Guided Meditation: Charging Water || EP 146

Guided Meditation: Charging Water

Try this meditation any time you want to charge your water pulling the energy from the heavens and the earth into your heart. Charging the water into a bottle of chi. Loading it with an intention. It is simple yet very powerful. Try doing it once a day.

-“solstice” revitalizing ambient music return to the light

– Into the Omniverse, 963hz Pineal activation meditation

– First Source Awaken the Energetic Heart 111hz and subsuquent octaves –

– Sound Medicine 528HZ DNA integrity and 787HZ rife frequency

– 777 Deep Relaxation Angelic Frequency Scale

-111Hz ✧ The Language of Light ✧ Balancing the Mind ✧ 444Hz Tuning

-111Hz ✧ Cellular Healing ✧ The “Holy Frequency”

-Deep Relaxation ✧ Clear Negative Energies and Ease Tension ✧ 396Hz and 528Hz

-528Hz ✧ “Solar Winds” ✧ The Core Creative Frequency of Nature

-528HZ Miracle Tone Ambient Healing Music.

Music by Mettaverse

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