Guided Meditation: Global Quantum Jump New Earth Activation || EP 360

Meditation begins at 6:53

We are on the cusp of the new earth.  While the world seems to be coming apart these are the birth pangs as we move into a new world.  Often times on this podcast we have discussed the new earth, with Dolores Cannon and The Law Of One.  The law of one material indicates the transition to the new earth involves the creation of a social memory complex. The Akashic record awakens and we have access to the full memories of the earth. Once this transformation happens the world changes.  

This meditaiton includes a Merkabah activation, awakens your chakras,. We join together uniting our higher selves and creating this social memory complex and we quantum jump to a new earth with new bodies, no more war, hate and poverty.  

Join me as we quantum jump to the new earth.

This meditation is a group meditation.  Anytime you do it you are joining in one time and place so it is always a group meditation no matter when you do it.

We are connecting to the akashic record and the collective consciousness.

Music By Mettaverse

When everything fades

777hz deep relaxation

111hz holy frequency

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