Guided Meditation – Manifestation Acceleration Programming || EP 563

Often times people expect their manifestations to occur far into the future.  Many contact me saying Brian is their anyway to speed up my manifestations.  Your manifestations are slow because that is how you created them.  Believing in the efficient and quick manifestations of your reality can be difficult.  I designed this too program your mind to accelerate your manifestations.  A portion of this mediation uses binaural affirmations where you are hearing different affirmations in each ear.  This is a powerful technique that you can use anytime to circumvent your conscious mind and recreate a belief system in which anything is possible.

Welcome to the Reality Revolution.

Music By Mettaverse

golden lotus

infinite light

holy frequency

schumann resonance

always now


the primordial sound

subtle energy

solar winds

deep theta

replenish the whole self

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Guided Meditations

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