Guided Meditation – The 10 Minute Revision Meditation || EP 761

The most powerful technique taught by Neville Goddard is the revision technique.  Previously on the channel I created a revision meditation that gos almost an hour.  After several requests I created this super short meditation designed to give you the power to revise anything in ten minute.  

Through revision you can go back through your day, week, year or lifetime and imagine whatever you want differently.  Neville Goddard explained this as the true meaning of repentance.  By using this technique it is very much like time travel. Your life will change as if the thing you revised is true.  It has been an amazing experience for me and so many others.

Neville Goddard says

And now you have a mission, you have a purpose in life; it’s a noble purpose, because you have been selected to really become the chief gardener in the garden of God, and in the garden you must have pruning shears, and pruning shears is revision. You simply revise, and as you revise the day you repeal the day, for the day is not slipping into the past, it does not recede as people think, it is always advancing into the future to confront you, either pruned or in some strange weed-like state. So it’s entirely up to us–I hope that everyman and woman here today will take me seriously and start this day pruning your garden. pruning your mind.

I know before I leave this city in a matter of two weeks that you will be able to tell me of the new things that spring in your world or that spring from the pruned tree that is your own lovely imagination. You try it: then you will know what Blake meant when he said. “In heaven, the only art of living is forgetting and forgiving.”

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