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In 2003, Swedish philosopher Nick Bostrom proposed we may be existing in a virtual reality orchestrated by our descendants who wanted to recreate their ancestors. He suggested that if technology advanced to the point where we could create such a virtual world, we would likely create multiple copies.

If our descendants managed this feat sometime in the future, Bostrom argued, then the odds were that you and I are one of many copies living in a simulation rather than the base reality.

If Bostrom is correct, this implies we are simply reliving an earlier existence. Our lives, or at least the major milestones, are predetermined, our choices already made, and our decisions only seem to be spontaneous.

We’ve heard from a number of scientists and thought leaders, including Elon Musk, it’s likely we’re living in a computer-simulated reality. Musk said he believes there’s a one-in-billions chance we’re living in “base reality,” or a non-simulated, completely organic existence.

It’s also becoming more apparent that mathematics is the language of nature —  a universal dialectical that can be used to describe everything, from the inconceivably large to the infinitesimally small. As we continue to acquire more insight on this reality, it appears we may be living in what appears to be a physical construct that might actually be generated from code.

In an attempt to understand the fundamental laws of nature, theoretical physicist, Dr. James Gates, discovered a set of equations he says are indistinguishable from the computer code one might find powering their web browser. In his study of string theory, he also discovered an error-correcting code in supersymmetry equations used to describe how the universe works. This forced him to ask himself, “am I living in the Matrix?”

Gates said, upon his discovery, that he came to a profound existential quandary; “I have in my life come to a very strange place, because I never expected the movie The Matrix might be an accurate representation of the place in which I live.”

But this concept can also be thought of as a semantic argument bridging the gap between materialists identifying as atheists, and those with spiritual or religious beliefs in a creator. Could stories of saints and enlightened beings performing miracles, reincarnating, and transcending our reality also be construed as humans who figured out how to hack the simulation?

In fact, one of the comments pinned to the front page of Bostrom’s website reads, “the simulation argument is perhaps the first interesting argument for the existence of a creator in 2,000 years.”

Meditation is the simulation hacking method that has been used for centuries. The only way one can truly access consciousness directly is by going within through meditation. The goal of meditation in Vedic ideology is to eliminate Maya, the illusory ignorance of what we perceive as a reality where we see ourselves as finite beings, separate from the creator. Maya is not this illusory reality itself, but rather the thing that creates the illusion. Is Maya synonymous with our computer simulation? In Vedic teachings, those who devote their lives to meditation and realize this oneness can attain superpowers known as the “siddhis.” The siddhis are similar to powers Neo achieves when he wakes up from the Matrix, such as the ability to fly, manifest and control material things, to become invisible, and to be in more than one place at a time. Some of these superpowers, thought to be impossible by many, are starting to become theoretically plausible through discoveries in quantum physics. For example, the ability to manifest material things has been proven in a sense through the famous double-slit experiment which determined that light acts as a particle when we observe it, and as a wave when we don’t. This wave-particle duality essentially revealed that our consciousness affects the way light manifests.

Accessing the void allows you to break through the standard programming, this unlocks the habitual thinking programs and scenarios that are always playing out in the simulation.  Once you move into the operating system you become the programmer and anything becomes possible.

Welcome to the Reality Revolution.

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