Guided Meditation The Black Hole Big Bang Meditation || EP 719

The most powerful creative force in the universe came right at the beginning when the universes exploded into existence. The energy and force of this powerful moment transformed the universe from the size of a pea to what we have today. This energy was so powerful it birthed planets, stars, and galaxies.

What if you could use the very power of the big bang for your own creations. Well, now you can.

One creative exercise I have used to great success is using the concept of the big bang as a method of manifestation. I take you to a place where you can witness the big bang and walk right up and give your manifestations to it. When you do this the universe will work for billions of years to give you the perfect result to your manifestation.

This is a powerful manifestation technique.

n the law of one Ra explains that the Black Hole is the physical manifestation of God in the third density.

Dr. Joe Dispenza argues that meditating on the void opens you up to infinite possibilities.  

In Buddhism they  explore the Sunyata which is meditating on this void.

In reality there is no void, but the  place where infinite possibility exists.

After experimenting I have had powerful results when I meditate and even astral travel to black holes.  I believe when attempting to meditate on the void you clear your mind of baggage and limitations that may be stopping you from fully manifesting what you want.  

Often times we are limited in our imagination by what we bring to it.  If you bring your worries, your baggage, your culture, your gender and your history into your meditative practice you are limited by it.  

So meditating on the void of the black hole is very powerful because it will give you access to source, the quantum void, the zero point or what Vadim Zeland calls the space of variations.

This meditation is experimental and I would love your feedback so I can improve on future versions

Music By Mettaverse

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