Guide Meditation One Voice From Infinity The Dr. Joseph Murphy Affirmations Mono-Aural || EP 498

Meditations starts at 2:10

This is similar to the cling to the divine meditation but without binaural

The wonderful affirmations used in this meditation are done binaurally playing differently in both ears.  This is a classic hypnosis technique which induces deep trance states and will reach deep into your subconscious and reprogramming the mind.  Here we call to the divine with incredible affirmations formulated by the master of prayer and affirmations Dr. Joseph Murphy. Some say he was the best ever at crafting powerful affirmations that reprogram your mind here are some examples:

For Overcoming Fears of All Kinds

There is no fear, as “perfect Love casteth out fear.” Today I permit Love to keep me in perfect harmony and peace with all levels of my world. My thoughts are loving, kind, and harmonious. I sense my oneness with God, for “in Him I live, move, and have my being.” I know that all my desires will be realized in perfect order. I trust the Divine Law within me to bring my ideals to pass. “The Father doeth the works.” I am divine, spiritual, joyous, and absolutely fearless. I am now surrounded by the perfect peace of God; it is “the peace of God which passeth all understanding.” I now place all my attention on the thing desired. I love this desire and I give it my whole-hearted attention. My spirit is lifted into the mood of confidence and peace; this is the spirit of God moving in me. It gives me a sense of peace, security, and rest. Truly, “perfect Love casteth out fear.”

For the Abdundant life

I know that to prosper means to grow spiritually along all lines. God is prospering me now in mind, body and affairs. God’s ideas constantly unfold within me bringing to me health, wealth and perfect Divine expression. “I thrill inwardly as I feel the Life of God vitalizing every atom of my being. I know that God’s Life is animating, sustaining and strengthening me now. I am now expressing a perfect, radiant body full of vitality, energy and power. “My business or profession is a Divine activity, and since it is God’s business, it is successful and prosperous. I imagine and feel an inner wholeness functioning through my body, mind and affairs. I give thanks and rejoice in the abundant life.”

For The Rich Life

Consider the lilies of the field; they toil not, neither do they spin; yet Solomon in all of his glory was not arrayed as one of these.’ I know that God is prospering me in all ways. I am now leading the abundant life, because I believe in a God of abundance. I am supplied with everything that contributes to my beauty, well-being, progress and peace. I am daily experiencing the fruits of the spirit of God within me; I accept my good now; I walk in the light that all good is mine. I am peaceful, poised, serene and calm. I am one with the source of life; all my needs are met at every moment of time and every point of space. I now bring `all the empty vessels’ to the Father within. The fullness of God is made manifest in all the departments of my life. `All that the Father hath is mine.’ I rejoice that this is so.

For Prosperity

Thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.’ I now give a pattern of success and prosperity to the deeper mind within me, which is the law. I now identify myself with the Infinite Source of supply. I listen to the still, small voice of God within me. This inner voice leads, guides and governs all my activities. I am one with the abundance of God. I know and believe that there are new and better ways of conducting my business; Infinite Intelligence reveals the new ways to me.

“I am growing in wisdom and understanding. My business is God’s business. I am Divinely prospered in all ways. Divine Wisdom within me reveals the ways and means by which all my affairs are adjusted in the right way immediately.


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