Guided Meditation: The Transurfing Energy Meditation with Plait Activation || EP 123

The intention of this meditation was to create an energy meditation based on the energy exercises mentioned in Chapter 11 of the book Reality Transurfing by Vadim Zeland. Check out my recent episode on understanding energy in Transurfing

I have created several energy meditations on the reality revolution but never one that is purely based on transurfing concepts with nothing else.

I do not mention chakras or mantras in this meditation.

These exercises are surprisingly effective I found myself improving in energy with a quickened healing factor.

In this meditation we isolate the two meridians, we create a shield around your aura and we let your energy fountains flow.

At the end due to the similarity I included a plait activation using the Plait and Flow Method in Tufti the Priestess.

You will feel more vibrant and alive with widened flowing meridians it is pretty cool.

10 songs from Mettaverse were used

111hz holy frequency

111hz divine frequency

174HZ Undercurrent of Serenity Calming Ambient Music

Celestial Voices 372HZ

Cellular Rejuventation 888HZ Angel Frequency

Celestial Voices 372hz dimensional openness

Ascension waves 444HZ

528HZ The Frequency Of Love The Musical Mathematical Matrix of Creation

Regenerative Spiritual reset 111hz 222hz 444hz

777hz deep relaxation

Music by Mettaverse

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