Guided Galactic Meditation: Sending The Call – Quantum Starseed New Earth Activation || EP 389

This is not just a global meditation, this is a galactic meditation, with soul groups and entities from around the galaxy joining with us in this meditation.

This video is the most powerful starseed activation for DNA, lightcodes and remembering available in 2020.

You are drawn to this meditation for a reason, we have been planning this since before your incarnation.  This contains powerful activating images and words that speak to your subconscius mind.  Here we send out the call for all to hear that now is the time to awaken and save the planet.

We have done this many times before, we save planets and now is the time to save the earth.  Avengers Assemble.

Recording this meditation was a profound experience it felt like something was communicating through me, I do not remember recording portions of this.

This is designed to further awaken the group mind, activate the social memory complex and as a group this meditation will transform the planet.

This will awaken memories and abilities that you were never aware of.  This will unveil your true purpose on this planet.

Doing this meditation for 21 days will continue to awaken different aspects of your soul memory, your abilities and powers.

You have answered the call now it is time to assemble and save this planet and find our true purpose.

Music By Mettaverse

Star Wanderers

Inner Worlds

777hz deep relaxation

111hz holy frequency

celestial voices

ascension waves

the shift


Sound Medicine

A Universal Languages

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