Guided Meditation Journey To The Seven Temples Of The New Earth || EP 683

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Souls planning to Ascend to become an Ascended Master are required to have completed spiritual initiations as taught within the Seven Temples of Ascension. Duplicates of each accession temple are available for your use Many humans on Earth have completed some of the initiations in one or more of these Ascension Temples or in other disciplines.

Each one of these temples is positioned within the fifth-dimensional state of reality consciousness. Thus if you reside within the third-dimensional state of consciousness, your physical sensing system lacks the ability to see these temples.

However, as a higher part of your multidimensional reality, you can travel out of your body at night and visit these temples.

While passage through all seven of these temples is not a requirement for passing through “The Shift” and Ascending to the “New Earth” attendance in these temples and completion of many of the lessons and disciplines are recommended.

As an advanced soul, all of these Ascension requirements are stored within your super-consciousness. The objective of working through each of the Seven Temples of Ascension is to bring these disciplinary patterns back into remembrance. Then, once these principles are integrated within your heart, you can utilize them for your daily activities on the third-dimensional Earth and the new fifth-dimensional Earth. These requirements can be brought into remembrance by actually attending the sessions held in each of the Ascension Temples.

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