Guided Meditation – Invoking The Genii || EP 1160

Meditation Begins at 4:10

The intention of this meditation is to invoke the genii. The genii are archetypes or aspects of the universal mind called genius spirits that make up one particular energy or aspect. 

These genius spirits are often described as personified virtues and are known as The Genii of the Twelve Hours. They were described in the Nuctemeron, attributed to Apollonius of Tyana from the First Century AD. There is some confusion regarding these spirits, with some people assuming that ‘genius’ is the same as ‘genie’ because it sounds similar.  

Genies are also known as ‘djinn’ or ‘jinn,’ and they are sometimes unpredictable and evil. As such, I would never use them in this book. The misunderstanding occurs partly because of issues with translation, and because ‘genius’ sounds somewhat like ‘genie.’  

With sufficient research, it is clear that the spirits employed in this ritual are gentle and safe. It is my belief that these genius spirits are not angels, but are an embodiment of angelic power. That is, they personify the virtues of various angels in the form of unique spirits.  

People who have actually used this magick report real and lasting results, so don’t let armchair occultists who wrongly assume that ‘genius’ means ‘genie’ put you off. The genius spirits give you access to power that is as warm, safe and mighty as that of the angels because it is inspired and powered by angels.

Haven (HAH-VEN), genius of dignity, grant me the power of the magus.  

Baglis (BAH-GLISS), genius of measure and balance, grant me the power to express my will.  

Hahabi (HAH-HABI), genius of fear, let the force of my will overcome all terrors.  

Phalgus (FAL-GUSS), genius of judgment, grant me clear sight on the path to victory.  

Camaysar (CAH-MAY-SAR), genius of the marriage of contraries, grant me harmony.  

Tabris (TAH-BRIS), genius of free will, grant me power over my own domain.  

Sabrus (SAH-BRUS), sustaining genius, grant me the power to see beauty.  

Alphun (AL-FUN), genius of the doves, grant me peace.  

Zeffak (ZEFF-AK), genius of irrevocable choice, grant me the power to create my own immortality.  

Mastho (MAST-OH), genius of delusive appearances, grant me the power to see through all deception.  

Eglun (EGG-LUN), genius of lightning, grant me the power to express my will through magick.  

Marnes (MARN-EZ), genius of the discernment of spirits, grant me the power to protect myself.

Zahun (zah hoon) genius of scandal protect me from any scandal

Sisera Sis-er- ah, genius of desire grant me the power to control my desires for m y greatest good.

Labzerin (Lab– Zer– IN,)genius of success grant me success

Zeirna (Zer na) – protect me from all sickness

SIALUL, (See Al ool) genius of prosperity grant me the power for infinite prosperity

JAZER (Ja Zer), genius who compels love.

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