How To Find Your Real Self By Mildred Mann (Unabridged Audio book With Commentary) || EP 392

Mildred Mann had a gift for putting things simply. She defined treatment as nothing more than a change in your thoughts, at any given moment, from negative ideas to positive ones. [By turning one’s attention to a favorite affirmation, a Bible text, or whatever] the conscious mind is forced to think in a new way. And according to the degree of concentrative ability the person has, it will begin to impress the subconscious mind and change the emotion from fear to . . . peace. And then the outer picture, no matter what it is, will begin to change for the better. Elsewhere in the book: The way is extremely simple, but definitely not easy. Still, it is no more difficult than learning to speak a foreign language, studying a new subject, or learning to do anything new.

Her book How To Find Your Real Self remains influential among non-denominational New Thought pratitioners and adherents.

“In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength.”Isaiah 30:15

In this book Mildred Mann tries to help you to find your real self.

It was a joy to read.

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