Henry Thomas Hamblin Dynamic Thought Lesson 3 Changing The Subconscious Mind ||EP 672

DYNAMIC THOUGHT Success and Character Building PART V

THE Objective or Conscious Mind is the outer or surface mind of mind. It is the finite  mind  of  very  close  limitations.  It  receives impressions  through  the  organs of sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. It learns from books, speech, experience and experiment. We  have  seen  that  the  subliminal  mind  is  one  with  the  Infinite  Mind  of  the Universe,  differing  only  in  degree  and  not  in  kind,  yet  this  is  useless  if  the objective mind does not make use of the potential powers lying dormant within.

We  have  also  seen  that  the  so  called  sub-conscious mind  is  pregnant  with tremendous power, and that it is a wonderful intelligence far exceeding anything that the objective consciousness can grasp or understand. Further  that  this  is  regulated  and  controlled  by  thoughts,  impressions  and suggestions,    coming    through    the    conscious    mind.  

Therefore    this    great intelligence  is  ruled  and  governed,  or ought to be, by the objective mind. Yet of what use is all this if the mind of the senses does not govern wisely or does not govern  at  all,  but  lets  the  sub-conscious  mind  run amuck,  as it were, and acting upon instincts and false impressions, untruths and harmful suggestions, turn the whole life into an inferno of trouble and difficulty?

Therefore  you  will  see  that  the  objective  mind,  although  very  limited,  is,  in  a way, the most important of all, at any rate as far as this life and consciousness are concerned,  for  through  it  the  Ego  governs  or  can  govern  the  whole  of  the submerged mind. The Ego is the “I” part of man. It is his personal individual inner self. The real “YOU” is your individual Ego. The  real  “YOU”  within  is  seeking  expression  through  your  minds  and  then through your brain and body and outer life. It can only do this properly when the Will is strong enough either to carry out, or force your minds to carry out, the commands of the Ego.

Suppose  the  real  inner  “YOU”  says  to  the  Will:  I  wish  to  succeed  in  this undertaking. We will imagine that “this undertaking” is a course of study which requires  a  great  deal  of  application  and  perseverance,  and  a  certain  amount  of sacrifice of pleasure for its accomplishment. It necessitates working while others are playing, the resisting of entreaties on the part of friends to join them in their pleasures. After receiving its instruction, the Will passes on the order through the conscious to  the  sub-conscious  mind,  but  unless  your  Will  is naturally  very  strong  it  does this  in  a  half-hearted  manner.  

Although  this  supposed  course  of  study  is  of  the utmost importance, for without it you cannot succeed n  your  profession  or  calling,  yet  the  Will is  so  weak  it  cannot  impress  this sufficiently  upon  the sub-conscious mind, with the result that there is very little driving force behind your efforts. For  a  time  the  studies  go  along  successfully.  

For  one  thing  the  first  lessons  are always easy, and for another, there is the novelty and freshness of the new work, and the glow of self-satisfaction at having entered upon a self-appointed task. But  after  a  time  the  tasks  get  more  difficult  and  require  more  application  and concentration,  the  calls  of  friends  to  join  them  in  their  pleasures  become  more insistent, and the Will not being strong can no longer deal with the situation.

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