Guided Meditation: The Infinity Palace Meditation | EP 37

In this guided meditation. let me take you on a trip to one of the coolest places in the multiverse. Right next to the Akashic records, it can connect you to your higher self, help find the best for you in health, love, and prosperity. Here you will find so many interesting rooms like the life flash room, the big bang explosion room and the room to meet your best possible future self. Don’t worry I know the secret way to get their, just relax and enjoy the infinity palace. The music is set at theta to take you to that deep place in your subconscious that will allow you to transform your life.

Deep Beneath the Dreaming by Christopher Lloyd Clarke, OM theta by Christopher Lloyd Clarke, Mindfulness Bells Volume 1 and 2 by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Licensed by Enlightened Audio.

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