This is a special meditation. You created this meditation. I went into this meditation with no prepared material completely in the spur of the moment. I have discussed how you can send intentions into the past. I ask you to send a thought now to create this meditation. This is an experiment. I did the entire meditation with a blindfold on and uttered whatever came to me. Is there something you need? Send a thought to the past now. I tuned into the source and tried to raise the vibration and help propel the intentions of anyone listenings. This will relax your body, align and awaken your chakras, activate your plait and let go and clear your mind. PLEASE give me feedback and let me know if I tuned into you for this meditation. The music turned out awesome. This will align you, connect you to source, awaken your attention within the eternity archive, heal you, bring abundance into your life and allow you to transcend your monkey mind. Music licensed by Rebecca Reads Music Down the Deadly Maze by Christian Anderson licensed by Epidemic Sound Seconds Before by Robert Ruth licensed by Epidemic Sound Mysterious Move 2 by Per Soderblom licensed by Epidemic Sound Higher Orbit by Christian Anderson licensed by Epidemic Sound I believe what I say by Christian Anderson licensed by Epidemic Sound Systemic Failures by Christian Anderson licensed by Epidemic Sound Muffled Thunder by Bill Ferngren licensed by Epidemic Sound A Heavy Mass by Ethan Sloan licensed by Epidemic Sound

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