Guided Meditation The Universal Mind Meditation || EP 668

 Meditation starts at 2:20. Headphones recommended.

The intention of this meditation is to connect and program your conscious mind to connect and utilize the universal mind.

There is only one intelligence, one mind in all creation, and everyone is a part of it. Thought-transference, hypnotism, clairvoyance are only a few examples of the fact that we all are using one mind.

Every book has been written by the same author, every building and bridge built by the same engineer, every picture painted by the same artist, every sonnet composed by the same poet, all music conceived by the same musician. You and your neighbor, us, everybody – one. That is the way it is.

The Universal Mind that flows through everyone knows no limitation or lack, and nothing is impossible to it. Its great dominant characteristic is creativeness. Since it is all knowledge and all substance and all power, indeed the only thing it does is create. And it creates exactly what the mind of each individual person thinks into it. Now we are not discussing something that you can either use or not use as you see fit. We are discussing something that you use every day of your life, that you can’t help using because it is a part of you, in fact, is altogether the real you.

This Universal Mind knows no big or little, rich or poor, great or insignificant. It gives of itself according to need, and it creates according to desire. It is creating for you right now exactly what you are thinking into it! Construe this mind, if you will, as a great plastic medium containing all energy, all knowledge, and all substance. Conceive of it as a medium responsive only to thought and responsive in degree and time according to how such thought is sped with conviction.

This has a number of affirmations taken from US Andersens Three Magic Words

The affirmations are binaural and play in both ears.  This is a unique form of programming designed to imprint the both hemispheres of the brain.

The meditation starts at 1:10

Music By Mettaverse

gleaming through

infinite light

deep sleep 3hz deep theta

schumann resonance

equilibrium of the mind

always now

golden lotus

star wanderers

inner worlds

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