Guided Meditation: Downloading I AM || EP 150

The intention of this meditation is to download God, to tune into the I AM consciousness.

I have recorded this meditation twice and I will be uploading both meditations. They both have the same beautiful soundtrack. One will be called downloading I AM and the second will be called Downloading God. This the relaxed version.

This is certainly not your normal meditation

This may be my new favorite meditation

I will upload the second video soon, it is a little more raw. Once you have tried them both I would love to hear your comments.

We are using teachings from both the Law of One and Neville Goddard in this meditation. Once you download God everything changes.

The secret is using the I AM

How strange it is that students with sincere interest do not seem to get the True Meaning of those two words. When you say and feel “I AM,” you release the spring of Eternal, Everlasting Life to flow on Its way unmolested. In other words, you open wide the door to Its natural flow. When you say “I AM not,” you shut the door in the face of this Mighty Energy. “I AM” is the Full Activity of God. Having placed before you so often the Truth of God in Action, I wish you to understand Its first expression in individualization. The first expression of every individual, everywhere in the Universe, either in spoken word, silent thought or feeling, is

“I AM,” recognizing Its Own Conquering Divinity.

The student, endeavoring to understand and apply these mighty, yet simple Laws, must stand guard more strictly over his thought and expression—in word or otherwise; for every time you say “I AM not,” “I cannot,” “I have not,” you are, whether knowingly or unknowingly, throttling that “Great Presence” within you.

This is just as tangible as if you placed your hands about the throat of an outer form, only with the outer form, your thought governing the hand, you can release it at any time; but when you make a declaration using the words “I AM not,” you set in motion Mighty, Limitless Energy that continues to act, unless it is recalled and the imperfection consumed and transmuted.

This shows you the enormous power you have to qualify this Mighty Energy of God, and I tell you Beloved Students, dynamite is less dangerous, for that would but liberate you from the body; while these thoughts sent forth ignorantly and ungoverned bind you upon the wheel of reembodiment indefinitely.

Thus you can see how important it is for you to know what you are doing when you thoughtlessly use wrong expressions; because you are using the Most Divine Principle of Activity in the Universe— “I AM.”

In this version of the meditation I take you into the center screen and I take you through several I am statements that will allow you to come closer to God and to use the power of the I AM on multiple levels

The music is mind blowing. Over 9 tracks by Mettaverse were used for this video.

-“solstice” revitalizing ambient music return to the light

– Into the Omniverse, 963hz Pineal activation meditation

– First Source Awaken the Energetic Heart 111hz and subsuquent octaves –

– Sound Medicine 528HZ DNA integrity and 787HZ rife frequency

– 777 Deep Relaxation Angelic Frequency Scale

-111Hz ✧ The Language of Light ✧ Balancing the Mind ✧ 444Hz Tuning

-111Hz ✧ Cellular Healing ✧ The “Holy Frequency”

-Deep Relaxation ✧ Clear Negative Energies and Ease Tension ✧ 396Hz and 528Hz

-528Hz ✧ “Solar Winds” ✧ The Core Creative Frequency of Nature

Music by Mettaverse

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