Guided Meditation: The Grief Meditation | EP 38

I recently suffered a terrible loss to someone very special to me. I am still grieving. I have suffered grief many times in my life, with the loss of my parents. my brother in law and close friends. It can be truly overwhelming. Some people never recover. You can lose hope and you stop giving yourself permission to feel joy. I am always so saddened when I see people grieving and I am unable to help them. What can I do? Anything I say feels hollow since I know their true pain and what they are going through. I agonize because I badly want to help. I created this grief meditation to help those who are suffering from grief. I recorded this while suffering deeply from my own grief. I hope it offers some help for you at some point in the future when you might need it. I offer this with love and a promise that the sun will come again as it always does.

Mindfulness Bells Volume 1 and 2 by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Licensed by Enlightened Audio.

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