Guided Meditation The Neville Goddard Transurfing Explosion Technique || EP 187

After covering a recent lecture by Neville Goddard I found a wonderful coincidence. Vadim Zeland and Neville Goddard use an almost identical technique to rapidly speed up your manifestation. It is called the explosion technique.

Zeland explains

The explosion wave. Shape a frame or simply a picture in your thoughts that you would like to translate into reality. Immediately follow it by imagining that a sphere is expanding outwards from your body in all directions as if your energy field had suddenly exploded. The explosion wave can extend as far as you are able to imagine it. You can repeat this exercise several times until you are tired of it. So what is happening here? You create a mental image and send it out into the universe. You can be certain that your thought will not be lost without trace. You just have to bear in mind that the mirror works with a delay.

Neville explains his breathing technique here

I find if I call before my mind’s eye what I would like to activate and I make it so that it really thrills me, a conversation between two friends discussing the fulfillment of their dream, which is my dream for them. And then you breathe in and you breathe out. Your inhale and exhale is a complete personal thing. I can’t give you the numbers. You don’t do it once, twice, or 50 times.

It’s entirely up to you to breathe in and breathe out while you are listening to this conversation and bring yourself to the limit of a thrill. Then with one deep, deep inhalation your whole body explodes. Every little atom seems to open and something goes out. As you are told in Scripture, “Who has touched me for I perceive virtue has gone out of me”. You touched it on the inside. You made it real and you exploded. It comes with the last inhalation. But this is something that is very personal. You must try it.

So I created a meditation that uses this technique. You can use it as often as you want. It is very powerful.

I included also sprach zarathustra to maximize your explosions!

Also Sprach Zarathustra
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