Guided Meditation – Speaking To The Heart || EP 733

The intention of this meditation is to help unify the heart and mind.  By undergoing this process you substantially amplify your ability to compose any reality you desire with incredible results.

One reason many of us do not link with the heart is that we have not learned how to communicate with it.  Here you will be guided to a place where you can meet your heart and really hear what it wants to say to you

You can speak to your heart and with this meditation I give you a space to have a conversation with your heart and your mind.

The one secret to seeing miracles and incredible things happen in your life is connecting your mind to your heart.  When your mind and heart connect anything is possible.  But we are raised to separate our mind from our heart, society and pendulums tell us to ignore our hearts and focus on our minds.

As Zeland says, “The heart comes into the world trustingly reaching out with a child’s arms. Then it discovers that pendulums have conquered the world and transformed it into a jungle. Pendulums immediately try and convince the heart that no-one was expecting it and that in this world everyone has to fight for a place under the sun and pay tribute to the pendulums.

Together your heart and mind are capable of anything.  We make the world bend to our will if we unify our heart and mind. When heart and mind are united they harness the will of outer intention, the great power of infinite intelligence. Your heart is just as good as the heart of others. You deserve the absolute best. You have everything you need. All you have to do is use it.

This meditation allows for you to finally hear the hearts voice and for you to ask it questions and communicate with this divine being.

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