Guided Global Meditation Quantum Earth Jump Live With the QHC || EP 381

I was so excited to organize our first live global guided meditation. We had a large number of people come together and do this meditation. 

I was blown away by the energy. 

We activated the social memory complex 

We activated the Merkaba we connected our plaits and we broadcast love and light over the planet. We tripped the Schumann Resonance. 

This is one of the most powerful group meditations I have every done. Join me again in this replay, lets quantum earth jump together. 

This is short and powerful.I have received a bunch of comments after this meditation 

For instance

“Yo at one point during my light went fiery yellow/orange and I felt as though I had been alive for thousands of years”

“OMG I sat outside and I could feel heat in my feet and hands and my body was shaking and vibrating.””Broooosss!!! That was amazingI love you beautiful menThat dude Brian Rocks””Racked up over 800 coherence pints during the meditation”

“I did feel alot of waves through my body and I kept getting almost like a complete release feeling…”

“These meditations are definitely having an impact on our group. Everyone is experiencing way more synchronicities than normal. We have all been in sync like crazy these past few weeks. What is really cool is some of our quieter members are reaching out about weird synchronicities as well. For example, I made a post today about this old place I worked that is a few hours away from where we live. One of our members who lives nowhere near that location happened to be in that exact location the time of my post ?❤️?. In addition, I experienced my first effective quantum jump. My girlfriend went for this walk we go on every single day a million times and we noticed it was such a longer walk than normal and it seriously felt like new houses had showed up out of nowhere. We both were actually shocked at how long the walk was taking like wtf is going on here and then I’m struck me it was probably some sort of jump. Anyways, this stuff is a blast man! Hope all is well ❤️ “

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