Guided Meditation: The Transcendence Meditation |EP 29

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I created this meditation to help you transcend everything. Become one with the void and the energy of the universe. To tune into the resonating frequency and vibration of your true intention, to transcend all limitations. and find your greatest potential. The meditation starts at 3:00 minutes. It is 33 minutes long.

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I created this meditation to help you transcend everything. Become one with the void and the energy of the universe. To tune into the resonating frequency and vibration of your true intention, to transcend all limitations. and find your greatest potential. The meditation starts at 3:00 minutes. It is 33 minutes long.

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Edited by Quinn Brentson
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Welcome to the reality revolution podcast. I’m your host Brian Scott. This podcast is dedicated to the spirits who believe life is meant to be magical and fun. Here you’ll find advanced viewpoints for the multidimensional human beings of the 21st century. Here we venture to share the mysteries of self. In reality. My primary purpose is to reawaken your sense of fascination and ah, towards life to light that spark inside view. My goal is just to help you create your own reality, unleash your potential. Today’s episode is the transcendence meditation and this particular meditation we’ll be done with a blindfold. I’ve meditated prior to this meditation with you. I feel tuned in. I feel good and I’ve had several things come up for me over the last week or so or last couple of weeks and I want to include these in my, in this meditation and hopefully by transcending whatever pain you have, whatever limitations, whatever you have, you can come to a greater understanding of your power in this world. I want to just light the spark inside of you to transcend your situation. Whatever it is that’s holding you back. I want to write that spark. That is the intention of this meditation. You’ll be able to carry this meditation on beyond into your day. You can do it anytime of day. You can do it anytime as a reminder, as a guidance, as a way just to simply relax. You’re going to find that part of you that can attach throughout the day and you’re going to carry this spark inside of you. That is my intention. So just sit back, find a comfortable place to sit. Don’t don’t be driving or operating any heavy machinery. You’ll be fully alert if somebody interrupts you. And if you go back into this meditation, you will be two times more powerful. So don’t worry about interruptions, everything’s gonna be okay. I just want you to know that you can trust me for the next 30 minutes to take you through this, to take you to a higher level. Give yourself permission, and allow yourself to truly find that place inside of you. For him, just your guide, just like the Shamans of old, they did not ever claim to be superior spiritually. They were just a guide to take all of the other spiritual people to that greater place. And you don’t have to be spiritual to do this. You were using the scientific power of the mind. But for some people it’s easier to look at it as a spiritual situation. So let’s begin our the transcendence meditation. Not just relax, relax, feel your body go to zero point. That perfect place where everything works perfectly. Do you remember all the way back through your life when your body felt the very best that it’s ever felt? Your breath was full, your energy was natural and hi, the colors were brighter, the sounds were richer, the feelings were more powerful. Do you remember that feeling right now? You can have that feeling right now. You feel those feelings. You can close your eyes as they could have a, you want to have your eyes closed so you can truly see, remain in stillness as best you can. But if for some reason you squirm, remove, don’t make a big deal of it. Just go back to that zero point. Feel a chord of energy coming in from below and above right now, holding you, traveling through your spine, up and down. You can feel it just rest into that energy that’s going up and down and notice your breath. Feel the way your breath interacts with your mind and body. Tune in to the will of your breath. Tune in to the end of your breath. Breathe in a full luxurious breath. Hold it and breathe out. Now breathe in through your nose. Let you know is filter out all the air so you get the cleanest, most perfect, most empowered air. Drink your breath like water from a lake. Hold it in few. It’s spreading out the tentacles of oxygen through the nerve fibers in and around your nervous system, up into your brain. With each breath, branching out, continuously branching into even more diversity and complexity. With each breath blending into the water and blood and mucus in your body. Becoming whole in powerful. Feel the breath. Now. Watch the breath come into your body. Don’t force it for the first time. Simply Watch your breath. Feel it. Come in. Where does it go first? Let your body naturally bring the breath to where it needs to go. Long, deep breaths. Four seconds in. Hold it and breathe out. Hold it for another four seconds. As you breathe, imagine a sunset in front of you rising, gathering pace, pulling above a beautiful ocean and the light reflecting all around you as the warmth and power of the sun. And imagine that coming into your body, that warmth and power for beautiful sunset. As you breathe in, see it Paul, and grow in intensity with each breath pouring in through your body. Each cell, each electron, each quantum fiber. Breathe in. Hold it now. Breathe out. Now as you breathe out, I want you to see the sun go down beyond the horizon of beautiful sunset with each second, let it move into fast paced. See the reflections and the clouds in the sunlight, the orange hues in the blue, mixing in as it goes down. And now with each breath I want you to imagine the sun coming up and then the sun going down with each breath and as the sun comes out, imagine energy coming up through your body, through your toe nails into your ankles, up, breathe in, uh, as the air goes in, through, around your calves, up to your knees, and the tendons in your knees. Relaxing for this moment of zero point. As the energy comes through, it becomes perfect as if it was created perfectly. Each little section of your legs, your quadriceps, and your hamstrings up through your glutenous and your back muscles, through your kidneys, into your intestines, around, up, through your colon, up through your heart, feeling the energy coming up like sun being lit inside of your body. Feeling the power of it as it moves up in, through your lungs and up to your throat. Branching out all through your arms, into the triceps, the biceps, forearms, the fingers, each little crevice of your fingers down inside your fingernails, all the way back up through your shoulder, your traps, your neck, pulling up through each hair on your face, and you let your mouth relax. You’ll let your face relax, pulling up Beal, the relaxation on your forehead, the tension, the circulation of energy, relaxing itself, pulling up through each hair on your head, all around each hair, getting blessed with perfect powered energy, all the way up to the top of your head above your head. You can feel this energy and as you breathe in, I want you to imagine the energy going through each part of you quickly without my description all the way up through the top of your head and then circulating back down from the heaven. So power and light moving up, down through the crown of your head, down into your mind. Your brain relaxes. And let’s go just for a second and down through the each of the thousands of muscle fibers inside of your face, relaxing deeper as you go down into your throat. And any irritations are gone. And all of just the natural smoothness and clarity and cleansing of the energy going down through your heart, through your liver and your intestines, your kidneys cleansing each and every intricate electron and neutron and Proton, the deep neutronic energies, all of it going down through your body, through your knees, down into your calves, down into your feet, each luxurious centimeter millimeter cubit all the way into the earth. Feel the pure essential energy from the earth built up from the core of the earth through millions of years just for you coming up through the soil, up, down, through the concrete or whatever’s below you, joining in through your toes, the shoes you have on whatever it is, it can move through any obstacle all the way up your body. Now breathe. Continue this thought as we breathe and come into tune and harmonic balance with our perfect cells. As your eyes are closed, see your body. See that your body is not solid. Vibrating in each cell of your skin are thousands of Adam’s vibrating some at the speed of light, but none sitting still and there is no solidity. Every breath, every piece of material around you is all one. All the energy pulling in and out, pulsating few it resonate with it. See the energy inside your body. Every atom, every tiny piece, all dancing in perfect unison to the intentions of your mind. See the beautiful play of wonderful energy all around you. Feel it. [inaudible] it is yours. Understand it. It was always yours. It is you from before and after. Just know that deep inside of you, a part of you has craved this moment, this beautiful moment of understanding, of experience, of happiness and joy. Remember a time in your past when you were child, the happiest day of your life. Maybe it was a Christmas or a movie that you went to, a toy that you got or a trip that you were on. You know what it is that beautiful moment where you were so excited and joyful. The excitement, the anticipation, the happiness, the joy. Broadcast that out so that you can bring it back again. Imagine feeling that all the time, that joy, that excitement, that wondrous feeling deep inside of you. Feel it. Understand it, believe it, feel it. Turn up the volume of it. Make it brighter, make it more powerful. Rest inside of it for you did not have to give up that feeling. It is always available to you right now in this eternal moment that you control. Imagine a time when you were young, when you created something. Maybe it was just at recessed playing with sand or mention the joy of the newest, most wonderful things. Do you remember the first time you ate a peanut butter and Jelly Sandwich? Do he’ll go back and remember the awe and wonder you had at each wondrous an incredible new moment. All of this is yours. Now, if you can transcend the limitations of the mind, the body [inaudible], so I just want you to lay there or sit there, feel it right now. Just let go. If you have a concern, this will be over soon. Don’t worry just a little bit more. Put your concerns outside of your room. Just leave him there and you can get to them later. Separate yourself from your worries, your definitions, your knowledge and feelings. Everything that is limiting you. Don’t worry about what people think where people are gonna say or do go to the core of you. No, I just want you to remember this and for a second now we’re going to go to the void. Imagine the space in front of you. Imagine that you can see from all sides of your entire body like a bubble with a million eyes around each entire part. Don’t worry if you can’t quite get it because part of your mind’s not used to that experience. But imagine being completely aware of every square inch round you expanding outward out coach side of the room that you’re in. And as you touch each object, you can sense its own consciousness and own energy and own power. And as you expand outside of your house, you see the other houses have around you or your apartment or wherever you’re listening to this meditation and you can see below you and above you in front of you and behind you to the each side of you at all angles or around you. You can see all of it expanding downwards through the earth very quickly. We expand out into space until we encompass all of it, all of it at once with our entire bubble, we can see everything around us all at once. Just let the blurring information in all of it’s coming in, being processed by your subconscious mind. Pull in all the information as we go out into space and go past the moon and see below and around you as we go out into space. The void of space. Keep going out. All stay ahead of you. Just keep going out further. How far can you go? How far will you go? Can you see the edge of the solar system moving past the Khyber belt out beyond into interstellar space? Feel the empty, powerful space all around moving in, humming in total silence. Complete void. Imagine you can move your energy body into that with a single point of awareness, no larger than electron. You will ride that single quantum particle retaining your complete awareness because that is all you need. That single particle contains the information for everything and you work perfectly graded into that single particle. You just have to let go and let me guide you. And while you’re here, I want you to focus out on all the trillions and billions of possible futures around you, all of them, what job you’ll have when you retire, who you’ll love, how lucky you’ll be, what experience you’ll share the people in your life, the abundance that comes in, the power, the experiences, the love. Imagine all of it, the perfect life and you were a hundred years old and every day from now to 100 got better and better every second growing compounding exponentially better. Imagine that you can feel a million times better now than you do know. The only thing stopping you is that it feels so good that you don’t think it’s possible. Imagine feeling so good. Every breath, every second. Imagine seeing your vision, whatever vision you want at any given time, coming to pat right in front of you faster. Imagine whatever you wish to manifest comes to your life perfectly in the ways that you wanted. Everything works out for you. You’re warned against any health problems that come your way. You’re able to overcome any pain that stops you on your path. Anything that seems to happen at any given time that’s bad has an advantage locked into it that pulls you into it even more incredible timeline, exploding with possibility and love, happiness and joy. Every second. See that little bit of light. Maybe it’s not no larger than an electron because it is everywhere and it is everything. It is in everything. It is in the void everywhere, but find that one frequency, that one vibration. Tune into it and become aware of it. I want you to see it and let it shine. Let it send you the information it needs to your conscious self. What images come before you. If they come quickly, I want them to flash before you let them flash and let you see the things that you need to see. Your subconscious will still be guided, but just in case the parts where your subconscious is trying to communicate with you so that you get the message, bring in all the information and for the next few minutes I want you to bring this information from the frequency that you want. And I want you to let it resonate inside every cell of your body. So your body will tell you when it needs to, what you need to do, how to act, what to say, where to go, and how to think, feel it, see it, see it, become it, become comment this future. Begin by going into the oldest self, whoever he or she is. Move into the eyes of it. Share the memories and feelings that you have at that beautiful point. Now while you’re there, ask yourself what you need to do. Who Do you need to be? What important things you need to know, feel it. See it. Now let that bit of awareness become a bridge between the you that’s sitting there and the you in the future. Let it become a gateway and open a multistate between the both of you, an information service that goes back in time and each mistake that you make, you automatically subconscious will send information back in time to yourself now and you will know if you need to turn at a certain street. If you need to make a certain decision, your intuition will build and grow. Send us information automatically. Just put it on automatic inside of you. Send automatic information about relationships, business decisions, eating choices, everything. Whenever you make a mistake, the true you, now we’ll simply avert it. Moving and sliding it. Convince this aspect of your higher self that you want to go beyond the experience of all things and you want to experience the very best thing you want to experience the most wonderful, powerful, incredible experiences. Feel the feeling of this. Remember this, come back to the electron and come back through the void to where you had moved to to the void. I want you to know that right now gathered all around you, are all of your different cells from all the realities coming to this moment in time. All of your past lives and all of your possible futures, all of your higher selves, all of your groups and friendships and different variables. All of the soul mates, all of the spiritual ancestors that are linked with you, your group, your family, your energy, your wavelength through eternity from the beginning to the end when there was no beginning and end to all time, all around you sharing this moment, sending you thoughts of love, comfort, joy, peace and information and energy. All with each breath and every particle of your breath sinks into your every cell of your body for you are awake and you are transcendent beyond all lives, beyond all timelines, beyond all in the end. Finet right now you see all things outside your own observation and whatever you choose to observe will come into your life. Whatever you focus on is yours. For now, you have the intention to do as you wish and your intentions will be strong. Affirm your intention. You’ve relaxed, your breath is perfect. Your body is great, your energies, they’re awakened and affirm your intentions and say, my intentions are now being realized. I will say these words with you wherever you are so that you would hear them. And when I say them, I encourage you to say yes in silence to the claims I make on your behalf. On this day, I choose to be liberated from all of the obstructions that I’ve used to deny my true self, my true name. I am free. I am free, I am free, and in this claim of truth, I give permission to my divine self to find the perfect application of those energies that would heal us. Phyllis with light that is love and that would love us. I give permission to my higher self to guide me to the best possible future. I am now in dominion over my thinking. I am now in dominion over my reality. Hi now realizing myself fully as the one in control of my thinking I am now. No, no, no. Become the sematic blow through that energy is for my word is my intention word. I am word. You are free. You are free. You are free to continue this transcendent. I want you to resonate [inaudible] a mantra. It doesn’t need to make any sense, but feel the vibration of it in your body and in your mind. And I will give you mine. Feel free to pick and choose what it is, but find a mantra. Something simple. The point is not what you say, but how you vibrate it. And we will end our session with gratitude and love. All [inaudible] mm. Uh, sure. Really [inaudible] uh, uh, mmm. Feel that. And now you come back to yourself, fully aware, fully transported and transcended above and beyond. There’s one lifeline for you’ve seen them all. You know them all, you understand them all, and you have the choice for the life that you want. You have transcended. I will count from five and slowly you will come back to yourself. Five feel your body and come back to your body for fuel. Your mind, you are awake. You will be awake beyond this to take a breath in and feel the energy come into your body. And if you were moving out into the day one, you will have the best day, the most incredible day, the best day of the week, of the month. Maybe the year. This could be one of the best days of your life. You will be in full control of yourself and you will see that ability around you, the power of this meditation. You will see the universe winking all day long. I’m so for you, for the path that you have now chosen for. It is yours, and it is wonderful. Thank you for joining me on this beautiful meditation and sharing this time with me and I greatly appreciate it. Thank you for joining the reality revolution.

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