Guided Meditation The Merkabah Activation Meditation || EP 403

Meditation starts at 22:30 after a full training on the power, purpose and history of the Merkabah. 

The purpose of this meditation is to fully activate your Merkabah. I have mentioned the Merkabah in several meditations. This whole meditation is dedicated to completely activating your aura, moving into your heart and awakening your Merkabah. This is truly a game changer and may be the most important meditation that you do.

If you have been on Earth and did not recently come from somewhere else, your Mer-Ka-Ba has been dormant for 13,000 years. So it has been a very long time since your body has sensed this experience. This breathing practice will reestablish the living Mer-Ka-Ba around your body. The practice functions much like a spinning wheel that has to be spun every so often to keep it spinning. In a Mer-Ka-Ba, however, eventually the repeated spinning begins to take on a life of its own, and at one point in the practice, the spinning will continue indefinitely. But it takes time. 

The human being is surrounded by numerous geometric fields of energy that are electromagnetic in nature within this dimension. The Mer-Ka-Ba extends into all possible dimensions, and in each dimension uses the laws of that dimension to manifest. Hundreds of other possibilities exist around the body. the star-tetrahedral field that is the first geometric field off the surface of the body, sometimes referred to as the “opening” to the Mer-Ka-Ba. 


“Mer-Ka-Ba” has the same meaning in several languages. In Zulu it is pronounced just like in English. The spiritual leader of the Zulus, Credo Mutwa, says his people arrived here from space on a Mer-Ka-Ba. In Hebrew it is Mer-Ka-Vah, and means both the throne of God and a chariot, a vehicle that carries the human body and spirit from one place to another. 

In Egyptian, the word “Mer-Ka-Ba” is actually three words: Mer is a special kind of light, a counterrotating field of light; Ka means spirit, at least here on Earth it has the connotation of the human spirit; and Ba means “the interpretation of the Reality,” which here on Earth usually means the human body. 

When you add these words together, my understanding of Mer-Ka-Ba is “a counterrotating field of light that will interact and translate the spirit and the body from one world into another,” though it is really much, much more. It is the creation pattern itself through which all that exists has originated. You know this. It’s nothing really new to you. You just forgot for a moment in time. 

You have used the Mer-Ka-Ba a zillion times as your lives have unfolded throughout the creation of space/time/dimension. And you will remember again just as you need it.

Common Problems 
1. Spinning the tetrahedrons, top and bottom only. 
2. Experiencing the tetrahedrons as either too small or too big, or one bigger or smaller than the other. . 
3. When the disk that extends from the Mer-Ka-Ba is in the wrong location. The 55-foot disk that extends from the body comes from the original eight cells, and this disk is in that exact location. It passes through the area of the perineum, near the base of the spine. 
4. A reversed-spin field. Various mistaken understandings could cause a reversed-spin field for the Mer-Ka-Ba. 

This meditation will activate it correctly and change your life.

Music By Mettaverse
Inner Worlds
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