Guided Meditation Reflections Of Inner Joy || EP 542

The whole world can be seen as a gigantic dual mirror. On one side of the mirror lies the physical Universe and on the other side of the mirror lies the metaphysical alternatives space.

All around you is an intelligent 3-dimensional mirror that reflects back to you but tries to hide that it is a reflection.  Once you realize what this truly means reality becomes yours to compose.

The other side of the mirror is the alternatives space where anything is possible. Where does the mirror end?  How does it work?  How do we use the mirror principle in our every day lives?

Your actions and thoughts are reflected back to you in incredible ways allowing you to work magic on the outer world.  

In Walter Russell’s Home Study Course on meditation he emphasizes focusing on your inner joy.   As I have started to do this I have had these amazing experiences where I see the joy reflected back to you.  Test it for yourself with this meditation

The goal is create an inner joy so powerful that you see it reflected back to you.

Welcome to the Reality Revolution.

Music By Mettaverse

Inner Worlds


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