Interview Cindy Edison – Channeling The New Earth || EP 310

A few years ago, an American businesswoman of Italian descent, born and raised in the Catskill Mountains of New York, began receiving spiritual messages from an invisible group of entities. At first, this group revealed themselves to Cindy Edison as Abraham, channeled by Esther Hicks, as she typed on her laptop.

“One day, as I was communicating with one of the spirits, I saw Esther’s face, looking right into my eyes,” Edison said. Wondering why she was seeing Esther, she heard the spirit say, “You are seeing the lovely Esther because we don’t have a face yet.” A few weeks later, they revealed to her that they are the evolved consciousness and evolutionary vibration of Abraham, who is the evolved consciousness of Seth, an entity channeled in the 1970s by Jane Roberts and well-known to many in the new consciousness community.

Cindy Edison channels a group of entities known as Josef.

After keeping her communication with her invisible helpers hidden from the public for eight years, Cindy received the go-ahead in 2017 to share the teachings of Josef with the world through public appearances, her website and their books, Allow Your Soul To Lead.

Josef’s Message

Josef’s core message is that the vibration we need to create the new earth is now available to humanity and is what Josef represents. Before we can manifest anything in our world, though, we must first have the energy that resonates with our object of creation. Josef’s purpose is to expand this awareness in the human race in this generation and to “rescue” those who are still lagging behind.

A great portion of the human consciousness has already been raised. Unfortunately, much remains to be done to make paradise on earth a reality. This is because so many people are afraid, resisting and pushing against love, our true nature.

The Josef Collective stresses our oneness. Josef wants us to move away from fear and grow more in love and light and to align with who we truly are.

We are microcosm of the Trinity, Josef reminds us. The Father manifests in us as our soul. The Holy Spirit is our individual vibration of the soul, personalized through our ego aspect, our thoughts and our beliefs. The Son is us, the human aspect of the soul.

All three aspects of who we are function together. The Father as our soul is pure love vibration. The ego aspect is an ally to us, the human aspect and is our friend. It gives us feedback through negative emotion, which is our indication when we are out of alignment with our divine nature. The ego helps us make the right choices we need to raise our vibration. The Son, our physical embodiment, seeks to stay congruent with the Father, who is love and light.

All spiritual paths lead to the ultimate one and each generation witnesses a rebirth of spiritual wisdom through art, music, literature, or other cultural forms. Most architects of this constant spiritual evolution are unaware of the true source of their inspiration. Few are suspect that they are being called and directed by divine beings to raise the consciousness of their peers in specific but powerful ways.

Jane Roberts revealed Seth to the world. Dr. Helen Schucman received A Course in Miracles.  Jerry and Esther Hicks channeled Abraham. Don Elkins brought back The Ra Material. Spiritual guidance through contact with invisible helpers is likely to continue so long as the human race endures on planet earth. Through Cindy Edison as a channel, the hope is that the right people will receive Josef’s message and help in the never-ending task of raising human consciousness.

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