Guided Meditation Hermes Immortality Prayer || EP 1058

This meditation is designed around an amazing prayer given in the Hermetica as written by Hermes. This is an amazing and powerful prayer  

Below is a portion

I pray that the Cosmos be flung open to me and that all nature may receive the sound of my psalms. Open, great earth, and trees, silence your waving boughs, for I am about to sing the praise of the One and All. Justice, praise the just through me. Goodness, praise the good through me. Truth, praise the true through me. Selflessness, praise the All through me. It is your words that through me sing your praises — for all comes from you and all returns to you. Accept these pure offerings of speech from a heart and soul uplifted. You of whom no words can tell, no tongue can speak, and only silence can declare. I thank you with a brimming heart, for it is only by your grace that I see your Light and come to know you. I thank you whose name no man knows.  

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