In a previous episode, I did a deep dive on the concept of the space of variations. In the first chapter of Reality Transurfing, Vadim Zeland explains the space of variations or the alternatives space. This is an information field that has the information for everything that ever happened and will happen.

Many of my meditations help you try to access this space of variations. In this meditation, the intention is to give you full access to the space of variations to give you the information you need and to help you choose the best script for your life.

This meditation is quite different. You can do it with your eyes open or even walking. Just listen to this at the gym if you want to. We are always interacting with the space of variations and this is designed to gently pull you back into this wonderful space and make you aware of the infinite possibilities before you.

The music is special for this one and not your normal meditation music. I was able to use a particularly mesmerizing track from mettaverse – “Light Quotient” ✧ Study & Focus ✧ Alleviate Stress ✧ Rife Frequency 492.8 Hz

This is a very unique frequency which you will find is amazing for exploring the alternatives space.

This has a drum beat that pulls you through the meditation and worked out perfectly. This frequency is set at the same frequency as you adrenal gland, you should feel an alleviation of stress as you enter the space of variations and this frequency also help you to focus so you can pick up on whatever information you might need. It felt like this song was meant for this particular meditation.

I am wishing you the best as you unveil this space of infinite possibility and I dream that you will enter the perfect lifeline that pulls you into a wave of fortune.

This episode features music from Mettaverse with a beautifully ambient track.
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Music by Mettaverse

“Light Quotient” ✧ Study & Focus ✧ Alleviate Stress ✧ Rife Frequency 492.8 Hz

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