Guided Hypnosis: The Future Life Hypnosis Explore Your Futures || EP 237

Quantum physicists hold that time, as we experience it on this physical plane, is an illusion and that there is only an eternal now. Yet, from the perspective of our daily consciousness, we are living completely entranced in the perceptions of the past and the anticipation of our future. Many of us are so haunted by the past or driven by fears of the future, that we are unable to be present in the now. We suffer because we believe we are unable to change the past and are anxious about being on an uncertain and driven path to the future. By accessing quantum consciousness in hypnosis, we can be present and realize that Eckhart Tolle is accurate in saying that the power is in the now.

Present and past-life decisions, perceptions, and traumas that are affecting us in the now can be healed through regression hypnosis. In addition, present and future lessons, karmas, and difficulties may be resolved in the now through progression hypnosis. Angeles Arrien, Ph.D., cultural anthropologist, states that “choice collapses time.” By accessing the quantum field and your eternal, wise, and knowing higher Self, you can bend the perception of time as we experience it in our daily consciousness and bring peace and healing in the now.

This Meditation focuses on hypnotically guiding you to a potential future self so that you may have the teaching, experiences, and wisdom from this future experience now. By accessing the future “now,” you can choose to act with more clarity and wisdom now. It is by acting in the now that you can live in more peace, fulfillment, and wholeness.

This offers you two future-life progression processes that are open-ended enough for repeated use in order to explore any future-life connections to your current-life questions, concerns, and issues. Know that doing a progression is a skill. The more you use this and the more future selves you explore, the easier and more productive your sessions will become.

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