Guided Mediation: The Void Meditation | Ep 15

In the source field, all possibilities exist. In the quantum void, the zero point you gain access to all possible realities. There you can tune into the frequency of new realities. One way to connect to the source is to go to the void as taught by Dr. Joe Dispenza. This meditation helps you focus on the void by taking you to space following a powerful fire breathing technique. I explain the science and reasoning behind the void meditation. Starting at 11:25 this meditation begins as I take you through the breathing technique and into the void and tune you to the frequency of new future you. This meditation lasts about 36 minutes. This is unlike any of the previous meditations on this channel. #lawofattraction#spirituality#meditation

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Welcome to the reality revolution podcast. I’m your host, Brian Scott, but today you can call me the void bringer. This podcast is dedicated to the spirits who believe life is meant to be magical and fun. It contains advanced viewpoints for the multidimensional human beings of the 21st century. Here we venture to share mysteries of self. In reality, our primary purpose is to reawaken your sense of fascination and our towards life to shatter your rigid belief systems and ways of seeing the world. My goal is to hack reality with you, to unleash your potential, to open unlimited possibilities of wealth, health, and relationships in your life, to explore the very mysteries of the universe. My goal today is to do our fourth meditation and we will call this the void meditation and this will be a source experiment. What we want to do is connect to the source. Hopefully you’ve gotten a chance to listen to my podcast on the source and what it is and how to connect to it, that it’s a real thing. So my goal for this meditation is to connect you to the source. How can we connect to the source when we connect to it all the time? When we sleep, when we’re happy, when we’re in moments where we don’t, we become focused in just like if you’re going skiing or doing something wonderful or happier doing a piece of art. That’s the very touches in edges of source, but there’s a deeper place that you can go. The alternate space, the unified field, the zero point, the all space, the place where all probabilities exist. We’re all thoughts exist here in the present moment right now happening in the long eternal now all of time exists at the same time in this place. So you know the probable futures of any possible thing that you do and whatever beautiful, wonderful outcome that you’d love to have for your life. It exists in this field. You can tune into the frequency of this incredible possibility, this wonderful miracle that you want to have occur in your life and you can focus in on this possibility and it’s like you bring your body to it. When you wake up and you think a thought that you’re going to go drink coffee, you bring your body through space and time to the kitchen to make your coffee. So we’re trying to do is bring your consciousness to where your thoughts are and your body will follow. And so what we’re going to try to do is create a void. It key to connecting and accessing source in the proper way is to completely become zero. Nothing. You have to enter the void, the void of space, the void where you are. No thing. Nobody, no house, no gender, no car, no family, no friendships, no country, no school, no group, no pendulum. It’s easier than you think, but everything that you use to define yourself, all of your baggage is pulling you in one particular direction into your future. And maybe that’s what you want. But if you want to change it and you want to do this meditation, then you need to go through the void. You need to let that stuff go. And so we’re going to try to bring you into the void. And the warning I would give you is I would not take this meditation lightly. Believe in it. It is real and it could substantially change your life and if you do it properly, you’re going to have doors open up for you that are so amazing beyond anything that you could have imagined. You will know there are a greater mind is at work in this process, so it’s a really good meditation to do when you just don’t have a way of solving a particular problem, a difficult issue you’ve been trying to work on and you’ve tried to get specialists or whatever it is, and then you ask yourself, is there a possibility in the quantum field that already exists that’s solution to this in the zero point field and you will find your solutions. They’re zero point field. The oneness is also the void. That’s the signature. Once you do that, the brain becomes organize, it integrates, it becomes coherent. You PR two s coherent and organized brainwave patterns when you’re in this state. And so what I’m going to be doing, if you’ve gone back and looked at the last three of my meditations, I’ve tried a different meditation. The first one was a more of a quantum meditation using the quantum hypnosis techniques. The second one was just standard hypnosis. Third was more of a guided meditation using a Yoga Neidra induction, and so what we’re going to do today is we’re going to use the doctor Joe Dispenza technique, the void meditation I learned of first through Joe, but there are several different void meditations out there. It’s a very simple idea. It’s not complicated. The idea of a void meditation goes all the way back into Yogi scriptures that I’ve read. There’s references to avoid meditation in Buddhism. The void is the place where there are no thoughts, so that is the exact thing that we’re trying to go into. The idea to focus on space with your eyes closed, to really access that void. I’m going to bring you through a process that I’ve learned. It’s truly remarkable. Now what we’re trying to do beyond just meditating, and this doesn’t have to be a meditation. You don’t have to call it that. It’s different, but you want to bring energy into your body and then you want to bring the energy up your body into your mind. You want to escape that energy up from your body up into your mind. We want to bring it in and pull it up and so there’s several steps to the my particular process that I’m going to introduce you in. Hopefully it makes sense when I’m doing this as a podcast, but I’m going to give you my best explanation. It does not have to be accurate. You’re goal is to do some kind of movement that can bring energy to your body. You can get your heart rate up. You can do somethings like sit ups or push ups if you have no other choice, but I do something called the five Tibetans and then a few Qigong exercises. If you look up Qigong or Chigong is how it’s pronounced on Youtube, you can find several sets, something that’s one or two minutes and entails very slow fluid movements that energize your body. Once your body has some of this energy, you begin the meditation. That’s when you want to start and at the beginning of this meditation, when I tell you to begin to breathe, because I’m not going to do the breathing for the meditation, I want you to find your own pace. The guidance I’m giving you for this breathing technique is very simple while sitting down your breathing and doing something called fire breathing technique. You can see an example of this. If you look up at Tony Robbins morning priming routine, people sit at their chair and they pull their hands up and down and they breathe quickly. It sounds a lot like this. Now the modification that we’re going to do with this is that we’re going to pull more in than out. Breathe in as much as you can. Breathe out explosively like that. You’re breathing in energy to your body. Now continue to do this. You continue to do this and then you pull the energy up by tightening the muscles of your body, the lower muscles, the parent, IOM, the lower abdomen, the upper abdomen, and you pull it up through your chest and your throat into your brain and you hold that energy there. Just simple process. It may sound complicated but it’s really not complicated. So you’re going to start at the beginning of the meditation here and start breathing and I’m going to lead you through it. And when I tell you to hold it, you hold that energy up in your brain, squeezing it, leave it right there. And then when I tell you to relax, you’re going to relax and the goal is in the first six to seven minutes of this meditation that your breathing is going to pull you out of your body, pull your mind out of your body so that you are energy instead of particle. You are wave instead of particle energy instead of matter, okay? Once you become that, you get access to the full range, all possibilities when you change your energy. And that’s what we’re going to try to do with this meditation. I asked you to refer back to my source meditation so you can get an idea of where I’m coming from with this. But what we’re doing with the, with Doctor Joe’s and meditation technique, it’s going to sound different. It’s going to sound weird. I’m going to try to use his pattern and style and it can sound sing songs and droney at certain points of time and he has a certain rhythm. So I’m going to try to see if I can utilize this because it is based on new row feedback, which they, you know, Hook stuff into people’s heads and they can see that this stuff really works. So we’re going to do that now. Hopefully you can mark this right now. We’re about 10 11 minutes in and hopefully you can mark that and we’ll give you an exact marking point so you can do this meditation more than once. Okay, so let’s begin. This is the void meditation and I am the void bringer. No. Although you’re going to be moving into a relaxed state of consciousness, I want you to know that if you need for any reason to become alert, you will be able to do so easily and naturally and you’ll be able to do so with any situation that may arise because this is designed to put you into a relaxed state. You should never use this recording while driving or in any situation where you need to be alert. Now you’re going to pull this breath and you’re going to begin began again. Begin to slowly breathe in deep to begin with. Yeah. Now begin your fire breath, okay. In and out, in and out, and begin to tighten your muscles using your body as an instrument of consciousness to ascend your energy and to free your body from the chains of the past and to breathe with an intensity of energy that is greater than the addiction of emotions and to no longer let your body be your mind contract. Those intrinsic muscles paraneum the lower abdomen, the upper abdomen, an inhale through your nose. At the same time. And as you hold it at the top of your head, allow that energy to follow your intention. Hold it. Come on, hold it, hold it. And as you exhale, relax. I’m on. Here we go. Breathe. Fire, breath. Inhale. Come on. Pull those muscles up. Pull that energy like pulling fluid up a straw with the intention of pulling the mind out of the body. Okay? From survival to creation, and to free yourself from the past. Hold it at the top of your head. Okay. Pull it up to the top of your head. Hold it, squeezing, hold, hold it. Come on now. Hold it. And as you exhale, now relax. Come on. You have to go after it. Come on, squeeze those muscles and inhale. Pull the energy all the way up and your [inaudible], your lower abdomen. You’re up to her abdomen, through your chest, through your throat, through your brain, to the top of your head. Hold it at the top of your head. Allow your energy to follow your awareness. Squeeze and hold. Hold it. And as you exhale now relax. Come on, take the ride. Come on. Ascend your energy again. Squeeze those muscles. Inhale. Yeah, like drawing fluid up a straw. Okay. Pull that energy all the way into your brain and hold it at the top of your head. Squeeze and hold with the attention. Pulling that energy from your body into your brain. Hold it there. Come on, hold it there. Hold it. And as you exhale, now relax. Come on, relax. Retract those intrinsic muscles, the Paraniem, the lower abdomen, the upper abdomen. At the same time. Inhale through your nose. Pull that energy all the way into your brain, creating an electromagnetic field around your body. Hold it as you squeeze at the top of your head. Come on now. Hold it. Squeeze and hold. Hold it. And as you exhale, relax. Come on now. Don’t let your body be your mind just a little bit more. Now squeeze those muscles. Pull that energy to the top of your head. Follow it all the way. Using your body as an instrument of consciousness from particle to wave. Going from matter to energy. Yeah, come on, squeeze and hold. Come on, hold it. And as you exhale now relax, relax, relax. Eyes closed. Okay. Take a breath and your the okay. Feel your uh, the and relax it more and you become aware was the endless black space. Wow. B, how far her can your awareness go to endless space? How [inaudible] since it stay aware of it in the blackness. Yeah. Become aware. Okay. There’s endless space, uh, sides of you since it stay aware of it. Stay connected to it in the blackness. Wow. You sense it’s infinite depth. Wait beyond you. Be Calm or there is and less space behind you since it become more aware of it. Stay connected to it in the blackness. Okay. Become the blackness and lose yourself in nothing more and it become more of it and less of you and dissolve twin infinite sea of blackness. Become the blackness. Stay there and there’s no body, no in nothing and no where in no time as pure consciousness. The it as an awareness. Aware. That’s your aware. An endless space. Tune in to a frequency of oneness, of wholeness. Find it in a flash. All the memories of all time. You can remember all of it at one time. You can use a greater mind. And remember all of it. You have access to every single bit of it at once. Find it, feel it, everything at once. You know it all. Stay aware of it. Be Calm it, yeah, in the blackness and remember, become that frequency. Feel it. Stay connected to it in the blackness more. Become more aware of it. Stay connected to it. And remember this PE [inaudible] move beyond space into the void, into the four I need. We’re all possibilities exist in this moment. Tune in to a new dimension or the challenge has been resolved. Find It, feel it. They uh, were, uh, moment. Bye. Oh and stay there where it’s resolved. Tune in to that future now be it a greater consciousness, greater awareness then you or anyone in that reality of the past. Raise your energy. Stay there where it’s resolved outside. That universe is another one. Feel it. It’s a thought away. Become the frequency of that thought in a new reality where it’s resolved. Feel it now. Stay there. Become aware in the blackness where there is no separation from your body and the blackness. Find it. Connect to it. Stay where, uh, dry to you. Feel your connection to it. Okay. With your heart. Drawing it to you. Feel your connection. Drawing it to that future now. Feel it. Feel your connection to it in the blackness. Drawing it to you. It stay there. Drawing it to you. Feel your connection to it. Your consciousness drawing your body to you from that future. You feel it. Feel your connection to it. Feel with your heart. Feel the connection to your body with your heart. Drawing it to you. Feel it where, uh, stay connected to it. Drawing it to you from the blackness. The body is following the mind in the new reality, a new consciousness. The door is open. You’re there. How do you feel? Ooh. Feel it. The blackness drawing your body to you, your body is following your mind. Stay there at that point of consciousness. Drawing your body the other point of consciousness to you more. Feel your connection to it. There is no separation in this realm. Your body is a thought of way drawing it to you by feeling your connection to it in the blackness. No, become a connection between the two. Be that body in the future. Now bring them together as one mind. Become that consciousness, become that future. MMM. Feel it. No, no. Stay there. Remember this feeling? Drawing you to you become it in the field. Yeah. Feel it. Embody it. Stay there in the now and to remember. Yeah, she, it’s your future. You now feel it. Feel when you were doing in your heart as if it’s already happened. And remember this feeling no within you. Oh around. Do you feel it with your heart? It’s already happened. No, no. Merge and become one, one, one with it. And now slowly bring your awareness back to a new body, to a new environment, to a new reality, to a whole new time. The past is yours to make it the future is your choice. Choose it. And when you’re ready, open your eyes to a new dimension, a new reality, and come back to the world of the senses. I really hope you enjoyed that. I hope that took you to the source because that was my only goal. I’m grateful that you spent this time with me. And hopefully I’ve taken you to greater depths of consciousness. Now here in the future, in these next couple of days, as long as you don’t react in your life, I swear to you, a door’s going to open. It is crucial for you then to review those thoughts every day so that they don’t slip by your awareness unnoticed. It’s crucial to review the feelings that cause you to think the memories of the past and the problems of your past returning to the old state of being, no matter what your situation is in, don’t react to the conditions because your reality has changed. It’s different. Don’t let your body bring you back to that old reality. Stay in this one. Thank you for spending this time with me. I’m grateful. Thank you for joining the reality revolution. Peace and love to you. Hope you have a wonderful day or wonderful rest.