Guided Astral Projection Hypnosis For Beginners || EP 748

Meditation starts at 1:55

This meditation is designed to help those beginners who want to experience astral projection or a conscious out of body experience

Imagine this scenario: your physical body becomes paralyzed and you enter into a hypnotic trance; a second body rises above your physical body in a horizontal direction and finally uprights itself; you now look back and observe your physical body on a chair or bed; a pulsating silver cord connects these two bodies; and finally you return to your physical body, reversing the above steps. This is called astral projection, and trips that this astral body undertakes are astral voyages.  

The astral body floats to the ceiling, glides around the room, or just appears to take a walk down the street. Trips encompassing great distances may also be experienced by this second body. You could travel to foreign countries, or end up hundreds of miles above the Earth during one of these voyages.

We all have the natural ability to travel beyond our physical body into other dimensions. Developing this skill can bring us wisdom, freedom, and spiritual growth, and help us overcome the fear of death. Freedom from all physical, mental, emotional, psychic, and spiritual entanglements is usually the principal reason someone is attracted to soul travel. Another advantage encountered in soul travel is the attainment of wisdom and love. By transcending the physical body we are exposed to and absorb this spiritual knowledge and behavior and bring them back to the physical plane. This becomes part of our spiritual growth, regardless of our initial motives for astral voyaging.

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