Guided Meditation Surfing Infinite Potentials || EP 1213

The intention of this meditation is to pull you into a meditative space and search the infinite potentials available to you in the multiverse.

One of the most powerful things you can do is tune into the quantum field of the alternatives space or the space of variations.  In a meditative space you can tune into potentials available to your future by meditating in this space.

The intention of this meditation is to allow you to tune into potential futures available to you and to find that future life track in the quantum field that will allow you to achieve your dreams and accomplish goals.

I tested this meditation out several times and I have had powerful experiences each time.  This meditation has the potential to change your life.  If done on a regular basis you will begin to activate future lifelines in the quantum field that will be come real if you experience the emotional signature of that potential life line. If you experience this while you are in the quantum field whatever you visualize will become real. It’s the law. All of your prayers will be answered, all of your wishes will come true.

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