Human Evolution & The Ascension Cycle To The New Earth || EP 742

According to many sources, including the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Egyptian God Ra, and Edgar Cayce, indicate the Creator essentially got bored and lonely in the distant past, approximately 4.5 billion years ago. The Creator needed something to do; it wasn’t feeling complete by experiencing unified consciousness all the time. So it conceptualized the idea of breaking itself into parts or Oversouls composed of souls, with a spirit made in the image of the Creator. The Creator knew that the souls within the Oversoul would be able to evolve by their own free will. These souls were given the option to make their own choices and decisions. As a result, each Oversoul would have many individual soul opportunities for many new experiences. Consequently, each soul would experience something that the Creator was not yet able to understand or comprehend.

There are many different cycles throughout the Universe. For example, a 4.5-billion-year cycle, called the “Day of Brahma” in the Hindu tradition, is the length of a given creation. There is also a 206-million-year cycle in which our Solar System makes one revolution around the Great Central Sun of the Milky Way Galaxy. Another repeating cycle occurs every fifty million years during which, in the past, all life on Earth has been spontaneously destroyed. Thereafter, following an equilibrium period, life returns, generally at a different vibratory frequency. Scientists have been studying these cyclic events for many years. Geologists call this fifty-million-year cycle a “punctuated equilibrium.” For example, geologists at UCLA have discovered that the mass extinction of the dinosaurs occurred at the end of one of these Universal cycles. As the cycle came to a close, several chaotic events took place that changed the resonant frequencies of the Solar System. Although the dinosaurs are now physically extinct, their soul essences remain in holograms. All components of the Universe have been designed to follow specific cyclic patterns. Each of the creations that make up the Universe, such as the Galaxies and Solar Systems, has an individual consciousness. All of these individually created parts are a part of the overall Creator source. A Galaxy such as our Milky Way is a conscious being that creates a design for its components, the stars and their Solar Systems. Stars are aware of the entire range of dimensions and have free will in terms of how they carry out the Galaxy’s plan. All planets also have their own consciousness.

According to the Edgar Cayce readings, “each planet has its marching orders from the Divine; only humanity has the free will to defy the will of God”. However, each planet has some say as to how intelligent life evolves within or upon its surface. Previously, at the end of the Universal cycles of seventy-five thousand and twenty-five-thousand years, some fairly dramatic cosmic events have occurred. As each Solar System is evolving, the structure features of all matter in that system change. Some of these changes are brought about by a spiraling, tornado-like wave that is ejected from its sun. The spiraling coil pushes the planets into spheres of energy that create and maintain a higher vibrational frequency. The spiraling coil wave from the sun has qualities of both radiation and intelligence.

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