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TELEPATHY,  as  you  know,  is  the  ability  of  one  mind  to  communicate  with   the  mind  of  another  without  the   aid   of  any physical  media.   Just  how   this  communication  takes   place, what  modus-operandi  or  energies  are   involved,   no  one  yet knows.  In  his   book   Thoughts   Through   Space   Sherman  conjectured  that the  answer  might  be  contained  in  the  electrical  activity  of mind.  This  implied  the  existence  of  an  electromagnetic  field, operated  in  some  manner  by  the  controlling  entity,   which originated   as  well   as  received  electrically  charged  forms   or impulses. Science  has  disclosed,  through  the  electroencephalograph,that  the  electrical  currents  in  the  brain  can  be  recorded  and measured.  It  has  been  observed  that  mental  and  emotional disturbances  set  up  electrical  storms  in  the  brain,  reflective of  the  excitation  in  consciousness.  I  had  noted,  as  reported,that  intensity  of  feeling  seemed  to  generate  more  energy  and cause  thoughts  to  be  more  strongly  projected.

Cerebral currents, however, are extremely weak. There does not  seem  to  be  enough  electrical  energy  to  account  for  the reception  of  thoughts  at  a  great  distance,  or  even,  for  that matter,  in  the  next  room. Some  years  ago  I  ventured  the  suggestion  that  there  might be  a  form  of  mental  energy,  functioning  in  and  through  a beyond-space-and-time  mental  ether,  which  could  not  be  detected  by  instrument.

Harold Morrow Sherman (1898-1987) was world renowned in the field of psychic research, and conducted experiments with such prominent persons as well-known Arctic explorer Sir Hubert Wilkins, ESP pioneer Dr. J.B. Rhine of Duke University, astronaut Edgar Mitchell, and many others. Apart from his research into mental telepathy and the mysteries of the mind, Sherman’s lifelong writing career encompassed best-selling books on a variety of subjects ranging from sports stories for boys to books on self-help and the afterlife. His first great classic was Your Key to Happiness, published in 1935 and reprinted many times since. He also wrote plays, several of which were produced on Broadway, and wrote screenplays for two Hollywood films, Are We Civilized? (1934) and The Adventures of Mark Twain (1944). For decades Sherman was a popular New Thought lecturer, and in later years hosted annual ESP workshops that drew such guests as Uri Geller, Arthur Ford, Gloria Swanson and many other big names.


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