Henry Thomas Hamblin -Dynamic Thought Success And Character Building Lesson 6 Denials & Affirmations || EP 715

THE Objective or conscious mind is the mind of the senses. It learns from books, persons,   experience   and   experiments.   It   reasons   on things   learnt,   and   on thoughts  received  from  a  variety  of  sources,:  and  having  passed  judgment, rejects some things as error, and accepts others as truth. Things considered to be truth are passed down into the sub-conscious mind to add to its existing store of memory and experiences.

Whatever  is  passed  to  the  sub-conscious  mind  becomes  translated  into  action. Thus  if  immoral  or  impure  thoughts  are  entertained,  then  immediately  physical changes take  place  in  the  body,  which  are  simply  these  thoughts  being  translated  into action  by  the  sub-conscious  mind.  Thus  if  one  repeatedly  imbibes  this  class  of thought,  a  time  arrives  when  one  is  compelled  by  the  sub-conscious  mind  to indulge  in  immoral  practices.  

This  is  why  many  people  who  have  been  all  their lives apparently quite moral, and well behaved, suddenly break out into flagrant immorality.  It  is  a  great  surprise  and  causes  great  distress  to  relations  and friends. They think that it is a sudden transformation, or that it is due to a certain temptation, or to the evil influence of a certain wicked person. It is instead none of these things. It is simply the result of evil thinking. Evil thoughts produce evil actions. Evil thoughts also attract other thoughts just as evil as themselves. In the same way a person who indulges in evil thinking, attracts other people of similar character. There is a law running through the Universe which is that “like attracts like,” and the operation of this law is unalterable.  

Think  evil  thoughts,  and  you  will  assuredly  attract  others  just  as evil,  which  will  help  to  drag  you  down.  If  a  man  thinks  evil  thoughts  he  will become  evil  in  word  and  deed.  Let  him  think  evil  thoughts  and  he  will  attract other people even worse than himself. In the same way if you entertain thoughts of failure, if you doubt your ability to succeed, if you feel that circumstances will arise which will “swamp” your business, then you will attract streams of “failure” thoughts which will help to keep success away. Not only so, but you will attract other  people  of  a  similar  nature,  whose  pessimism  will  help  to  complete  your final discomfiture. Like always attracts like.

Thus it is that “failures” always drift together, just as men of a successful type always draw to themselves others of the same type of mind. “Birds of a feather flock together” has behind it an unalterable law. It is the same law that makes it impossible to think or fear sickness, disease or ill-health, without drawing to yourself streams of thoughts of, a similar nature p. 126which cause certain cells to vibrate in the sub-conscious mind, and thus produce disease.  And  not  only  by  so  thinking  do  you  produce  disease,  .  but  you  also attract  diseased  people  to  you,  who  help  by  their  “diseased  mental  outlook”  to make your illness become more firmly seated.

The  reverse  is  of  course  equally  true.  If  you  entertain  “pure”  thoughts  you  will attract  thoughts  of  a  similar  kind  from  out  the  ether,  and  be  strengthened  and blessed  thereby.  

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