Guided Meditation A Journey In Breath || EP 551

Meditation starts at 2:00

This meditation is designed to do while laying down straight.  It is recommended you use no pillow to keep your neck straight and avoiding your chin going downward. This way you can really breathe into your belly.  I have designed a set of breathing techniques that when combined form a wonderful mediation. Breathing into your diaphragm is very powerful and that is the focus.

The most fundamental and powerful way to connect with your subconscious and the superconscious is your breathing.  There are so many different types of breathing exercises, I put together in a special order to really help you  to raise your consciousness and enter a deep meditative state.


Music By Mettaverse

subtle energies

deeply divine meditation

regenerative spiritual reset

mental and spiritual reboot

528hz the miracle tone


renewal of the body mind and sould

111hz the holy frequency

639hz increase love and harmony

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