How To Prevent Psychic Attack || EP 919

 Unless you can defend yourself regularly against psychic attack you will be constantly victimized by people who envy you and wish you harm. Such people sad to say number in the legions in your life.  You don’t suspect how many there are because they don’t have to be outrigh enemies or jealous rivals of yours.  Many of them happen to be your best friends and associates you carry the misplaced thought that you are climbing too quickly in life. Psychic Attacks are more common than most people think.  They can occur unconsciously and without awareness by the attacker.  They can in some cases do great damage mentally and physically to the target of the attck.  These attacks occur in a variety of ways.  In this episode I discuss different forms of psychic attacks reading from Frank R Young Madeleine Morris and some techniques you can use to protect yourself.

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