Identifying And Learning From Walk Ins || EP 478

In a previous episode we discussed the idea of walk ins and the research conducted by Ruth Montgomery on the phenomenon.

In this episode we discuss this episode further and examine additional research conducted by Montgomery on how to identify walk ins and what we can learn from them.

You may know a walk-in. You may even be one. They are high-minded entities permitted to take over the bodies of human beings who wish to depart this life. Their mission is to lead us into an astonishing new age. They are walk-ins, and there are tens of thousands of them on this planet.

Walk-in’s are spirits , living in the other worlds ( say… the heavens…) who get permission and opportunity to descend into (and take over) the bodies of humans, who do not want to be in this world anymore, because their lives are too difficult… for instance….without them going so far as to commit suicide… but who do willingly leave their bodies, so that they themselves can enter the spirit world .

Ruth Montgomery has led an interesting life. In 1936, as a young reporter for the Detroit Times, she posed as a member of a racist group called the “Black Legion” to solve a murder that had baffled the police. Montgomery not only solved the murder but uncovered the fact that Detroit’s chief of police was a secret member of the organization. Later she was the first woman journalist to be featured on the popular NBC radio show “The Big Story.” But her biggest “Big Story” lay ahead.

“If you have not already met a Walk-in,” begins Montgomery in the foreword, “you soon will. They are everywhere . . .” The Walk-ins are here, she explains, to help the world prepare for a shift upon its axis that will take place at the close of this century, possibly after a devastating war.

This thought, for those of you who have not read “Strangers Among Us,” Montgomery’s first book on Walk-ins, may be quite a lot to swallow. But in fairness to Montgomery, it does not do to read her books out of sequence. As she evolves, so do her books, gaining weight in minds that already have been prepared by Montgomery to accept what she might have rejected herself.

There is, for instance, the matter of her “Guides,” or discarnate spirits, who have been aiding Montgomery rather significantly in her writing since 1960 by guiding her fingers (after a period of meditation when she is in the alpha state) across the typewriter. Montgomery’s Guides, she explains are “souls, like ourselves, who have lived innumerable earth lives but are currently in the spirit plane, as you and I will be when we eventually pass through the door called death.”

The Guides’ purpose is to “awake us earthlings” to the realities of the world beyond our five senses, and one cannot read Montgomery’s psychic books without accepting the Guides as an empirically solid fact in her life. This reader has no problem with them. They seem to make good sense most of the time and sometimes they are quite funny.

In “Strangers Among Us” Montgomery asked her Guides if she was a Walk-in. “. . . my unseen pen pals are not given to flattery. ‘No, you are not a Walk-in,’ they bluntly replied . . . ‘But one day you may decide to make way for a Walk-in. Until then, do that which you came into this earth to do. We’ll help.”

“Threshold to Tomorrow” is divided into life stories of living Walk-ins, currently occupying the bodies of human beings, most of whom suffered a traumatic or near-death experience that caused them to give up on life. They are starting New Age communes, engaged in scientific research, devoting their lives to philanthropy or still searching for their mission. But all of them are radically different people from what they were before they were “replaced” by the souls that currently motivate their activities. Regrettably, a good many of them were so unfamiliar to their spouses that they wound up getting divorced as a result.

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