Guided Meditation: Guardian Life Source Activation || EP 122

The intention of this meditation is to help you to harness the creative power of the life energy that is the basis of creation within you.

I have had a lot of requests for a guardian meditation. Vadim Zeland repeatedly talks about using your guardian as a source of power, intuition and knowledge.

I found the perfect way to do this through a meditation technique Sadghuru calls Kalpavriksha.

Is it true that every person has their own guardian? That is for you to decide. You create your own reality. As long as you believe in your guardian, yours will exist as an energetic entity, and if you are convinced that they are looking after you, then that will be true.

The more sincerely you love your guardian and express your gratitude for all kinds of little things, the more powerful it will become and the more help it can give you. Remember, there is no such thing as a fantasy. Any invention of the mind is already a reality.

This meditation this has a wonderful induction that begins with you gently flying to a wonderful destination where you meet your spiritual guardian master and your life force is activated.

We need to activate our life source energy and visualize our future instead of letting the future visualize us.

The meditation ends with a powerful guided visualization of target slides using Transurfing concepts.

The music is what makes this incredible.

7 songs from Mettaverse were used

111hz holy frequency

111hz divine frequency

deep relaxation clear negative energies and ease tension 396hz and 528hz

Celestial Voices 372hz dimensional openness

Ascension waves 444 hz

Regenerative Spiritual reset 111hz 222hz 444hz

777hz deep relaxation

963hz pineal activation meditation

Music by Mettaverse

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