your channel, your awakening. You had grown up in a family that was very ultra conservative Christian and so you were in a non, I don’t want to use the word indoctrinated, but you, you grew up around some different um, teachings that, um, kind of guided you to where you were at and, and then you chose to, you chose a different path. And so I wanted to get a little bit of your story on that. Yeah. Um, grew up as a pastor’s kid in San Jose. My dad was a pastor of a really large and fast growing evangelical church and so I loved the way I grew up. Um, we had, you know, these crazy revival services all the time. I got to see all kinds of miracles and healings and cool stuff and it was just kind of normal to me as a kid. And my dad was never a hellfire and brimstone preacher. Uh, he always taught about the love of God and good stuff like that. So I wasn’t really confronted with the bigotry of the Christian religion or, or the sort of pupil critical theologies until I took my first church job as a full time worship pastor after college. And the church I was at was very fundamentalist. Um, the F the first thing that shocked me was that a woman went up on stage one Sunday morning, he’d be like the third or fourth week I was there to give like an offering testimony. And this man was following her and stood behind her with his arms behind his back, like looking stoically, you know, and I was sitting there thinking, what is going on? Why is this guy security guard or something? And then she gets off the stage and they hold hands and go sit down next to each other. And I went, Oh my goodness, you’ve gotta be tinting me. This church literally is one of those churches that practices like taking the Bible literally. And, you know, there’s all these verses in the new Testament which say that women are inferior to men and they need their husbands as their covering. And don’t let women speak in church or it’s a shame and all this stuff. And I went, Oh my gosh, this is insane. And from there it just got worse and worse and worse. And they’re preaching about hell all the time. And so I had to make a quick decision on, Hey, is this the kind of a God I want to serve or that I believe in? And the answer was obviously, no, this isn’t a God that I know at all in my heart. And so I quit my job. I moved back to Oklahoma where I had gone to college and just sorta devoted my whole life to seeking my own truth. Started listening to Alan Watts at Carto lay people like that, reading the course of miracles. And you know, my spirituality shifted really rapidly. Um, I S I talked with a lot of people on my channel who’ve been almost like in limbo for many, many years and they don’t know what they should believe or what resonates. And so they coming to me for guidance. But for me it was like an immediate shift. Like as soon as I left the bigotry of religion behind, it was like, all right, anything’s possible. And truth is universal. Uh, oneness is the nature of the universe and all that stuff. Um, so that’s kinda what I teach on mostly now on my channel. Yeah. You, uh, you have some pretty interesting and great teachings about the concept of hell that I’m just so glad that you, you, you put it out there in, in a way that’s easier for other people to understand. It always bothered me that if w if I understood infinity where, which less than a millisecond of a millisecond, my life is, and I might make a choice and I’m going to be punished for eternity because of that little moment in time, and the fact that there would be a God that would punish me for eternity, the concept that he would create a universe where he, you’re gonna, you have a millisecond of time and as soon as you’re done, if you make a single mistake, then you are, you are in doomed for hell. Right. So it was so completely ridiculous and it continued to bother me and it was still being held up against me that you’re going to go to hell because of this, this and, and so your explanation is, is fantastic. So, um, so, but you went through a period where you kind of go through what you see the wilderness stage from when you went from the church to your, um, and so I have a lot of people that I talk to, even clients that are going through something similar. So I wanted to talk about that. Once you start to become aware and kind of change your, um, your spirituality a little bit, you go through a phase where you’re kind of alone and it’s even more comfortable to be alone and people don’t understand that and they struggle with it. And you had a really good explanation. I wanted to get your perspective on that. Yeah, well that’s a great topic because yeah, they’re even not even just Christian religion, but any person that comes from, uh, a certitude or something who opens their paradigm. So what’s possible, we’ll probably experience a period of fear about, you know, the unknown during the unknown. And I liken it to, you know, like you’re floating in outer space and you’ve been cleaning to this little Boulder, you know, the whole time thinking, Oh, I have total certainty, I have all the answers. And then you realize it’s just a little bolder in the vastness of, you know, unimaginable space and emptiness and void in all directions infinity, right? And you suddenly feel the weight of infinity, what the implications of that might mean. And so the ego goes crazy for a little while because it’s all belief systems being confronted, it’s sense of safety and comfort as being assaulted. And it’s natural. It’s something you have to go through, but you come out to the other side of that fire. Um, it sort of burns away all of the, the falsities and the things that you had believed to be true. The things you believe to be true about yourself that aren’t. And you know, it’s only going through that fire that you can purify all those sort of distortions you’ve been carrying around. And then you come to see that actually infinity only implies oneness and unity and love. And the nature of the universe is oneness. And that’s the best possible realization you can have. But it was the other side of the coin that gave you certainty, quote unquote certainty that actually blinded you from seeing the true nature of reality. And so a, it’s a natural process. And if anyone listening is going through that process now, I would just say, uh, strapping your seatbelt and ride it out. Cause it’s inevitable, part of deprogramming the mind, right? Just know that on the other side is a freedom that you cannot possibly imagine and you’ll look back saying it was worth every second of, um, fear and uncertainty I experienced to get to this point. So the, the law of attraction, you, you have some great teachings on the law of attraction on your channel and it’s just so exciting to talk about. There was a point in time that you realize, wow, this is real. This law of attraction thing is real. I wanted to get your perspective on when you first to terms with that. This is this real thing that you started to play around with it. Yeah. Honestly, it was the teachings of Jesus that opened my eyes to the law of attraction. Um, Jesus to me is the first law of attraction teacher, right? Um, I don’t find anyone before Jesus really talking about these principles of, of manifestation and belief becomes reality and things like that. But man, when you read, uh, those red letters, Jesus was talking about it all the time. And in fact, almost everything he says, it can be some variation of law of attraction. And so I just, you know, I started listening to a little bit of law of attraction stuff. I’ll watch the secret, um, many, many years ago. And so I knew the concept of law of attraction. But once I, you know the phrase, when you change the way you look at something, the thing you’re looking at changes, right? That’s kinda what happened with Jesus for me is when I stopped putting him in this little box of fundamentalism and allowed him to be a person just like me, who clearly had some kind of cosmic consciousness experience of, of his oneness with the divine. And so, so profoundly that he actually spoke through that paradigm. You know, I and my father are one, if you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the father, all of a sudden I could relate to him in a way that I had not been able to before. And so I saw his teachings in a whole new light. And you know, when he said things like whenever you pray, whatever you pray for, believe that you have already received it and it shall be yours. I went, that’s the law of attraction such as basic law of attraction. Right. So yeah, from there I just know branched out a bit to other teachers and of course Abraham Hicks and Neville Goddard and all that. And I think just through the process of teaching about it myself living it myself, you, you have to teach from your own experience, you know, um, that’s the best way to teach. And so I tried to teach only from what I’ve experienced firsthand rather than just head knowledge and, um, that seems to go over really well on my videos. Yeah. I would say that law of attraction has made me more of a Christian. I’ve come back to Christ and I’m more of a Christian than I was before because of that. So I wanted to get your perspective on that. You’d mentioned Neville Goddard and his amazing interpretation of the Bible. That, and suddenly I’m reading the Bible and it, it’s way more interesting. It has secrets built into it. What was your impression when you started to read his, his discussion of the Bible and the way that he viewed the Bible is such an incredible explanation of the secrets of the universe. Kind of. Yeah, absolutely. Blown away. Um, not just, not just the revelations that he discusses, but the time period in which he was teaching this stuff. Can you imagine? It sounds like he’s talking right now. It does, yeah. And I mean, I sometimes, you know, not so much now, but did have a lot of fear about teaching certain things because I had a pretty large progressive Christian audience and as you may know, some of them are a little bit slower to die to some of the old fundamental or legalistic points of view. And so you’ll, they’re all, they’re all for ya when you’re teaching about hell and stuff. But then as soon as you get into, you know, maybe some of the Neville Goddard stuff and imagination creates reality, they’ll go, Oh, your new age, your [inaudible], that’s Satanism and stuff. So I even had fear of teaching this stuff, but I would, I would listen to Neville Goddard teaching this back in the fifties there’s some great forties fifties around then, right? I was like, man, I need to sack up here and like have some balls, right? Cause this guy was doing this back in the freaking 50s when, you know, the modern day person was, almost all of them were very religious and fundamentalists and he is, he’s not ashamed at all. He goes for it. Hook, line, sinker, and listening to him talk about certain concepts like very Joseph Campbell asks stuff, you know, archetypes from the Bible. Moses, Abraham, Isaac, the prophets, looking at those people as actually States of consciousness as if they’re us. They’re States that we can beat. Yes, right? We access these States because in truth, like Moses was a person who accessed a state of consciousness, the savior complex or whatever of the Messiah, and he lived that state of consciousness. Or it came through him. You’d say he manifested that state. Um, Abraham, the father of the faith, you know, the profits, all these people are actually States in consciousness that are available to you and I, and the, the essence of manifestation is to see it inside yourself first and then once you see it in yourself, the natural result is that it becomes manifest in physical reality. So that’s pretty revolutionary stuff for the fifties it’s the fearlessness. I mean, you’re pretty fearless like right now. I mean with some of the stuff you’re saying, considering where you’re coming from, imagine back then this dude’s getting up on the radio and saying this stuff, it’s amazing. What do you put up with? Yeah, I, I’ve never really heard the reaction like a was there some kind of, you don’t hear about that? Was there some kind of protein? He was doing it in California, so maybe it was a little bit more relaxed here, but I don’t know. I mean, well he actually talks about it sometimes. Yeah. I haven’t maybe gotten to those teachings has some of the protests that he’s had for his teaching. Yeah. Yeah. There’s a few lectures where he mentions people who say things about him. He’s like, some people say that I’m teaching this or that. He doesn’t go into a super huge detail on it because I think again, he was a law of attraction sort of master. So he knew I’m not going to focus on this stuff or I’ll create more of it. But he does mention it a little bit, which is interesting. So, so many questions. How can, how can anybody, interviewer, so if you’re going to LA now that you’ve developed your law of attraction, before we go any further, is there some cool technique? I mean there’s, right now if somebody goes on YouTube, there’s a million interviews and videos about the law of attraction. So when everybody goes on their own journey, they find little unique things for themselves that they’ve come from law of attraction that has really applied in their own life. I like to get ideas of that. If you had something that, um, some, some technique or experience that was kind of related to the law of attraction, that you can share with us that maybe that maybe a little bit different than what other people might’ve heard, um, heard or digested when they deal with this material? Yeah, definitely. I feel like I see the law of attraction quite differently than most people do on it. Um, because in my personal experience, um, law of attraction has never been something I’ve used to manifest all my desires and make the perfect dream life right? But it’s been the most powerful tool for my spiritual awakening, and it’s been very clear to me. I don’t know, maybe just intuitively that the law of attraction is, you know, the way it’s taught is that it’s this tool for creating whatever you want and, and shooting all your desires. But I see it more as that, that’s the means to the end. In a way. What the law of attraction was actually put in place for by the source consciousness is to aid in the expansion of consciousness. Right? And the idea is that we would see our desires reflected out in the universe and be able to get a better contrast or context for what it is we’re desiring and those desires would birth new desires. And as this process plays out, it, it sort of takes you a step back closer and closer to yourself until you come to the final realization that I am everything I’m looking for and nothing outside of me can actually give me what I’m looking for. Everything that I manifest, it doesn’t actually give me lasting fulfillment. And so I manifest the new thing and then a new thing. And as I do this, you can kind of watch people do this actually, especially in the LOA community. It’s a bit funny for me and in a good way, like a cool way that you’ll see somebody who wants to manifest a car, right? And like I have a really good friend who’s like, you know, the Lamborghini is what I want, right? And I’m like, it’s actually not what you want. You don’t know that yet. Right. So, you know, they manifest the Lamborghini and it’s great. It’s so exciting for like a week or two and then it starts to wear off. And then each desire becomes slowly more and more like nonphysical or more spiritual. Like I want to open a business that helps people is the next thing, right? Right. And then that happens. But there’s still this bit of Discontentment inside. There’s something that’s still isn’t satisfied. And so then maybe I start doing yoga or meditation and I want to manifest a nondual state of consciousness, right? And as time goes on, these desires become less external and more internal, right? And it’s this machine of law of attraction that’s just kind of inherently built into the universe that is making sure that everyone’s on this conveyor belt, so to speak, of being led to the realization that you are actually what you’ve always wanted and everything you do, desire comes from inside of you. And so we think it’s the object we want with the job, the relationship, the car, the house. But actually the objects of our desire are nothing more than symbols that represent the essence of what we really want. So I love that. And it’s very obvious, right? Like if it was not really the relationship you want because they, you find the perfect partner and it’s everything’s great, peachy keen for six months and then all the sudden they become abusive and they cheat on you and manipulative and then you can’t get rid of them fast enough. Get this, I hate this relationship. So it was never the relationship you wanted, but the love that you believe you would bring you. So actually law of attraction says, if I feel the love I want now the essence of what I want, then material reflections of that essence will be drawn to me, right? You don’t even have to visualize the exact thing you want. But as Neville Goddard would say, live as if it’s already the case or the end is where you begin live as if you have the love, feel the love it’s inside of you, and then you’ll just find that things that reflect loved you are drawn to you. Right? So a really popular topic on my channel that people will definitely make sure that I asked you questions about. Um, and I don’t know if you’ve read about, have you read anything about reality trans surfing? Um, little bits and pieces. Okay. It’s okay. It’s even better if you have it. So these are questions related to it. So a couple of, I want to get your impression, if we game plan this out, um, there is the law of balance. We clearly see it in nature. There is a balance that planets around water always goes to level. We can see it with energy. Is the law of balance more powerful than the law of attraction? Clearly their interacting. Some people have told me they’re the same thing, but there is this law of balance that we’re dealing with when we’re dealing with the law of attraction. And I wanted to get your impression on that. That’s a great question. Um, I do think that they’re not different laws. Okay. Here’s the way that I see reality. There’s a lot of people that, uh, and you know, it’s not like it’s ill intentioned or something, but there’s a lot of, you know, manifestation experts who have YouTube channels that pump out a video every day of law of attraction and they’re teaching things like, you are manifesting every single second of your existence, the time, right? Right. You’re shifting to parallel realities every millisecond. And so everything that appears is your attraction. And so in my experience, that paradigm just creates a lot of anxiety. And I don’t believe it’s true, even if it is true, but I don’t believe it’s a very accurate way of looking at the universe. Okay. Um, I think that, you know, you can speak on the relative level, um, being in this little body in this little lifetime from this perspective, uh, am I consciously generating everything that happens to me? No. It’s impossible. I can’t think billions of times a second. Right? Right. So really from this relative perspective, I’m just a part of the flow of life. And, you know, quantum mechanics shows us that everything is, uh, the universe itself is a field of probability, right? Which you know, the observer effect demonstrates this, that whatever manifests in the physical reality is what was most likely to manifest, right? Based upon the variables that were present based upon all the sequence of events that happened before it. And this is sort of the essence of living from acceptance, like an Eastern philosophy and Zen Buddhism and all that. We live from acceptance simply because it’s just the recognition that resisting life is totally futile because whatever is manifesting now had to manifest. So you could think about it like every wave has the whole ocean behind it. So why would I slap it, the wave and punch at the wave and resist the wave, right? It’s actually just a manifestation of what the ocean is doing. And so I look at life like a field of probability and there’s all these different, you know, infinite amounts of probabilities that could manifest, but whatever is appearing right now is what was most likely to appear right. That’s what the observer effect is. And I, and I like I’ve, I’ve used that teaching of yours multiple times. The, probably the idea that there is a probability field and we’re working towards the highest probability. So the other concept in transfer surfing, and I want to get your perspective of it, is the pendulum, not the pendulum, but the idea that what our thoughts when a group of people think about something, they create almost a separate entity and infer an energetic entity, not a necessarily a social memory complex which is talked about. We’ll talk about that in a second lab one, we know that mutual thoughts and consciousness can create an a another conscience, but we’re, we’re interacting with these pendulums that feed on our energy. They can be political groups, they can be just two people. They can be organizations or groups or things, just any, any that these, these entities and they feed on our entity and our energy. And so we’re not alone solipsistic Lee in the universe. We’re interacting with everybody’s probability fields. And then when people think together that that can pull us away. That can pull us into certain realities or, or manifestations that, do you understand Mike’s explanation? So I wanted to, if you’ve ever thought about that game, plan it out. Okay, we’re all creating reality. Then there’s some kind of synthesis that occurs and there may be separate entities that start to exist. They may not be conscious, but they may be pulling us or effecting our energies or all kinds of things, so, right. Yeah. Yeah. That’s why I think that saying you’re manifesting everything at every second of your life is a bit silly because my right and my freewill to manifest doesn’t use SERP. Your right to manifest in your free will to exercise what you choose to do. Right? So it’s all, every person is a localization of free will expressing itself, which means that no single individual entity has total autonomous free will. Right? So we have sort of relative free will. I have a, a field of possibility around me that I can sort of make decisions about, but I don’t have the total choice of what happens because I’m not the only entity in the universe. Right? So like if I go to the bank and someone robs the bank, you know, a manifestation expert might say, well, you were a match to getting a bank robbed, so you better do some self why you manifested that. Right? But the truth is that, you know, from a relative level, did I manifest being a part of a bank robbery? Well, you could say yes, but simply because I stepped out of my house and went to the bank, which opened a probability vortex that there is a possibility somebody could Rob that bank. And so if the other variables in the universe organized in the right way, that person got up that day saying, I’m going to go Rob a bank. Just chose which bank to Rob. We could have met in that moment. And so you could say, well, yeah, I did manifest it because if I hadn’t gone to a bank, I wouldn’t be a match to getting robbed at a bank. Right. But the idea can be put forward like it’s your fault. Right. And that’s what I have a problem with because it causes people to live with a sense of anxiety, right? Sort of self deprecating thoughts of like, Oh, I should’ve done better. I should be more in alignment, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, and it’s much more holistically beneficial to live from a place where you say, okay, the flow of life is happening. I have no way to predict what’s going to happen. I’m just going to stay in alignment with my true nature, which is peace, which is clarity and whatever happens in my life, I will accept it. I’ll do the best I can with it, but I’m not going to take personal credit for everything that happens in my life because that’s what the ego does. The ego is the entity in your mind that says, I’m in control. I’m the controller, which if you believe that, then you’re going to be loaded up with guilt. You’re going to live with guilt all the time because if a bad outcome manifests, I’m responsible or they’re responsible, so F them and attack them, right? But if you understand I’m not in control of the flow of life, then the can’t invest it with guilt every time something bad happens. And so you live from this state of acceptance and the state of acceptance is being in alignment, right? That’s all alignment is alignment isn’t nothing bad ever happens. Only good things happen, right? Because that’s not reality. Reality is a probability field. So sometimes a bad probability happens, right? Alignment means I accept whatever happens because I’m, it’s a state of inner alignment with life. I’m not resisting life or saying it shouldn’t be happening, if that makes sense. That makes sense. So almost to the law one, we’re going to first, the next thing I want to talk about two interesting things and that’s the course in miracles. And the law of one. Before we go into that, I want to get your perspective of, of channeled entities. Um, even in lob one, when they ask rah about, uh, they ask about the other channel channel book, you Rancha and he’s like, Oh, you ran shit. That was just some earth spirit that did you know, there, there, there may be, there may be some entities, uh, how do you, because the, the course of miracles is from a channel to entity obviously. Oh, I believe that it’s from Jesus, but it’s definitely from a spirit that’s very similar in a state of Christ that is chanting that she’s channeling and then the law of one. So, and then of course, Abraham. And so what is your perspective? How do you evaluate a channeled entity? What is your, what is your impression? Do you, what is your feeling about channeled entities in general and how do you assimilate the information that you get from them? Well, this is actually why I’m such a big fan of, of course in miracles and law of one because there’s actually a lot of crossover between the two texts. Um, I’m sure as you’re familiar, you know, rah speaks about Jesus on like four separate occasions and now he calls him Yehoshua was his actual historical name, right? Um, but they ask him, you know, what’s Jesus up to now? Because rod explains, Oh, he was a fourth density soul who chose to incarnate as a wanderer on earth to be of service in this unique way to basically be a catalyst for this world religion to evolve into the next state. And so he knew he was coming to be a martyr and all of that. And so they say, okay, well where is this entity now? And he says something like, he is in the process of learning the ways of fifth density, right? He’s learning about healing or fifth and something. I remember that comment. He’s, he’s still learning. He’s in it right now. He’s in the process of learning, right? Yeah. He’s now in the fifth density beginning his learning. Then you know, fifth density is the density of wisdom and if you read a course in miracles, it’s like the most classic fifth density texts you’ll ever find. If you want to know, if you want to know what the essence of fifth density is like of course a miracle read. Of course in miracles, that is exactly what you will be learning at some point. You can learn it now, but when you are in fifth density, or if you’re a fifth density wanderer and you return to that after this incarnation, I mean, that’s sort of the program you’re on. It’s all about learning the difference between truth and delusion. And, um, that’s why the course can be a little bit triggering for a lot of people as it’s like, Hey, guess what, there’s truth and illusion and there’s no difference. And so if you are believing something that’s causing suffering, that’s cause it’s not true. And, uh, people who have this identity of, you know, I am my traumas and don’t tell me I wasn’t really a victim. You know, they want to hang onto that identity so much. The course is like, well, you’re not a victim. Sorry. It like doesn’t make any apologies, you know? So it’s very fifth density kind of lacking a bit in the love, compassion area. Um, but purposefully, so, um, so I really liked those two texts in that way. But to answer your question, I don’t really look at channeling like they’re channeling or they’re not. Right. Because it’s more complicated than that. It’s sort of like, it’s just like a radio in a sense. Um, you can get a clear signal, you can get a muddy signal, you can get a signal with a lot of static. You can thankfully hear what the signal is saying or the voice on the other side. And so when you listen to entities like Abraham or Bashar, uh, there’s different levels of channeling, right? And when you’re reading the law of one or course in miracles, you’re like, you know, damn, this is so accurate that this person who’s channeling had to be just completely Mia. Like they couldn’t be standing on a stage with a mic in their hand walking around teaching a conference because they need to be finely tuned to receive this level of information. So a lot of people will say, Oh, when you compare what Abraham says to Rod’s like, no, it’s like night and day. But that doesn’t mean Abraham’s not channeling, right? It just means she’s maybe channeling a wide band vortex or wide band signal. And so she’s getting impressions from a higher source and she’s translating what she’s feeling on the insight into human words. And so it’s not like this is exactly what the entity on the other end is saying, right? Because the entities on the other end don’t actually speak physical language [inaudible] interpreters essentially. Yes, exactly right. You’re interpreting channels of energy that are symbolically giving them intuitions and feelings and inspirations that will lead them to say things that are very accurate according to that inspiration. But they’re not like, like a game of telephone, like listening to someone talking, which is kind of how it’s seen. But when you get to something like law of one, you know, Carla had to go into a very deep trance, just speak with RA. And rod actually says in the very beginning he says, uh, you know, the reason we have difficulty finding people to channel this information is because we send a very narrow bands, right? I mean it’s so specific. They’re telling them you need to light the incense at this angle and you need to light a candle at, I mean there’s RA’s giving instructions, the beginning, it’s so specific. It’s very interesting compared to other channelers. So, so before we get to the log one, cause I know that’s going to be a long one. The course in miracles, if you wanted to, the thing that, that, that strikes me the first time I read a long time ago, it’s, it’s got that Christian terminology that that is one of the triggering things when you read it. It’s very, it’s biblical. It has biblical language to it. Uh, and, and some people, it’s such a long book and they find it confusing. So if we were to summarize the, the message a little more than just saying that it’s talking about forgiveness, right? Is there, is there something beyond just the simple message that we already know that Christ, you know, that is in the Bible, that the course in miracles really brings to us? If you were to, if you, if somebody on the street you were to explain it to them, how would you, how would you best explain the message of this person here? Yeah. Well, it makes a lot of sense to me that Christ, the person who was physically incarnated as Jesus 2000 years ago might actually be the entity giving the course material. Um, you know, the course doesn’t say on Jesus until you guys, right. But it says things like, this is what I meant when I said love thy neighbor as thyself and things like that. Right? So you know, the way that social memory complex is work is a bit difficult for us to understand. When you truly merge consciousness with others, then it might be a different, you know, sole entity speaking for Jesus, let’s say. But it’s not a violation of, of any kind because their, their consciousness is merged. So it’s like I have full complete understanding of you and what you would say and how you would say it because I am you now, so I can kind of speak for you and it’s not like it’s totally authentic. Right, right. There’s no difference to them at that level. So, so it makes sense that Jesus would be the one giving that material in my opinion. Because in the same way that Ross says, you know, we felt obligated to come back and relay this message again like we did to the Egyptians, you know, many years ago because it was distorted, our message was distorted and so we felt obligated to correct those distortions, which is why we’ve been searching for channels like you for so long. I feel like Christ would probably do the same thing, right, with the message of the gospel and wouldn’t you want to, the way that I started with interpreting it, if you started going, Oh my gosh, they’re just saying all this stuff, please somebody out there, can I, this is what I meant. It’s like I was using the head as a symbolic example for suffering and they turned it into this weird concept of hell. Like, so yeah, that’s what I’d be doing. I’d be like, okay, I need to find somebody. I can channel this and maybe may just maybe a little bit of my message can get through. Yup. Yeah, that’s, that’s actually sort of the concept of karma, right? That rah talks about like, you know, a wanderer who incarnates into third density can become karmically involved. Um, if they’re not careful, right? Like just sort of a risk that they take as they might become comically involved. Meaning they might commit some serious errors that they will feel obligated to return again into another lifetime to fix that mistake. So just, just, so people under the, the concept of the wonder is discussed in the law of one and that’s just that their souls that come back and go backwards in density with certain purposes and messages. Correct. They have their certain intentions in doing so. Yeah. If you know what a star seat is, the term star seed, it’s essentially a star seed from someone who chooses to go back and we’ll get into this later, but it goes back to a stage they’ve already gone through to be of service to others, which helps them to spiritually polarize and all that. That’s what kind of a wander is. Alright, so the log one, uh, I’m gonna put a link to your playlist. You have four really good video. Hopefully you got more coming. Uh, I’ve never heard somebody explain the law of one as clearly as you do. I have not talked about it very much on my channel. Usually what happens when people say, okay, tell me about the loved one. Here’s the playlist I want you to check out because you do a really good job of kind of summarizing it cause as you say, this is doctoral level metaphysics that we’re discussing. But th but when you, when you go back and start reading it, there’s a feeling I have that this is real. There’s a part of me that says I N it’s like I already knew this on some level. Uh, so for the people that have never heard of the loved one, I’m going to tell you to pause the interview right now and go and look at those. Go in and look at the link that I’ll provide. And maybe I’ll, I’ll put a, uh, a card here for that as well. But I want you to give your best attempts so people can join it in this con discussion and understand what the lob one is. Yeah. But the best video to watch is the seven densities for sure. Right? Cause they kind of explains the whole premise of log one really. Um, but the idea is that, you know, the biggest question that plagues the average person is like what’s the purpose of all this? Right? Why are we here? What is going on? Why is there something rather than nothing? And the law of one is all about answering those questions. Really what the law of one says is that there is one source, one will, the one infinite creator a one mind, one intelligence, whatever you want to call it. And it is the only being that exists. There’s, there’s one mind in the universe. And so this one mind has no contrast. There’s no other entity it can have a conversation with to know what it’s like. So how does it, how is it going to know what it’s like? We’ll ask to create physical reality and all of physical reality serves as a sort mirror to allow the source to experience what it is like. Right? But the other interesting caveat is that the, the one source is infinite. So there is no ends to the varieties of, of experiences it can have. And so the universe is eternal for that reason. It has always been happening and it always will happen and it’s all a way for the source to know itself. And sometimes you’ll have people that have trouble with this concept and say, well, if it’s, if it’s infinite intelligence, what does it need to know itself? Shouldn’t it already know itself? Right? And the answer is a bit complicated because the answer is yes, it already does know itself because it’s always been knowing itself, but sense of the jerky metaphysically to wrap your head around. But that’s what infinity or eternity implies is that it’s simultaneously does know itself and is always knowing itself. Like the physical universe that’s happening now as always been happening. So they’re like, there never was a time where the source was like, you know, I’m so lonely. I don’t want to know myself. What should I do? I’ll create physical reality. Right, right. You could almost say that knowing itself is what it is. It’s constantly, it’s like a, it’s like, it’s, it’s bingeing, some, a bunch of different Netflix who write itself. It’s constantly bingeing. It’s, it needs more and more. Give me more experience that all over the place. Kind of a little bit like that. Right? That’s how it’s rediscovering and knowing itself constantly a little bit. Yeah. It’s, it’s sort of like, um, I, I like it, uh, to use the analogy of a box of chocolates and it’s sort of tasting all the chocolates and you know, its essential nature is oneness. Um, it’s unity. It is, is perfect. It’s completed, lacks nothing. You know, infinity implies no lack. Lack is the only thing that can’t exist. And so it’s, its fragrance of its nature is peace and love and oneness and unity. Right? But it can’t know what that’s like experientially without the contrast of the hilarity of that. Right? So you could think of it like, like food, right? Like there’s two ways to know what food you like. You can just eat foods you like, but when you eat a food you don’t like, you get a different appreciation for the food you do. Like, or if you think about, if you’ve ever gone on a missions trip, right? You think, I don’t need a missions trip to appreciate my life. Well, sort of true, but go on a missions trip to a third world country and you’ll come back with this extreme level of gratitude, right? Right. And so you could see that as kind of what the sources doing. But again, it’s not because the source needs to know itself or else that’s lacking something. It doesn’t work like that. It’s sort of like, uh, the source is the knowing itself, if that makes sense. There’s a feeling you get when you read the law of one of the playfulness of sorts. It wants to create and explore new things constantly on such a level beyond anything that we can. So it’s constantly here, here’s some of my power wants you to, you know, I get a little bit of that. Um, so there, when you come out of reading this, it’s this incredibly massive, almost science fiction opera that is occurring in the universe that would make for like this incredible it movie that you know better than the Jedi and the Sith just amazing that is happening. So explain the first of all, the, the interesting concept is the logos. And it’s interesting because I’ve read channeled works from ascended masters by like Deon fortune and they’re mentioning the logos. It’s something that has been mentioned before in other, in other works. So, uh, the idea is I’ll have you explain it, but the sun, the planets, the solar system, each become their own independent entity on some level as if they are conscious beings. Right? So when I look up at the sun right now, I’m thinking, what is the sun thinking? Well, you know what, what, what’s the, what is your anus or Neptune or all these, every planet has its own consciousness. That’s what I’m getting. Which is a fascinating concept. Yes. It’s amazing. It is. It reminds me of, uh, Ian banks had a book called a the culture where these massive star ships that were super intelligent, they would interact with each other and it’s, I’ve always tried to a game plan. Imagine what these, because you, I’ll have you explain it cause uh, first of all explain that the, they, the sun is given its own, it’s kind of its own little solar system and it creates like a playground, all the different planets and that the archetypes and am I getting that correct? Absolutely. Yeah. And so it’s, it’s kind of its own little playground. This, the sun itself is creating its own solar system universe and it, and it has, so the implication is that these planets are, and when, when, when they have something happened, the sun shares its information with the universe, kind of like this, the universal intranet, uh, the Akashic record, right. That’s occurring. So when, when, when, when, when we do something, the son shares it, the whole universe knows and it’s, this is constantly going on with every solar system all over. Yes. Right. That’s exactly right. The sort of the way that it works, if you think about it like a game, right? And let’s say you are the one infinite creator with infinite possibilities. You can do whatever you want, but you want to create a game that feels authentic and organic, right? You want it to feel like a real experience because nothing you create is actually real only you are real, right? Absolutely speaking. So you have to create the illusion of a real game. So how do you do that? Well, the first obvious step is that anything you create in the game is you. So if you know it’s you, it loses all of its symbolism and meaning, right? It’s meaningless to you, right? Because you already knew what you’re doing and all that stuff. So to make a game that appears to have a certain rule set means that you have to cut off, you know, the source essentially cuts off of portion of its consciousness in memory and places itself in the game and just keeps doing that layer upon layer upon layer. So it stacks these layers of the game to create this experience where it’s looking up in itself from all these different vantage points. You’re going, Whoa, I see what I’m like, because if it’s just itself, it doesn’t actually know what one this is because it is itself, it has no context. So it creates an illusion of separation, which is what the course in miracles talks about, all separations, illusion, and that that illusion or that boundary it puts in place of the forgetting that rod talks about, gives it the ability to look up through that veil and see itself from a a unique vantage point and have a different understanding. And so that’s kind of what the concept of the logos is, is that the creator makes the universe in layers. It’s not like what the religion has taught us in, you know, the book of Genesis that says, you know, let there be boom, and then everything just appears, right? Right. The creator that actually does not poof anything into existence. Everything is created through evolution, through a cyclical. Now you had a biblical quote now that the common one is in the beginning was the word, but there’s also portions of the Bible that say in the beginning was the logos. Uh huh. So the, the, they’re seeing the logos is the word. That’s probably a different interpretation of the logo. That’s right, yes. Okay. Now Ross says that the logos is the, um, he says all of creation is a part of one original thought, right? And so that thought projects itself down many layers of density. Correct. Which creates almost like you can think of like layers in a cake or something that creates this expanded universe with dimensions, right? And so once it has dimensions, time and space, it can move around or have the illusion of moving around. Everything is happening inside of its own mind. Um, exactly the same way as a dream at night. You know, you dream, you project a portion of your consciousness. You, you localize a little bit of your consciousness. You might know, my name is Brian. Uh, I’m a person. You keep a few of the elements, but you forget about your kids, your wife, your family, your house, your car, your job. You don’t take any of that with you on purpose. Cause you want to have a different experience where you can be running away from a dragon or whatever’s happening in the dream, right? So you have to keep that veil of forgetting or else the whole dream falls apart. And none of it’s taken seriously any longer. And so everything in the dream is actually you. It’s your mind. It’s all inside of your mind, right? Right. And so you’re setting up this experience. So it’s really an undimmed believably intelligent process that’s been put in place. And so, yeah, the sun is, you know, I think actually galaxies Ross says is the first logos, a star system, a star cluster, that is its own intelligence, right? So it keeps a portion of the creator’s infinite intelligence, uh, limited to a certain parameter. And then inside of itself, it creates stars. Stars are the sub logos and the star itself retains a portion of the galaxies intelligence and puts in place a solar system creating planets from its own organic materials. Those planets become a sub sub logos right within the planet. Now a portion of the sun’s intelligence a, it creates weather and plant life, mineral life, chemical life, human life, and each life on that planet is a sub sub sub logos, right? So this is why Jesus said, I and my father are one cause it he recognized I’m actually just an extension of the stores. His intelligence. It’s just a beautiful thing to imagine the infinity of this creation and all of the different variable possibilities. When you imagine it, it’s, it’s exciting to think about that. Not only is it exciting, but to me it’s, it’s the most freeing, um, spiritual experience you can have. It’s what they call cosmic consciousness, right? Right. When you open your awareness to the variables that are out there that you had been closed off to. Um, the only feeling that ever happens is this feeling of wonder and awe and almost reverence and peace when you realize, okay, great. Like my little tiny life is not the only thing that exists. And anytime you feel depression or fear or anxiety, it’s always because your parameters are too narrow. You’re just seeing one little funnel. And so that’s the only thing that exists you. And so you’re taking it so seriously, but the law of one expands your awareness of who you are to this infinite level. So where you go, okay, whatever happens in my life is not the end all be all right? No, there’s, there’s more, there’s infinite experiences to be had. And so I’ll just do the best I can with what I have, knowing that it doesn’t define me in any way. It’s not the only experience I’ll ever have. I have thousands of more lifetimes and I’ve already had thousands of lifetimes. So you stopped taking your life so damn seriously. And that actually frees you to explore and create yourself in a way that you cannot do when you’re living in the rigid confines of fear. Right? How small would a concept of God be that theirs or he or she just created one planet and this is it, that God’s only creation was this one planet and there I’ve met people that I care about that will argue with me beyond anything that that’s, Hey, there’s nothing. There’s no other life in the universe. This is, it says it in the Bible. This is the only place where life exists. And how can you imagine if you were God, would you only have one planet, would you? It’s a question that I want to have answered and of course not. Right. Okay. Well, the reason that they can’t accept that there’s other life in the universe is because if they do, they have a lot of other questions to answer. Right? Like, okay, did, did Jesus die for all of their sins too? Right? That’s a tough one. It’s a tough one. It immediately eliminates all of the religious fallacies that they’ve been holding so dear. So they just simply can’t afford to accept that idea. And I understand that. I, I get where they’re coming from. Yeah. So just talk about density’s a little bit. [inaudible] um, we’re, most of the earth is in a third density like animals and dogs or like kind of second density. Right, right, right. Um, by the way, you have a, you should, you have one of the cutest dogs of all time. Yeah. He’s pretty cute. He’s pretty awesome. So I then, um, fourth density is, uh, just explain the, the fourth, fifth and sixth densities as described by, um, by RA in the LA one as best you can. Just so when we start talking about it, people know what we’re talking about, right? Right. Yet it’s a bit complicated, but it’s also pretty simple, right? In a way. Kind of like everything in the universe, right? It sort of describes the progression of how consciousness evolves. I mean, you can, you can see that this is true just in your own life, right? You can just isolate this little, you know, 30 years that I’ve been alive and see, has my consciousness evolved. You can say, okay, I used to have these beliefs in place. I used to believe these things about myself. Life brought me new experiences that challenged those beliefs through suffering and contrast. And I was forced to see myself in a new light and leave those old beliefs behind and I expanded my awareness of who I am. So you can see the evidence that obviously consciousness evolves, uh, just in your own life. You know, the, the you that you are now is so vastly different than you at 10 years old or five years old and the you, you’ll be at 80 years old. We have much more expanded version. And so it’s a bit of a paradox to say consciousness evolves because consciousness is just pure awareness, but it’s just a concession to the limitations of language that your soul is a frequency in consciousness. A unique vibration that is going through the contrast of physical incarnation and all a physical incarnation that’s happening is like a virtual reality game that is allowing your soul’s frequency to increase its vibration. Its rate of vibration, which allows, the faster you could say a frequency vibrates, the more expanded it becomes, the more it can take in or absorb of the universe and the, the creator’s true nature. So the reason that consciousness wants to increase its vibratory rate is to aid in the learning process or knowing process of the universe, of the creator. So it’s a pretty simple concept that consciousness incarnates into these dreams or these, uh, incarnations to learn and expand itself and gain new experiences. And so it does that through the process of densities. And so a density is, um, if you think about what a density is in a physical way, you know, everything science explains that everything actually is light. Even, you know, physical objects are just lights in an entanglement, quantum relationship. And so the slower the vibratory rate of the light is the more dense and hard and slow the object appears. And the faster its vibratory rates, the more ethereal and you know, fast moving it appears to be, but it’s all just light on a, on a spectrum of density. So you can think of it like water. When water is frozen, it’s at a much slower density, which means it’s hard, it doesn’t move, right? Uh, and then if you speed up the vibratory rate of the H two O it becomes liquid and it can move around. And then if you continue to speed up its vibration, it becomes steam and vapor and it can actually move around even more and go into the atmosphere and separate, right? So that is kind of how consciousness works on a spectrum of density, right? So it begins in the first density, which is like organic matter, rock water, air, fire, the four elements. And it spends billions of years our planet earth, you know, those elements interacting fire, water, lava, gas and that eventually created chemical life. I mean it is chemicals but more chemical life, microbial life. And then the microbial life becomes plant life, becomes insect, life becomes animal life. And it just continues to evolve. And that would be the second density when growth and movement starts happening. So consciousness learns that there’s an environment and there’s me and the environment. So there’s awareness of that and so it can now respond to the environment in second density. And so that progresses from, you know, a plant that can respond to the environment a bit all the way through an animal, a pet, which we give names to. And it started, starts to evolve a concept of self. And then once the organism develops a conceptual understanding of what it is, I exist as a concept. That’s the third density. We call that self-awareness. So ego, uh, the idea of what happens to me is a reflection on who I am. Those are all third density concepts, right? So that’s where we all are now in a third density state. And fourth density is the density of love and oneness where consciousness begins to learn in third density, it learns separation. You know, I’m a body, I’m over here. You are a body over there. So we are separate, right? And so through the contrast of third density, which is a very intense density with lots of catalysts, lots of suffering. The, the relation I have with you consciousness begins to realize that what I do to you, I actually do to myself on some level, but I can’t cause you suffering that I don’t experience in some way either I actively suffer by witnessing the suffering I produced or I suppress it and it becomes guilt in the subconscious. But either way, we are causally linked. You and I. So on some level we must be one. And so when, when consciousness develops a concept of oneness, a we, it shifts into a fourth density vibration, which then caused it to feel love towards, towards others and recognizing that actually there are no others. Everything is an extension of me. And that’s, that’s a fourth density understanding. And then fifth density is what happens to after, you know, whatever amount of time. And fourth density of love and compassion, there’s a tendency for this love to be a bit overzealous, overextend itself, right? Um, where I’ll do whatever I need to to help you even at the cost of myself. Right? So there can be some propensity for like martyrdom and stuff. And so fifth density is when consciousness begins to learn that actually there’s some wisdom to be had here that even though you and I are one, that doesn’t mean I should serve you at the cost of myself because actually I’m no less valid than you. So there needs to be a balance here and how we relate to one another and you know, you’re learning certain lessons that you need, uh, for your own growth. And so I shouldn’t always infringe upon that, uh, step into your game and sort of help you learn these lessons. But part of what you’re experiencing is necessary. So fifth density wisdom will only serve others when it is seen as necessary or when it is requested, perhaps. Um, so there develops a little bit of, of equilibrium there. And then six density is what happens when perfect balance between love and wisdom is achieved. Okay. And that takes some time apparently. Apparently. Yeah. Yeah. Needs of years, billions of years. Yeah. Um, and that’s also because there’s not much catalyst in those densities. There’s not much suffering. And the seventh density is kind of unknown, a little bit, very much just one. This is best we can say, but it’s, there’s still some unknown to it. So, and a negative. So the negative polarity, uh, there go moving into the fourth density. It’s a love of self, but it’s still a love. Cause you’re saying, you know, fourth, the density is love, right? But, and then Roz saying that there is negative and positive are the same. It’s all God’s one thought. So the negative polarity is moving towards love, but it’s a love of self. Yes. It’s, it’s the polarity of true love, which is oneness, right? Separation based love. So it’s not, I love myself because I am you. It’s, I love myself cause I’m not you, which is narcissism, selfishness. So, um, the way that the negative path polarizes through fourth density, um, is that there, there becomes an obsession with myself. And so I serve myself at the cost of you rather than, um, at the benefit of you, because all service is ultimately self-service. Right, right. Um, if I serve you and I give you love and compassion and kindness, that makes me feel really good. And I also experienced that love. Um, of course the miracle says that the law of heaven is that giving and receiving are the same thing. Right? So the negative path is the opposite of that, which says, I don’t give to you to give to myself. I take from the community also for, right. Okay. So, and I love this idea, but it’s hard for me to fathom that RA is a social memory complex of the planet Venus that, um, we that did not have opposable thumbs. So have you visualized in your mind like what the Vini Venetians looked like? You know, sometimes it’s easy to talk about this stuff on a highway, but okay. It’s first of all, it’s, it’s incredibly awesome to imagine that there was, there was life on Mars, there was like on Venus, and right now, according to rod, there’s life on other planets in the solar system that we don’t even know about. Right? That’s still, each planet is, has its own thing going on, right? I mean, I’m sure that if we could go to even the, even the gas giants I’m sure have some kind of life, some different kinds of life that we don’t understand and not yet. And so, um, so yeah, that they were able to be in this, was able to, to move to a social memory complex and move to a six density quickly because they weren’t in yet. Right. I understand. Yeah. The way rod describes it is that it’s like an experiment, right? The, the logos is its own experiment. Every sound, every star is its own experiment. And so each planet is a different variation of an experiment that the logo’s wanted to have or try out. And then it shares that data apparently with all other logos in the salt, the galaxy or whatever. So they all have access to, Hey, this worked really well. This didn’t work very well. Um, and that’s how the, the whole concept of the veil of forgetting came about. Apparently that one star system, you know, billions of years ago, who knows, decided, Hey, what if I cut off the memory of all the incarnating beings from their incarnation and see what happens, see what happens. Right? And what they found was that it provided an atmosphere where spiritual growth was rapidly accelerated because everything was taken so seriously. And so I think rah uses the example of a poker game says, you know, if you know all the hands being played at the whole table all the time, the game isn’t very fun, right? There’s nothing at stake. There’s nothing to be risked. True. But when you only know what ham do you have and you don’t know what hands they have, well now we have a game right now I can learn the game, uh, which is a form of learning who I am learning myself. And it, it, it accelerates this process of growth, whether positive or negative. And so that was seen as a highly successful experiments that all the other logos are, you know, most of them who knows, decided to adopt. And so in that same way, one of the experiments, apparently, I don’t know if it’s unique only to our logos, I probably I doubt that, but was this concept of opposable thumbs. And so Ross says that the beings that were on Mars, you know, billions of years ago, uh, had opposable thumbs, which caused them to become very obsessed with toolmaking, which led to weapon making, which led to war. So that was the outcome of that experiment. And Venus didn’t have that experiment in place. There was no opposable thumb, which means that those, uh, beings didn’t get obsessed with toolmaking as much. And so they had a much more harmonious path to evolution and they accelerated into fourth density very quickly. And so, uh, now they’re a social memory complex that exists, you know, in the, uh, Astro planes or whatever. And so we’re going through this process, but we have the opposable thumbs like Mars as well, which apparently wiped itself out due to war and conflict, right? So we’re kind of seeing if, uh, maybe we’re going to do the same thing or not. Right? So this idea of spiritual evolution runs through law of one. It’s amazing that evolution is part of the design. Each of these planets, each of these solar systems is constantly evolving. That’s what we’re, I mean what an incredible creation. We’re not just stuck in one thing. We are as a species are improving. The planets are improving, the galaxy is improved, the universe is constantly improving by sharing its information. Yup. It’s amazing. It’s fascinating. So, so for people that haven’t read it, it first, my first question is, okay, so how do we travel faster than the speed of light? And so rock explains there is just like in science fiction, the from serious, I guess they, they are able to freeze their bodies and travel long distances. And there are some, there are some species that can Slingshot using the speed of light. And then on six density, I guess they can go wherever they want. There’s a certain level of density where you can travel by thought. So that, that, that’s amazing. So then the exploration of Orion, I, so I guess that there’s this pretty negative polarity species that has tried to conquer us and influence us throughout our evolution from Orion. So I want to get, you’d think that, uh, because of the space that w that, that this, our logos doesn’t like other logos coming in and messing around with his experiment. But I guess it’s okay. Um, there’s obviously the Confederation is working on that, but it’s interesting that, yes. So, so Orion has throughout history landed in it and they have, uh, in that planet of Orion. Is that my understanding? Yes. It’s, it’s pretty, um, it’s pretty fascinating when you start to understand the mechanics of how these groups, uh, associate and how they work, right? Um, but you have to first understand the nature of the positive and negative and how they get clarity. So there’s a huge risk reward for the negative path. Um, all polarity on the negative path has to essentially be taken by force. It has to be coerced and manipulated and right. So, so it’s much more difficult to polarize on the negative path. So the difficulty in the negative for negative entities to like infringe on our free will is that they, they automatically activate the possibility of the reverse effect happening. So like if they decided to, in like, let’s say a negative group decided to land on our planet and tried to enslave us, right? Well, they would potentially create a very powerful counter reaction where the positive beings would group together and say, no, we’re not going to let this happen and we’re going to band together in this huge inspirational movement could start that would actually depolarize them because they created positive polarity in us, right? If they do something that creates a positive polarity, that depolarizes them. So they have to create a negative polarity. So they do that by, really, it’s very like crafty coercion. It’s like mind manipulation because they can’t afford to let you know that they’re trying to take advantage of you because that activates your desire to, uh, retract in a sense. But you would do that by going into the positive polarity. So raw is a, Oh, go ahead. Sorry, I didn’t mean to, whatever. Well, that’s about all I was gonna say. No. But RA’s claiming that things like the 10th commandment, 10 commandments, um Oh the, the, that aliens from Orion cause cause there would be no, uh, God would, would not say, thou shalt not. Yes. That the 10 commandments come from Orion. And it was a subtle manipulation. Even though Moses is this really positive as rocks explains was, was super positive. He was being given information that when I read the hubs, it’s mindblower. Right. That’s a mindblower. Right. That’s amazing. Well, and the reason that it’s, you know, these, these negative entities are extremely smart, extremely crafty. Yes. They’re very good at what they do. And so not only they have, you know, psychic abilities that would blow our minds, but it can, they can read your thoughts, they can read your intentions and all that kind of stuff. And so it makes perfect sense from a negative perspective that that’s what they would do. Because again, they’re not going to show up and be like, Hey, we’re God’s worship us. We’re gonna enslave you. Because that would just create a counter reaction. We have to, they have to sort of work their way in through the back door in a sneaky fashion. So to make a, a 10 commandments for example, saying you shall not do this, you shall not do that. Well, what is that going to begin creating? What’s the fruit that’s going to produce? It’s going to create a culture of guilt. A guilt. Exactly. Guilt is the primary weapon of the negative path. So they’re trying to get guilt worked into the system of that religion, which they did very successfully, right? It worked very well. It did. So that we, um, the, according to rod, the earth is, is cordoned off essentially, and because they’re trying to protect us from these negative entities, and there is a literal thought war that only four major, um, there’s a Confederation, which is a group of, uh, different planetary entities that all work together. And four, only four at a time, we’ll work to protect the guts because it’s so difficult and hard. And, and, and that’s the way that rocks, when am I getting that correct? Yeah. Yeah. So, so right now at this moment there’s, there’s, there’s entities monitoring the earth and we’re cordoned off to protect us from, from the influence of Orion. Yes. It’s, it’s sort of like the answer to the Fermi paradox, right? Why are we seeing that is I never thank you. Why aren’t we seeing that’s because we’re, we can’t right now, it would not be good for us. Yeah. We don’t understand like what the nature of higher intelligence is. Like we just have our little context and viewpoint and so we think that that applies to everything. But not only are we not alone, but we’re like in a little tiny playpen in consciousness, kindergarten being supervised by adults. Right? Yeah. And so the positive path, the most important thing for the positive path is to not infringe on ThreeWill. So it actually depolarizes polarizes them to infringe upon free will. Right? So like they’re not going to come down to theK , here’s all these lessons you need to learn. Let me tell you all about it. Like that would infringe on our natural organic evolution. And so they, they know that the, the whole purpose of the universe is for the creator to have this authentic experience. And so they want to allow entities to go through the natural process of evolution uninfluenced upon by outsiders. And so they purposefully do not want to contact us and give us all their technology and tell us all their information because they want us to first learn the lessons ourselves. And you know, they’re not going to come save our planet for us. They want us to learn the ways of love and oneness and save ourselves. So it’s from their perspective, it’s like, well, we need to watch this play out and honor their free will if they want to destroy themselves. We’re not gonna stop them from doing that because that’s not free will. But at the same time, if there is a desire for entities on this planet to be free and to expand and learn the ways of love, if that desire is present and then they’re, they’re allowed to help us a bit. So they’ll do that through channeled works or inspirations or they’ll give us the lead little breadcrumb trails for us, what they want us to go eat, the bread crumbs ourselves, right? They’re not going to plop them in our mouth for us. Right? And so that’s kind of the nature of the positive path. And so you have the positive and the negative, which are sort of working an opposition on this planet. And so the, the negative path, it’s to their benefit to make our planet become a negative planet, right? So they want to influence the ways of selfishness and greed and all that. But again, they can’t do it in an open way that would potentially ruin everything and cause a counter reaction. So they do it through governmental systems and they influence the powers that be. And we see that in our politics and big pharma and medicine and all kinds of, you know, prison system. And so both, both polarities of higher intelligent beings are sort of working behind the curtains, trying to coerce us into one way or the other. Um, but we are seeing at the same time, um, extraterrestrial entities appearing more and more often. And it’s actually happening in such a way that the government is coming out now and saying, Hey, here’s all these public domain UFO encounters our military has had. We’re going to put these out there. And I’m, I don’t know if you’re very familiar with David Wilcock and [inaudible] aspirate and about the loved one too. So yes. So he’s behind, you know, an investigation of people that are coming forward who work for these extra government sources who have been used in these systems that are saying, Hey, we’ve actually been, you know, extraterrestrials have been contacting us for a long time and we actually have some of their technology. We back engineered and the government’s been keeping it a secret from the population for a very long time. Now there’s like, there’s bases on the backside of the moon and stuff like that and they’re there. There’s like a hundred year program right now coming out where they’re slowly releasing information to the public to make, to ease us into this next era where we understand, Oh, not only are we not alone in the universe for like we’ve been in this little corner facing the wall thinking we’re all alone and there’s an entire playground of other people behind us that have been watching us waiting for us to turn around and acknowledge them. And so like, they’re not, you know, these higher planetary civilizations, they have certain rules in place, right? Like we’re not going to contact the civilization that’s still going to war with itself. Like there’s so far down the totem pole of understanding and intelligence that like we need them to meet certain criteria to join our Confederation, right? And we need them to prove they’re intelligent enough to even have a conversation with us and to agree with our mission statement, right. And to be on board with what we’re doing here. And so we’re just kind of going to monitor until they get their shit together, so to speak. And then we can start making little semblances of contact. And so the example I like to give is like, you know, imagine what an X higher density beings job is like to communicate with us, right? They don’t even speak language. They’re so far advanced, they’re speaking telepathically and stuff. You have to actually open their mouths and utter words. Yes. So like imagine how we communicate with animals, right? Right. You know, a dog or a cat has some capacity to understand words and signs and, but they basically just speak energy. So if you really want to communicate with a dog, you have to give off the energy you want. And so there’s very little communication that really can take place. We can have some relationship, but we can’t have a relationship like I do humans. A human right. On the same token, a fourth density or fifth density being is just vastly beyond our ability to comprehend and intelligence. So the way they communicate with us for them is like us talking to a dog or something, you know? But to us we’re like, Oh my gosh, this is so intelligent. Right, right. Well, it’s interesting to even say that, that, that they went to Eisenhower, there’s a comment in the, in the lob one where they, they, Eisenhower was visited and they, and he was like, I don’t think that we’re ready for this. Eisenhower’s like, I don’t think we’re ready for this. Can you imagine? Can you imagine? Eisenhower was actually in contact on some level in some way. And he was like, cause they, they, they liked Eisenhower. They thought he would be a good person to talk to. And it was like, right. He’s like, I don’t think we’re ready for this. He’s probably right. But there’s, there’s so much happening behind the scenes that it would just infuriate the public if they knew. And I don’t know everyone just from the lack of us knowing. Yeah. It’s, it’s what they’ve been keeping from us. Right. And this is like, um, Bob. Liz are that whole, you know, he came out in the 90s cause he’s just a nerdy scientist kid who loves science and was like being asked by this secret government organization in the desert of Nevada to back engineer this craft they found. And he was like, uh, wait, why are we keeping this a secret? Like this technology could literally save the world. Like hunger, poverty, starvation, disease, famine, gone in a day. Like this is a, not only a travesty to humanity, but it’s a travesty to science, right? Think about how many brilliant minds are being kept from this information, this technology that we could use to back engineer this. But because it’s, it needs to be such a secret because the government’s keeping it for themselves for all the different reasons they would want to do that. Um, he was like, no, this isn’t right. Like, I feel morally wrong for doing this. So he came out on the news and everything and he was saying all this back in the 90s, I, I worked at this base called S four in Nevada. Um, I, you know, he took his friends out for God’s sakes and started filming the UFOs test flights at night. And you know, you, all of it’s on the documentary. Like there’s this object glowing and hovering, you know, and there were like, Oh my God, what is that? You know, he’s like, that’s the thing I’m working on. Like, so you have Bob Luz are people like this, you know, rogue and Joe Rogan has had all these guests on lately. Amazing, incredible. Like the Navy pilot. Uh, I can’t remember his name, but you know, he, he and five other Navy pilots witnessed this tic TAC toe hovercraft that’s moving impossibly fast. There’s no way that we can do anything like that. And they watched it for five minutes circling it. He got within 2000 feet of the thing and he said it was shaped like a giant tic-tac. They tried, they, I mean they asked RA about a lot of these different things and sometimes there, there may be an alien race that just wants us to know about infinity, that I’m that rise it, some of them is purposeful. Some of it’s being a secret, but we’re seeing more. But it was saying that some of that’s purposeful. Some of them appearing is purposeful. Makes a lot of sense when you think about it. If a, these higher beings wanted to make contact with us, they’re not just gonna park their UFL. On the front lawn of the white house and freak everybody out. You know, they’re going to slowly allow us to see their craft flying around and open our awareness of the fact that we’re not alone in the universe. Right? And that’s what Ross says, right, is he’s like, Oh, sometimes they just appear in order to open the people to the mysterious and the infinite possibilities that are out there. Now you have these crazy events like the Phoenix lights, right? It’s like, how do you explain now thousands of people see this gigantic thing floating these lights in the sky knowing this V formation just hovering. Um, there’s no way to explain away all these UFO sightings. And you know, this Navy pilot guy who saw this tic-tac UFO was saying that when they got back to base, their commander informed them. Like, actually we’ve been seeing these craft for a long time. We don’t know what they are. Um, you said on the East coast, there are pilots out there are seeing these crafts that are shaped like a us, a square inside of a circle, like a giant floating square, a circle with a square inside of it and they zip in and out of the places they see 60 some odd of them a year. Right? And so it’s like, what is happening? Like we obviously don’t have gravity distortion technology yet. Um, these craft have no propulsion system. They’re able to basically teleport in an instant. Um, there is no technology on earth that can do that. So how do we explain that? And in my opinion, the only way to explain it is that, yeah, duh. There are other entities in the universe and they’re very extremely intelligent and so they’re not just gonna like kick down the front door, but they’re making us aware of their presence in a way that won’t freak our whole society out. But I think a hundred years from now, it’s very likely that there’ll be some kind of open contact that the world will become aware of with higher species that are trying to let us know, Hey, we come in peace, but there’s a whole lot of shit we need to make you guys aware of. You just hope it’s not a Ryan that shows up first. Right? They already are apparently already art, right? So, um, obviously within the law of one, both the negative and positive are a part of the universe. But there’s a part of me that wants to see this planet moving the positive polarity. And that’s my own cause. I’m on the positive polarity. So what can we do to help this planet? You and I right now with the message that we have, is there anything that we [inaudible] gonna love and I’m gonna spread this message, but maybe we can multiply this or exponentially with the people listening, is there some way that we can shift this planet to a higher polarity, to a positive polarity, to a higher density so that we can join the planets, the Confederation? Wouldn’t that be wonderful if we can, if we could do that. What is your thoughts on that? Yeah, absolutely. There is, um, I think RA goes into pretty good detail on this in law of one, but the idea is like if you want to be of service in a greater, um, in a wider sense, then your only real responsibility is you, you know, to expand your consciousness to increase your polarity because you are a unique frequency in consciousness that contributes to the planetary frequency as a whole. And that’s actually why our planet shifted into fourth density in 2012 according to RA, is that 51% of the population became positively oriented so that the whole planetary frequency could now be mathematically considered a fourth density the planet and the Orion’s like, Oh, right. They’re not happy about it. I’ve been working on this forever, man. Everything’s foiled, right? So, um, I could keep on this, I mean, rah talks about big foot. There’s so many little cotton, little, um, that are unimportant. Even Ross says, yeah, this is not really important. But I’ll tell you the answer a lot of, a lot of the questions they ask. Um, so I could keep on talking. But, um, when I posted on my group that I was going to interview you, a lot of people were um, separate from the law of one. Really loved your teaching on astral projection. And I did too because I, I’ve really, um, I’ve tried with music a lot and you, your lesson was kind of like avoid the music, listen for the sound. And I’ve had, there are people on my group that had by located through your teaching, so I, um, so I wanted to get an idea of some of your astral projection adventures. Uh, do you see one question on the group? I promised I’d ask, do you see a plasma bubble when you actually project? Um, I can’t say I do know. Okay. Um, do you see an astral cord when you ask for project better? The astral quarter, seeing the astral court? Uh, tell me a little bit more about your experiences in exploring, experimenting with astral projection. Well, I probably don’t have as much experience as people think I do. Um, I, yeah, I’m not like some crazy projection masters something. I’m actually not very gifted at it. Naturally. It’s, it took me, I mean, I let her, I learned how to do it relatively quick, but there’s some people, man, that they [inaudible] to dream my whole life. It’s so easy. I just do it. Um, for me, I had to work really hard at it. So I’ve had, you know, probably probably less than 50 Asheville projections, which is a, a good amount of course that’s actually really, really good. But you know, there’s people with thousands of them, right? And I do it almost every day, but, uh, it’s not like you need thousands of projections to consider yourself an expert in something like that. But I just helped people learn how to do it right. Um, I’m not like one of those astral projection teachers that talks about how to do retrievals and, you know, travel to other parallel realities and go see your relatives and stuff. Um, I’m not that advanced to teach people how to do that stuff. Um, I can just tell you how to do it and pretty simple, effective ways to do it. So the experiences I’ve had have been, I’ve had some really interesting ones for sure, but you know, there’s the whole concept of focus two and focus three focus to being like your own dream world. That is all in your mind, right? Um, focus three being the actual astral planes where there are other incarnate entities that you can actually communicate with and learn from and stuff. And so I’ve had very few focus three projections. I think I’ve had maybe five or six that I can feel comfortable saying was definitely a focus. Three projection, right? Most of them are focused, two are focused. One I’m focused, one being like the real time zone. Like I’m actually in my room watching myself, looking at my curtains and stuff. So yeah, that’s kinda been the realm of my experience. Very interesting. And it’s fun to explore. It’s just interesting. So popular topic on my channel is meditation. And so, uh, that you talk about it. Um, do you think that the loved one has given us any lessons on proper ways of meditation that can, that can speed up our process? Have you used any teachings from law of one for meditation wise? Yeah. Um, rah talks about the concept of balancing quite a bit. Broad talks about using, um, the concept of fasting to spiritually polarize. And he talks about the idea of going on a fast, it doesn’t really matter what kind of fast do something that’s challenging, right? But usually food or something like that. And while you’re fasting, you’re using the, um, the level of desire you have to, whether you’re really hungry or whatever and you’re, you’re directing it in the direction of an intention of yours to learn a certain lesson. Like maybe self love or worthiness or whatever. The, the balancing act you’re trying to perform is whatever chakra is blocked and you can use that energy as a very powerful way to polarize and to open that chakra. And so I’ve used a couple of those teachings he gives, cause he does go into pretty good detail on it. Um, and it’s all, you know, meditation is something they stress a lot in law of one. Yeah. I’m going inside of yourself and investigating what distortions you have in place. And that does distortions is a word commonly used by rod, the word distortion, right? Yes. And it has sort of a dual meaning. Um, raw uses the term distortion in elusive sense, which basically just means any variation of intelligent infinity, meaning like intelligent energy itself is pure and it can distort itself in ways to produce matter or beliefs or objects or ideas or thoughts. So he’ll say like the first distortion, meaning the first law, which is free will, right? So, but another level of distortion would be like a negative belief system. Um, like a negative core belief. Let’s say that I’m not worthy. Robin’s say that’s a distortion, something that creates suffering and you have to go inside of yourself to find that belief and do the necessary work to transcend it and purify that distortion, which then opens that chakra. So like worthiness for example, he says is I’m the pineal gland. Worthiness is what activates your third eye. And so when you’ve purified the distortion of unworthiness, then your chakra becomes activated and then the of that chakra become more available to you. Okay. Very interesting. So this has been a genuine pleasure. I’ve learned a lot and I’ve really enjoyed sharing this information just for everybody to know. Um, you offer counseling sessions on your and you also have an online seminar, emotional guidance system that’s October. What, when is that going to be? October Sunday, October 27th for the 27th and you can get information to Aaron [inaudible] dot com forward slash online workshop, correct? Correct. And so I think I’m going to be definitely checking that out and I want to thank you. I’m so grateful for your teachings and helping me along in my process and providing knowledge and helping me to understand some of this stuff. I’m speaking for a lot of other people that your, what you’ve brought has really helped them. You’re raising, you’re raising the consciousness of this planet. So thank you, Erin. It’s a wonderful thing. So keep on going on. I’ll check out every one of your videos. This has been awesome. I’m sure I could suck another three or four hours from you, but, uh, this, thank you. So thank you. Thank you, man. I appreciate

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