On a previous episode of the reality revolution I did a deep dive on the concepts of balanced forces and excess potential. (

I created this meditation/hypnosis as a way to program your mind to attune your awareness to balance, importance and to adjust your thinking to avoid the roadblocks and unnecessary results of excess potential.

By ignoring balanced forces you can often get the opposite of what it is you are trying to manifest using visualization, prayer, goals and intention.

Have you ever really wanted something very badly, it is likely you never got it. That is because balanced forces came into play to minimize the excess potential that you created.

So many spiritual disciplines through the years have emphasized letting go and detachment as a powerful mindset. By using this meditation you can train your mind to become aware of the balanced forces in action all around you allowing you to easily allow your intentions to flow into your life.

The music on this is incredible. I used 8 tracks from Mettaverse and it came out to sound incredible.

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Music by Mettaverse

111Hz ✧ cellular healing “the holy frequency”

the healing sound of OM 136.1HZ

Soothing Strings 333hz Angel Frequency

Celestial Voices 372HZ Dimensional openness

Solfreggio Frequency UT 396HZ Liberating Guilt and Fear

Universal Frequency 888 HZ quartz singing bowl

888hz wind chimes

528Hz ✧ “Solar Winds” ✧ The Core Creative Frequency of Nature

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