he intention of this meditation is to guide you into a more powerful visualization using the reality transurfing technique for the target slide. Check out my recent episode in which I did a deep dive into the reality transurfing perspective on visualization using slides ( Transurfing is fundamentally different to other visualization techniques. As you know, desire is the concentration of attention on a goal. Intention is the concentration of attention on movement towards the goal. The driving force behind any action is intention and not desire. Hence what moves you towards the goal is to visualize the process of moving towards the goal rather than to contemplate the goal itself. Intention becoming realized is a process, not a fixation on one single frame, although of course, that does not mean that the goal cannot be part of the mental picture. The mental picture of the goal should serve as the background to the central focus which is the process. Visualization of the process differs from the visualization of the goal in the same way that intention differs from desire. Desire is ineffective. The goal is understood to be the final image towards which one strives but attention must be concentrated specifically on the process of achieving the goal. Finally, to desire something, to imagine oneself at the desired destination is sufficient in the early stages but to progress any further you have to move and carry out a concrete process. These comments might seem trivial but look at the conclusion they prompt us to make: visualization of your goals is the work of desire which will not bring you a single step closer to your goal. Your visualization will effectively be a dummy run. In Transurfing the visualization practice involves imagining a mental picture of the process of moving towards your goal based on the principle that the goal must be reached sooner or later because the power of intention is working. A slide is something you carry around in your own mind that others are not. Slides distort the perception of true reality. Outer intention gradually but consistently realizes the content of the slide. Create a positive slide that is pleasing both to your heart and mind. Look at your slide more often each time embellishing it with more detail. Never portray an image in your slide that is copied from another person. Allow yourself the luxury of deserving the absolute best. The will to have is the immutable knowledge that you deserve what you want and that it is your choice. Positive slides help you to push open the limits of your comfort zone to include things that previously seemed implausible. Do not treat the slide as if it were just a picture; live it, at least in the virtual world. In Transurfing, visualization is understood to be the act of focusing on a mental image of the realization process of a current link in the transfer chain. If it is not clear to you how to achieve your goal, focus on visualizing the slide instead. The slide will take you in the necessary direction. With this meditation, you have a space to practice this visualization technique with subtle guidance and incredible music. The music on this is mindblowing and definitely will make your target slide practice quite fun. I used 7 songs by Mettaverse on this and it is truly epic. Look for the playlist below. Check out Mettaverse on Youtube the music is incredible. You can listen to it here: Subscribe to their channel here ➤ Listen to them on Soundcloud: ➤ Follow them on Instagram: ➤ Join them on Facebook: ➤ Support their Work at Patreon: Music by Mettaverse Sea of Samsara Karmic clearing 174HZ “solstice” revitalizing ambient music return to the light Light quotient study and focus alleviate stress rife frequency 492.8hz When All else Fades 639hz increase love and harmony cleanse negative energy positive meditation 777hz deep relaxation 111hz holy frequency Music: Ultra Deep Field Music: Cepheid Album: Light Years by Stellardrone… licensed by (CC BY 3.0)… All my guided meditations in one place All my short meditations (you have 10 minutes) – All my episodes about parallel realities – For coaching – For all episodes of the Reality Revolution – Contact us at

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