Guided Mediation Shifting Into Fantasy Worlds || EP 1023

By request this meditation was designed for those reality shifters who want to use the Raven method to shift into fantasy real worlds. The raven method involves after relaxing your body as you lay sprawled out in bed I count down from 100 to 1 and you affirm the reality you wish to explore.  Following that you can go anywhere you want.

Spend a day at Hogwarts, play in the world of Star Wars, the MCU or the Last Airbender.  This meditation is designed to have fun and explore reality shifting into fantasy worlds or parallel realities.  Here I use the Raven method, using a countdown from 100 and inducing you into a deep trance state.  Following this process the end of this using frequencies that allow you to shift into whatever fantasy reality you desire.

Music By Mettaverse

equilibrium of mind body and sould


inner worlds





internal focus

flow state music

divine breath

harmony of the spheres

full moon in virgo

111hz 222hz low frequency ambient chill

sweet dreams

peace like a flood

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