Guided Meditation Sitting With The Angels || EP 570

 Angelic energy is a high-frequency light that’s unique to the angels. It’s the signature healing vibration of the angelic realm. Angelic energy is calming, healing, purifying and unconditionally loving. It’s rooted in the divine feminine, yet can also be connected to the divine masculine. The energy of the angels raises consciousness, opens up miraculous perceptions, and awakens the heart.

You can connect to angelic energy through working with angel guides (such as Archangels).  When going through an ‘angel awakening’, you’ll find that synchronicity and ‘destiny’ seem to lead you to the right places. The perfect teachers and information will appear.  They’ll help you to re-awaken your innate angelic energy.

The intention of this meditation is to anchor you as a universal center and then vibrate the names of  the mighty archangels Raphael, Gabriel, Michael, Uriel, Metatron and Sandalphon.

Each angelic energy is a part of you that carries a unique essence and is related to the seasons.  Here you will evoke these energies in a safe space and you will vibrate the angels and sit with them and listen to their guidance.

This is your invitation to sit with the angels.

Welcome to the Reality Revolution.

Music By Mettaverse

A universal language

angelic restorative healing music

396hz root chakra liberation from guilt and fear

111hz holy frequency

ascension waves

soothing strings

celestial voices

deep relaxation 777hz

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