Guided Meditation Quantum Surfing || EP 654

Meditation starts at 5:13

As I have done further research I am coming to the conclusion that it is not really quantum jumping but quantum surfing.

The quantum field is a like water and in order move through different realities you have to ride their waves.

In modern physics, time-dependent supersymmetry has been employed to derive a new potential and eigenfunctions that satisfy the Schrödinger equation. The supersymmetry method is outlined and we apply it to a wavefunction obeying the free-particle Schrödinger equation. This leads to an exactly soluble model in which a quantum particle is seen to ‘surf’ on a time-dependent potential. The model can be solved and understood within both classical and quantum mechanics.

Particles such as electrons and photons can behave like waves. You can ride these waves into new realities.

You will find this similar to quantum jumping I have slightly change the pace of breathing and the ways you visualize and manifest during the meditation.

Please give me feedback as to how it goes and if you see any changes in your reality.

Music By Mettaverse

gleaming through

infinite light

deep sleep 3hz deep theta

schumann resonance

equilibrium of the mind

always now

replenish the whole self

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