How To Make Our Mental Pictures Come True By George Schubel (Unabridged Audiobook) || EP 505

1922. In How to Make Our Mental Pictures Come True, Schubel presents a series of easy lessons in the art of visualizing. The lessons are presented in three parts. The first part is on the Mechanics of Visualizing and some of the topics include Photography of the Mind; Mental Camera-Eye, Mind’s Range-Finder and Mind’s Camera-Shutter. The Chemistry of Visualizing is the title of the second part. A partial list of the topics covered in this section are Sensitized Mind-Film, Mind’s Image of Light and Developing Room of the Mind. Finally, the third part is on Technique of Visualizing and features Preparing our Thought-Object for Reproduction, Impressing our Imaged Thought, Reviewing our Developing Picture from Time to Time and Strengthening our Developing Thought.

Music By Mettaverse

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a still mind

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field of oneness

journey through the multiverse

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a universal language

a new beginning

healing tranquility

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