Holly Hallowell On The Anahata Codes And Waterbending || EP 1211

Holly Hallowell (Anahata) shares practical magic for modern-day Alchemists who REALLY want to create the lives they dream of (in physical form). From where you are, to where you want to be, merely change the energy and voila. All is yours. And OURS already! The key is understanding all three planes: mind, body and soul. Tap into the world of Assisting Frequencies and activate evolutionary DNA. Join her Mega-Morphosis.com Universe(city) and see what power you can unlock. Her four books and countless resources say “you can do anything!” now… get on with it! PS: You can do it. You’re a creator, after all.

Holly Hallowell remembered something astonishing from her past life in Lemuria as a Muan Waterbender: Water is a liquid crystalline supercomputer capable of holding and emitting energy and information. But not just that, she remembered ways to use the Divine structure of Water to ask, align, allow, and activate your full potential and she shares them with you in this revolutionary book.

Her mission is to help people remember that Water is Light Memory (the actual definition) and to show you how to use it to align with anything. Water is the bridge between Spirit and Physicality.

Holly also channeled the Anahata Codes.

The Anahata Codes is the Law of Attraction of Energy Medicine and first began in the Spring of 2015 when Author, Anahata Holly Hallowell had a Divine Download. She set about Channeling The Anahata Codes and they have steadily grown in both depth and popularity. With tens of thousands of people around the world at the time of publication using them to bring peace, joy, healing, and meaning to their lives, the Anahata Codes can be used for any concern or desires: mental, emotional, physical, or Spiritual.

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