Grace Mann Brown Think Right || EP 539

Grace Mann Brown (April 16, 1859; Pippin, Wisconsin, – 1925; Denver, Colorado) was an American writer and spiritual leader. Her work was related to the New Thought Movement, Divine Science and Christian Science. Much of her work focused on spirituality, metaphysics, mysticism, esoteric and occult sciences.  

Grace Mann Brown was active in the New Thought Movement, writing and lecturing extensively. She also wrote some of her works under the pen name Ione. She was instrumental in creating The Order of the Essenes and was its President. In 1906, Brown was Vice President of the World New Thought Federation.

Brown would succeed Fannie B. James as Editor of Fulfillment Magazine. Also, from 1920 to 1921, Brown was Bookkeeper for the American Unitarian Association. She founded the Modern Society of the Essenes: Essene Circle.

“And, While hundreds of years have passed into infinite memories since that sweet sunny day although hundreds of teachers have said again, As you think in your heart, so are you, the day has not yet arrived When men know that it is true and that they truly become Whatever they think in their hearts.” – Grace Mann Brown


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