Guided Meditation Quantum Jumping Into Ideal Health || EP 858

After several requests I created this quantum jump into another reality where you have ideal health now.  Merging with your quantum twin and using your Bagha and plait are part of this meditation as well as a fire breath which we have used in other quantum jump meditations.  There are an infinite number of ways to quantum jump but my emphasis is on enegy and shifting the consciousness.  You will be taken to a healthy version of yourself and soon you will find that many of your deep health related problems simply go away.  Imagine ideal health and actually realize it now in your life through quantum jumping.

I have two meditations on the channel dedicated to healing, health and tapping into your blissbody.  These meditations have really helped me and many others to hear our bodies not only quickly but waking up with feelings of complete rejuvenation.  I take you to a place within the quantum field and heal each cell in your body, returning every fiber back to its perfect point.  

The frequencies used by mettaverse are designed to rejuvenate, regenerate, and heal your body to its perfect state of bliss.

This is your bliss body and we are just getting started.  By doing this meditation regularly in conjunction with a healthy diet you will intentionally recreate and reprogram your body.  This could be the fountain of youth

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